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Ricky Rathore Co-Founder & Broker/Lawyer – RE/MAX Metropolis Realty Co & Rathore Baig Prof. Corp.


“Creating Opportunities & Transforming Lives –

One Real Estate Transaction at a Time”

According to New York Times Best-Selling Author, Randy Gage, “…Innovation, discovery, and creating disruption require blowing up conventional thinking and unleashing your entrepreneurial brilliance.” Focusing on the customer, embracing technology, recognizing trends, and most importantly, having the courage, the vision and the tenacity to act, are all qualities of a brilliant entrepreneur. Real Estate Lawyer/Broker of Record at Markham’s RE/MAX Metropolis Realty, Ricky Rathore, embodies all of these qualities.

Philosophy & Approach

In his first year as a Realtor® Ricky sold over forty properties, earned over $225,000 in commissions and achieved RE/MAX’s 100% Club. His career then took him to Century 21 where he continued to achieve various awards while completing an undergraduate degree in Business Management at Ryerson University. After earning his B.Comm., Ricky entered law school. By combining real estate sales experience with his real estate law credentials, Ricky sought to fill the gaps created in real estate between services which generally intertwine.

In 2013, Ricky co-founded Public Choice and in 2016, Rathore Baig Professional Corporation – recognized as one of the top three real estate law offices in Markham in both 2019 and 2020. In 2018, Ricky left Public Choice and co-founded RE/MAX Metropolis Realty. “We consider ourselves the Ferrari of GTA real estate. All team members are highly trained, highly skilled and professional. We are always adapting and investing to ensure our agents have everything they need to provide unparalleled levels of client service,” entrepreneur Ricky Rathore says.

“One of my oldest clients, a courier driver, has a young daughter and was going through a separation. We helped him buy property in Scarborough with an in-law suite in the basement. This helped with affordability. In the first year, the property appreciated by $50,000. The Client took our strategy to the extreme and decided to also rent the upstairs and live in just one half of the basement – he rented out the other half. In the following years, again using our strategy, the client refinanced and purchased condos in downtown Toronto. Today, our client, who is still a courier, has a real estate portfolio that is worth $1.6+ million. “This is why we do what we do – it makes a difference in the lives of others.”

Today, Ricky has 100+ agents on his team. “If someone lists with us they don’t just get one agent looking out for them, they get the whole team! My goal has always been to recruit either the best or those that aspire to be.” Two years ago Ricky began creating a video training library which today includes over six hundred educational videos on every topic under the sun.

Pre-COVID, properties almost sold themselves. After the state of emergency was declared in the spring of 2020, competitors who had not adapted to technologies such as zoom, VR-Matterport tours etc. were left behind. “While most other brokerages were still trying to figure things out, we had COVID showing kits, showing questionnaires/health check forms, disclosure documents, and relationships with premier VR-Matterport experts and vendors such as Broker Bay. We have been paperless since the beginning. We even have a bank deposit machine at the office. Our comprehensive virtual infrastructure gives our Agents a leg up.”

Many real estate offices furloughed staff and closed their offices during the pandemic. Ricky’s office stayed open and serviced the GTA as designated essential service providers. His agents continued to help clients who needed to buy and sell because they had already settled up a purchase or sale pre-COVID and needed to be in the market. “We maintained our presence and were able to assist those in need – safely, efficiently and effectively.”

Due to his commitment to never-ending improvement, Ricky inspires his agents to go above and beyond what clients expect. For example, a pregnant client wanted to lease an apartment during the pandemic. Because the client couldn’t walk the property safely herself out of fear of being exposed to COVID, the agent physically walked through the property for her while she sat safely at home and viewed the property live from the agent’s cell phone.

“I’m looking for passion and to work with people who are committed to taking their skills to the next level. Agents attending our weekly training classes, participating in our coaching programs, using our individually customized marketing assets, and deploying our lead generation system have all the tools they need for success. I don’t hire based on numbers. I hire based on fit, skill set and willingness to constantly adapt. Every year, I fire the bottom 5 - our clients can’t afford to deal with indifferent Agents.”

As a real estate lawyer, Ricky is constantly reading Case Law and continuously educates his Agents on both the substance and the nuances of any changes. Another strategic advantage of working with Ricky: under his watchful eye, all documentation is created by an in-house Admin team. By the time the client reviews the documents, almost four different parties have seen them. This allows the Agent time to focus on completing the final review and making the finishing touches on the document rather than starting from scratch and wasting time on clerical matters. In this way Ricky’s Admin team functions as the Agent’s de facto Personal Assistant.

“This approach creates multiple checks and balances, protects our Agents and clients, saves time and minimizes mistakes. Another team looks after advertising and marketing. Agent coaching and training sessions take place weekly – and, this isn’t lip-service. Typically, brokerages only focus on training new agents and repeat the same training again and again which doesn’t help an Agent who has been in the business for 25 years and needs to be in the know to stay relevant and competitive.” All training is designed to help Agents build and reinforce their business. He adds, “I’m not trying to waste anyone’s time. Because I record everything, it is never necessary to repeat the same lesson.”

As far as marketing is concerned, Ricky has a team of marketing experts working from home. Each day, this team creates 1-2 customized marketing assets. “Most months, we customize between 30-60 personalized assets which would typically cost an agent between $900-$2000 in time/personnel costs if they had to create this content on their own,” he explains. “Because our Agent partners don’t have to create paperwork or marketing material or list their own properties they can focus on providing an unparalleled real estate service to the consumer.”

Up Close & Personal

Since he entered the industry, Ricky has facilitated thousands of transactions amounting to over a billion dollars of real estate. Ricky is also a multi-award winning RE/MAX Broker/Owner and received top 30 under 30 RE/MAX in 2018. In 2017 he received the David Rossi Committee Service Award for his involvement with the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board. In 2017, he was inducted into TRSM - Ryerson University - Top 10 Graduates in the last ten years. He is also a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute.

As a last word Ricky says, “I believe it is possible to create opportunities and transform lives – one real estate deal time at a time. When people have security/sanctity of home, they have what they need to build better communities and better families. Especially in a competitive field like real estate, it is important to continue to innovate, educate yourself and others and to care. If you’re looking for an agent, contact us - we’ve got the best of the best. If you are an Agent and believe you have what it takes to join our team, contact me!”

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