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TRIXIE ROWEIN, CFP®, CIM®, Senior Portfolio Manager, Raymond James Ltd Edmonton, Alberta



"The X-Factor"

"The desire to help others become financially confident stems from my childhood. I grew up in the inner city of Edmonton, the third child of immigrant parents from Chile. I saw how hard they worked and how diligently they saved," Certified Financial Planning Professional (CFP®) and Portfolio Manager, Trixie Rowein, says.

“My parents’ actions gave me a sense of security and confidence in an environment that often didn’t feel safe. Their actions also taught me that with disciplined saving and planning it is possible to move beyond humble beginnings and to grow and help others.”

Trixie calls her team the “PAX Portfolio Advisory” - PAX is Latin for peace. “The team name is both aspirational and inspirational and encapsulates what we do - helping clients live with peace of mind and without fear of the future,” she explains.

Trixie has spent the totality of her career, two decades now, with Raymond James Ltd. Trixie and her team help clients comfortably prioritize and manage life’s inevitable changes through:

• discretionary investment management,

• comprehensive and holistic planning, and,

• regular communication via a weekly newsletter, telephone calls, and educational seminars.

There are not many female Portfolio Managers in Canada. “Being a Portfolio Manager, gives me more flexibility and access to products and investments than would otherwise be available. The majority of our clients are retired and a large portion of their retirement income comes from the investments that we manage” Trixie adds.

Philosophy & Approach

Cultivating and tending to the green pepper plants Trixie keeps in her office exemplifies Trixie’s philosophy and approach to life and to investing. “Their flowers are beautiful, and their fruit is delicious. I can harvest some of the peppers to eat now, or I can make salsa to be enjoyed sometime in the future. Money is the same. We use it in different ways at different times in our lives. With regular care and attention my plants continue to thrive; the same thing happens with wealth,” she says.

“We manage more than just money for clients; we care for you and your loved ones as you go through life’s transitions including, among other things, childbirth, retirement, divorce, dementia, and death. Although clients and I talk about their investments, we also spend time talking about other things that affect the quality of their lives such as the merits of aging in place, the challenges of caring for elderly parents and kids, estate planning, and more.”

This provides the backdrop behind her team’s alignment with the Senior Solutions Team. ”Senior Solutions is a networking group with members that are known for going above and beyond to provide solutions for seniors and their families including, aging in place services, home care, downsizing services and more. Clients appreciate the fact that we are doing everything we can to be helpful in all life stages.”

Clients also value the team’s people first, multi-generational approach. When she first joined Raymond James, Trixie worked with a more experienced Advisor. “We became a team in 2003. The Senior Advisor, myself, and our Assistant did everything until he retired in 2016.”

Recently, Trixie hired Taylor Cooper, a tech savvy 24-year old, and recent University of Alberta graduate, to carry on the successful male/female, multi-generational team model. “Clients love Taylor’s energy and enthusiasm and feel comforted knowing that the team will be able to care for them for decades to come. They often recommend their friends and family because they know we have a succession plan in place.” Trixie is looking to be a five-person team within the next three years. “Realistically, being able to effectively deal with all facets of life (and death) requires more people not less.”

Since 2004, every Wednesday, Trixie has sent clients and contacts a weekly e-newsletter. IN FOCUS is designed to inform and educate clients about financial planning facts and current events. “I added weekend updates during the pandemic. The update is very different from the newsletter because it focuses on life skills and includes helpful tips on a wide variety of general interest topics including how to manage mental and emotional stress.”

Trixie says, “The weekend updates are even more popular than IN FOCUS and clients often share and reply to the weekend updates more often than they do to the weekly newsletter. One of my biggest clients wrote me to say, “I appreciate all your letters and communiques. You are becoming quite a mental therapist as well as a financial guru. All very necessary in uncertain times.” If you want to be added to Trixie’s mailing list or to receive a complimentary portfolio review, simply email her at

Up Close & Personal

Trixie is passionate about education. She has a Bachelor of Commerce (International Finance) from the University of Alberta, her Certified Financial Planning® Professional (CFP®) designation, the industry gold standard, as well as her Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) credentials.

She often hosts public seminars on the ins and outs of retirement income planning, passing on your assets to the next generation, what happens when your spouse passes away, and other financial topics. If you are interested in attending an upcoming seminar or webinar, please visit their website or email Trixie. The team has also hosted seminars on a variety of non-financial topics including Spanish lessons, exercising in your home, and digitizing photos.

Statistics suggest that 80% of widows leave their Advisor when their spouse dies. “Not a single widow has left us because we engage and work with both men and women.” Since 2007, Trixie has also hosted her team’s popular annual Women-Only educational seminars. She has also been a guest presenter for the Caring that Counts conference for child development dayhome operators and the Equinox Retreat for CUPW Edmonton Local Women’s group.

In terms of giving back, Trixie has been a five-time sponsor of Little Warriors annual Be Brave Luncheon and is an active member of the Little Warriors Resource Advisory Committee and the Raymond James Canada Foundation Advisory Committee. She also regularly volunteers at her daughters’ schools and has coached girls’ community soccer since 2013.

When she is not working with client families, Trixie enjoys travelling - she is fluent in Spanish and visits relatives in Chile every few years - gardening, scrap-booking, reading books on personal development, and spending time with her two daughters.

Closing Words

The Oxford Dictionary defines the X Factor as a noteworthy special talent or quality. When she asked her dad why he decided to name her Trixie, he told her that all special girls have an ”X” in their name.

“I carried on the tradition when I named my team PAX, and my two daughters, Roxana and Calixa. Even one of my two adopted cats, Fenix has an X in his name; I broke with tradition when I named my second cat, Rocco,” she adds with a smile.

"We can’t predict the future, but we can plan for it. I’m a successful female from the inner city. Because I’ve focused on my industry knowledge as well as self-knowledge, I’ve successfully transitioned beyond my own humble beginnings. Regardless of the hand life deals you, like having an investment plan fall short of your expectations, losing your job, having an illness or getting divorced, it is possible to overcome these and any other challenges."

Let’s work together to make a new plan that more closely reflects who you are and what you do and that more closely aligns with YOUR own special X Factor.”

Trixie Rowein is a Financial Advisor with Raymond James Ltd. Information provided is not a solicitation and although obtained from sources considered reliable, is not guaranteed. The view and opinions contained in the article are those of the author, not Raymond James Ltd. Raymond James Ltd. member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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Trixie Rowein, B.Comm, CFP®, CIM® Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Member RJCF Advisory Committee

PAX Portfolio Advisory | Raymond James Ltd.

2300 - Scotia Place Tower 1,

10060 Jasper Avenue,

Edmonton AB, T5J 3R8 780-414-2520

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