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“Doing the Math”

With a degree in Economics from the University of Toronto, augmented by 10+ years working in a family-owned franchise business, and over two decades in the financial advice business, Senior Investment Advisor, Doug Riding, knows a thing or two about math. According to piday, “…To live in a mathematically-driven world and not know math is like walking through an art museum with your eyes closed…”

Doug’s eyes are wide open. “I enjoy creating and building things and putting together puzzles, models, home renovation projects, and financial plans. My math skills help me evaluate, understand, and communicate the implications of the different financial, tax, and estate planning opportunities. Because I run the numbers myself, I have a good handle on what clients’ have to do to build, manage and protect, their wealth,” the Senior Investment Advisor says.

Doug has been in the financial advice business since 1998. “I learned as much as I could, as quickly as I could, while continuing to work on my designations. I became insurance licensed in 2000. Within a few years, the president of our company asked me to join his team of financial advisors. This led to hosting the occasional radio show on AM640, and eventually, to putting on seminars for the government retirement program,” he adds.

Doug partnered with a colleague in 2007 and helped with his radio show on AM740, Zoomer radio. “We took over a small office in Georgetown from a retiring advisor. I transitioned over to a securities platform in 2013.” Today, Doug serves more than 200 families and scores of individuals from offices in Etobicoke and Georgetown.

In 2019, Doug’s daughter, Emily Riding, joined the practice. She has an Honours Degree from McMaster University and over ten years of on-the-ground customer service experience. She has already completed her CSC and is currently working on her Life Insurance license. “I knew Emily was serious about having a financial services career when she started taking financial courses before joining the team,” Doug proudly adds.


Philosophy & Approach

“We are advice driven and that advice is based on comprehensive financial planning. While none of us know what our future holds, we are comfortable that we can help get our clients ready for whatever life throws their way. As much as nobody likes to be told what to do, it is good to have someone in your corner coaching you on how best manage your resources so as to ensure they will be there for your family when they are needed.”

When he first meets a client, Doug doesn’t jump right into discussion of net worth, portfolio and debt. “Before we recommend anything we need to have a good feel for what’s important to the client, as a person. Everyone has experienced situations where things didn’t go as planned. If these situations have to do with money, it’s important to understand what went wrong, so that we don’t replicate it,” Doug explains.

“Only when we have a good handle on this information, are we in a position to understand what the hard and soft data tells us.” Doug uses a six-step financial planning process to build wealth, maintain it, and then transfer it into the next generation through comprehensive financial, tax, and estate planning.

“Our process includes mapping out where clients should be on a year-to-year basis. The numbers tell us if there any gaps. Especially in times like these, clients want to know if they are still on track and more importantly, if they are going to be OK.”

Does his approach work? One satisfied client says, “I have been a client of Doug's for at least 20 years. Working with Doug is exactly like working with a very trusted friend. I always look forward to our phone calls and face-to-face meetings, they are never daunting and Doug really listens. I have never felt like he has ever dismissed or ignored me. He's always kind, thoughtful, personable, genuine, and explains things thoroughly. Oh, and he has a great sense of humour."

A Commitment to Ongoing Communication & Life-Long Learning

Speaker, raconteur, coach and mentor to financial advisors, Don Connelly, once said, “No one leaves their advisor during a bull market but will take a look at you when the market goes south.” The majority of Doug’s clients have been with him for a long time and new clients come from referrals.

Clients appreciate his client-centric approach. “We have weekly email blasts and return all client calls within 24-hours. In turbulent times I increase my availability,“ he says. “In the last three weeks I have received many emails from clients to tell me they appreciate my reaching out to them.”

The team is also committed to leveraging technology. “Even before the virus we altered the way we “see” clients and how we reviewed their financial plans. A colleague introduced me to Zoom video conferencing last summer. As many clients were already comfortable with the technology, they appreciated this option. It really came in handy during our period of self-isolation when we couldn’t have in-person reviews.”

Doug is committed to his own ongoing education as well as to creating educational opportunities for others. In addition to a degree in Economics, Doug holds the Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) designation, the Financial Management Advisor (FMA) designation, and is a fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI).

He is currently working on his Certified Investment Management (CIM) designation. “I’m 56 years old and am still adding to my list of credentials,” he says with a smile. “We can’t play with someone’s future, especially because not everyone we see has a lot of money. I believe the more I know, the better I am able to help. I am also attending Strategic Coach as I’m always trying to improve my service offering and work/life balance.”

The team often presents Financial Education Seminars to clients, groups and companies, including:

• Financial Planning for Women

• Financial Planning for Your Successful Retirement

• Successful Inheritance Planning

• How to Not Run Out of Money in Retirement

Up Close & Personal

As of May 13th, Doug, and his wife, Margaret, an HR Director at a large multi-national company, will be married for 31 years! “Margaret and I met in high school in Milton where we live today with our two adult children, Emily and Jonathan. Both kids went to the same schools we did and still have very close ties in the community. We have two dogs, Georgia and Halley, as well as a cottage in Minden, Ontario where we all enjoy an active lifestyle. We give to Sick Kids and the local food banks in Milton, Georgetown, and Minden.”

Doug grew up in Milton playing hockey and played on the Milton Junior team for a few years. He also coached hockey for three years in Milton while his son was playing. “I also golf, although not well, and look forward to our Men’s night gatherings on a weekly basis.” In his spare time, Doug likes to build and wood-work. He has built a Bunkie and is currently rebuilding the boathouse.

As a last word, Doug says, “I love what I do and want to be the first person clients call when they are looking for help with anything financial. As long as a good plan is part of the equation, I feel confident we are on the right track.”

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Doug Riding B.A., CFP, FMA, FCSI

Investment Advisor

The Riding Financial Team

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