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July 20, 2016

Jay Rosenzweig is not your average executive recruiter. In fact, he is out to reinvent the profession – a profession he entered by chance more than seventeen years ago. A McGill grad originally trained in law, Rosenzweig

was in discussions with a high-end search firm regarding a potential position, when the conversation took a complete turn. “You ask all the right questions. Why don’t you come join us?” the recruiter asked.

Jay is a “people-person” with strong research skills and an entrepreneurial

bent, Rosenzweig immediately saw that this career shift might be a good

move. And it was. After seven years on the job learning the ropes (includ...

July 20, 2016

Many of us dream of one day having a Ferrari, or some similar luxury. To get to that place would require tremendous effort, earning, saving, and borrowing. Now imagine that you have arrived at that day when you drive your Ferrari home. You would be so proud. Each time you got behind the wheel you would feel good and think pleasant thoughts. Now imagine, one day you had a very important meeting to get to, you are running late and your Ferrari won’t start no matter what you do. Would you, out of frustration, take

an axe and plant it in the hood? Obviously not. Because it simply would not be in your best personal interest to damage something you...

July 19, 2016

Joseph Duggan knows where the smart money goes – he knows

where it starts, where it ends up and how to get it there better

than it began.

Among many hats he has worn over three decades, he’s been a

financial advisor, career banker and successful financial services


Today, Duggan is the founder, chairman and managing partner

of Belair Capital Markets Inc., a firm providing a myriad

of services, including corporate finance advisory, merchant

banking, venture capital, asset management, wealth management

and international corporate development services.

As a transnational finance specialist, he’s directly responsible

for the risk management...

July 17, 2016

Since its launch in 2008, Telair has been one of

Canada’s largest and fastest-growing cloud based

business phone system with clients nationwide.

Telair provides business phone systems as a service

while delivering more features, scalability, and flexibility

than its competitors.

Telair combines advanced telephone and PBX

solutions for businesses and professionals that cost

significantly less than mainstream phone companies while

providing cutting edge features as they become available.

That means a simple to use phone system

with essential and advanced features which seamlessly

interconnect with your existing way of working. With

Telair’s unified communic...

July 17, 2016

Legal documents are like a delicate ballet: they both must be carefully choreographed with perfectly arranged steps. One small error, however - a movement or detail slightly out of sequence, and the entire ensemble falls apart. Legal details and how they are presented, to be sure, need to be as flawless as a synchronized dance movement.

Imagine a legal case being thrown out or not proceeding, because the documents contained a single error. And imagine a pronoun mismatched, or a document not quite conforming to legal requirements.This could be an entire case at risk.

Korbitec has helped thousands of lawyers avoid these costly mistakes, with a...

February 5, 2016

A motor vehicle accident, a bad drug side effect, a plane crash, defective medical devices... Paul Miller has fought cases like these and many

more – and won.

A partner in the law firm of Will Davidson LLP in Toronto, practicing solely in the area of personal injury, Paul has taken on high profile cases – such as the Air France crash at Pearson International Airport in 2005, that lead to a settlement in excess of $20 million DOLLARS.

He’s also taken on cases that might not make it to the evening news, but still deeply affect the personal lives of individuals, including a severe adverse reaction to pain medication, Ibuprofin.

More recently, Paul h...

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