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ZLC Financial is a well respected boutique Financial-Services firm that has proudly served the Vancouver community for over 70 years. The firm specializes in providing concierge financial guidance to high net-worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and successful business owners.

In 2017, John Lutrin joined ZLC Financial – a company with a proud history, solid brand, and respected reputation. With this strong history to its credit, ZLC's focus shifted towards the future. "I humbly accepted the position because I believed I could bring a new energy to the firm, help enhance the infrastructure, and construct a path forward. Personally, I also saw an opportunity to be able to make a difference and feel creative again within a firm that embraces change and is committed to growth."

Before entering the financial services industry almost 25 years ago, John was conscripted to serve in the military in his native country of South Africa. There, he experienced a tough regime built on discipline, teamwork, and commitment. John describes how he believes this influenced his approach to both life and business.

“I see myself as very mission-focused and disciplined,” John says. This dedication plays itself out in John’s fitness routine where he can be found training at the gym, trail running or biking on a daily basis. He describes his passion for physical fitness as part of being able to function at his best. “If I’m not at my best physically, then nor am I mentally,” he adds.

While John is very grateful for the opportunities he has had, he firmly believes that luck favours those who earn it. Like the famous South African golfer Gary Player once said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” John goes on to describe how he tries not to focus on things he can’t control, such as the markets, interest rates, or other macro conditions. Instead, he stays focused on the mission at hand, and on taking actions that get things done.

“I have always been inspired by underdog victories, and by how much pure passion and grit can achieve. ”John describes how sport can teach us so much about business and life in general. Being an avid sports fan and a typical South African rugby supporter, John cites the famous Springbok’s victory at the 1995 Rugby World Cup – a life lesson in commitment, teamwork, leadership and resolve. “Surround yourself with good people, earn their trust and loyalty, and magic happens!”

ZLC traces its proud origins back to 1946, when Harold Zlotnik first entered the financial services industry and founded what was to become one of Vancouver's most respected firms, and a leader in the financial industry. Since then, ZLC has worked with individuals, families, entrepreneurs and successful business owners by providing sound financial, investment, and tax advice as well as employee-benefit solutions.

The ZLC team of Staff and Associates consists of more than 70 highly qualified and dedicated individuals. “Our Associates represent the top minds within their respective fields of expertise,” John says. Collectively, this covers the full spectrum of the financial landscape. The ZLC business model is client-focused and offers a wide range of holistic and comprehensive solutions that are custom tailored to suit their clients’ needs, in the following areas:

• Investments & Retirement Solutions for small business owners

• Integrated Financial Planning

• Business Family Succession

• Employee Benefits Plans

• Estate Planning & Insurance Solutions

• Philanthropic Planning

• Wealth Management

• Structured Settlements

Blueprint for the Future

“Working in partnership with the ZLC Board, as President, John is responsible for the overall operations, leadership and direction of the company. His experience, passion and deep industry knowledge will power the continued growth and strategic direction of the company,” says Garry Zlotnik, Chairman and CEO.

“The strength of our business lies in the trusted relationships we have built with our clients over decades, earning their confidence through the consistent delivery of high quality financial services and advice. We offer a variety of services, but our greatest value at ZLC is the concierge planning and customized advice that we provide to our clients. We always do our best to live up to our slogan, Advice is only as good as the person you ask,” John says.

While John has a deep respect for the history and legacy of the firm, his sights are set on the future, and he recognizes the need to be proactive in moving forward. The characteristics that will continue to create a strong future for this long-standing and proud firm include:

• Being ahead of industry trends,

• Ensuring technological excellence,

• Maintaining the highest standards of ethics and professionalism,

• Being current with compliance and regulation, and,

• Always being accessible to clients in a world where the human touch is often lost.

John also recognizes his mission will not be successful without the input of his customers. To this end, John sees ZLC clients as a valuable source of input and has developed an ‘advisory council’ made up of a random selection of clients. He spends much of his time talking with them and getting a sense of what they want to see going forward.

Giving Back

ZLC is focused on maintaining a relationship with the community by consistently participating in philanthropic events and giving back to local non-profit charitable and community organizations. One notable endeavor is the annual ZLC Foundation Charity Golf Tournament.

Since its inception in 1986, the tournament has distributed in excess of $1.3 million dollars to beneficiaries. As well, using creative financial product solutions and the ZLC Foundation, ZLC has helped philanthropists within the Vancouver community contribute over $100 million dollars to charities of their choosing, over the past 10 years.

“The future is bright and ZLC is excited to be a leader in the financial space as it continues to serve the greater Vancouver community by providing the very best in financial advice, customized solutions, and concierge service, while giving back to the community in so many ways.”

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1200 Park Place

666 Burrard St

Vancouver, BC

V6C 2X8



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