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March 30, 2020


March 24, 2020


March 20, 2020


March 12, 2020


March 12, 2020

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                                     MARIE SARANTAKIS

Marie Sarantakis, Owner of Sarantakis Law Group Ltd., mainly serving high net-worth clients in family law, made a name for herself early in her career by taking on high profile clients with intriguing cases. Her clients are usually experiencing a change in family dynamics, ranging from those getting married and amicably negotiating a prenuptial agreement to those splitting up with their former partner in the midst of a contentious divorce. Bold and tenacious, yet empathetic, Sarantakis is not afraid of...

March 24, 2020

                                                              CRAIG MCDONALD

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Full Circle” as a “…series of developments that lead back to the original source, position, or situation…” For Craig McDonald, “Full Circle” means “Coming Home.” Craig had no idea that his family had strong historical connections to the area when he recently made a 15- year commitment to develop IG’s Newfoundland and Labrador regions.

His new position required that he relocate...

March 20, 2020

                                    KEVIN J. ZAKUS & ELANDA KOWALCHUK

Zakus Kowalchuk LLP is a relatively new partnership. The founding partners, Kevin J. Zakus, and Elanda Kowalchuk, both financial planning veterans, wanted to create something unique and to have the creative freedom to help clients think about money in new ways.

They both have years of relevant experience. Kevin Zakus, has worked in financial services for 20 years. Prior to founding Zakus Kowalchuk LLP with Elanda Kowalchuk, he was Equitable Life’s Regional Sales Manager where he co...

March 12, 2020

                                                KARINE (TOURIGNY) ORSER

Before entering civilian life, Karine (Tourigny) Orser served in the military (she was deployed in Bosnia). After completing her military basic engagement contract Karine entered the financial services industry. She has served as an Advisor and in a leadership role for the last 16+ years.  

The benefits of her military training are evident in how Karine approaches her role as an Estate Planning/Insurance Advisor at Raymond James

1. Develop a high lev...

March 12, 2020

                                                     WAYNE EHGOETZ

The United States has a sophisticated and significant secondary lending market for commercial borrowers. In Canada however, the options for businesses that are unable to qualify for financing from the Big 5 Canadian Banks are considerably more limited. This is largely due to the fact that success with commercial banks largely depends on whether the borrower can fit into a fairly well defined "credit box.”

Within this box are a number of requirements, incl...

March 11, 2020

                                                        CHARLINA WESTBYE

“Fighting over family assets is usually about far more than that. Money is often how we keep a tally of love, approval and fairness,” says journalist Kerry Hanon in a November 6, 2019 New York Times article. “…Parents or grandparents often never spend any time preparing adult children for what is coming ahead. This is usually built upon fear. Fear of entitlement. Fear of demotivating a beneficiary…”

“But,” Consultant, Charlina Westbye says,...

                                                              DAVE PAQUETTE

Providing leadership for change – that has been the focus for David Paquette who has served as the President of Paquette Management Services since 1995. As a management consultant, executive coach and leadership trainer, he has worked with executives, senior managers and boards of directors to successfully navigate and thrive in change. He holds a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration which is specialize...

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