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BROCK BIEBER, CFP®, CIM® Senior Investment Advisor, TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, Winnipeg MB


“My goal is to simplify my clients' financial lives”

Brock Bieber, Senior Investment Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager at TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, has built a successful career driven by a passion for providing comprehensive and personalized financial advice. Bringing a level of experience to the clients he serves, Brock emphasizes trust, transparency, and accessibility in his client relationships, fostering open communication and tackling difficult conversations head-on to strengthen the bond of trust.

Brock's roots run deep in the investment business. His father had a 35-year career in the industry and part of it was building Bieber Securities, one of Manitoba's most prominent independent investment firms, from the ground up. “As a child, I had no idea what he did,” Brock says. “My friends and I were convinced he sold alarm systems for a living.”

By the time Brock was reaching his early teen years, he started asking his father more questions about life as a stockbroker.

“As I became more interested, my father strongly encouraged me to pursue other career avenues before committing to the investment business. So, I did just that.”

Brock began his journey by attending the University of British Columbia to study finance and real estate. “As an avid outdoor enthusiast, my big plan was to live in Vancouver permanently after graduating,” he says. “However, these plans took an unexpected turn when a physical ailment forced me to return back home after my first year.”

“Fortunately, my health recovered and I was able to complete my Bachelor of Commerce degree at the Asper School of Business in Winnipeg.” At the same time, Brock started working for a rookie advisor making cold calls and learning the ins and outs of the finance industry. “That’s really how I sunk my teeth into this business,” he says. “Making upwards of 750 cold calls a week taught me how to overcome the fear of rejection and improve my communication skills immensely, and I was having success generating business opportunities for my advisor. Thriving through the challenges of cold calling and realizing my capabilities marked a major turning point for me in this business.”

By 2014, Brock joined the National Bank financial team full-time. Early in his career, Brock recognized a shift in the industry and a need for comprehensive and personalized financial advice. “I became aware that clients wanted to know more than the stocks in their portfolios,” he mentions. “They were asking broader questions about growing, protecting, and transitioning their wealth, and needed help coordinating all of their financial priorities into one cohesive strategy." This was the initial spark that motivated Brock to focus on providing holistic wealth management services to clients.

In 2018, Brock transitioned to TD Wealth where he continues to strive to build strong client relationships and provide trustworthy and forward-thinking financial advice.

Going Deeper to Address Clients' Specific Wealth Needs

“Our client relationships are very diverse,” Brock says. "From business owners, professionals, retirees and farmers.” However, over the past few years, Brock and his team have shifted their approach to focus on catering to a smaller number of high-net-worth families where they can have the most significant impact. “We are not a fit for every client, but for those who entrust us with their business, we want to be able to dig deeper and help them navigate all aspects of their wealth journey.”

Brock's deep ties to rural Manitoba have been a cornerstone of his strong connections within the business community, particularly family-owned enterprises. Growing up in this vibrant and close-knit community, he developed a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by business owners, allowing him to address a wide range of financial issues that might otherwise be overlooked. This insight enables Brock to effectively connect with business owners by simplifying intricate financial matters, fostering a sense of unity, and helping them navigate challenges with greater certainty.

“These are the elements that I believe can help clients feel that I am on the same side of the table as them, especially in the context of family businesses,” he says. “I can speak the language and break down complex matters into simple, digestible terms.”

Standing out from the Crowd

Brock distinguishes his practice by focusing on comprehensive wealth management, which he believes is often discussed but rarely fully integrated by others in the industry. This perspective aligns with their ‘Advice for Life’ approach, which focuses on giving advice during critical moments in life. “We want to be there for our clients as their needs inevitably evolve over time, both through the good and the bad – whether that be buying a home, starting a family, facing unexpected challenges, or planning for retirement.”

“Our approach revolves around four key pillars,” Brock explains. “The first is by helping clients build their net worth by encouraging investments in self-improvement, making smart investment decisions, and managing risks along the way. Secondly, we assist clients in protecting what matters, including risk management and addressing ‘what if’ scenarios related to family and business protection. Thirdly, we provide retirement planning with a focus on tax-efficient strategies and working closely with accountants and lawyers. Finally, wealth is multi-generational, so we continuously work hard with clients to help them transfer their wealth to the next generation.”

Brock also emphasizes the longevity of his career and his commitment to matching his working horizon with his clients' investment and retirement horizons. “With the intention of remaining a fixture in this industry for the next three decades, I bring a distinctive advantage to clients,” he mentions. “My long-term commitment allows me to accompany clients throughout their life cycles, nurturing growth and evolving alongside them. This continuity positions me to collaborate with the next generation, fostering a seamless transition and an ongoing journey within the Advice for Life approach."

According to Brock, this holistic approach accounts for the seen and unforeseen developments in clients’ lives. “No stone gets left unturned, and we leave nothing to chance.”

The Pillars of Brock’s Client-Centered Approach

Central to Brock's work-client relationships is the unwavering commitment to trust and transparency. “Fostering those tight, close-knit relationships where we have open lines of communication and clients feel comfortable is key,” Brock says. “I have clients that call me about anything, sometimes even non-financial matters. They feel that connection. To me, building that trust is essential; you work hard to uphold that with every client walking through your door.”

One of the ways Brock demonstrates trust and transparency with clients is by overcoming difficult conversations by taking time to discuss the matters head-on; embracing it rather than ignoring it. “It’s about realizing that not all conflict is bad conflict,” he says. “When these conversations are handled properly, it can provide the sticky glue in the relationship and turn a bad thing into something that makes the relationship much more solid when a problem gets resolved.”

Through these difficult conversations, Brock seeks to turn challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement, ultimately fostering a more solid and secure client relationship.

Alongside trust and transparency are accessibility and availability. “In a world of endless telephone prompts, impersonal automation, and a departure from the very basics of client service, I wanted to sharply contrast what was becoming the new normal,” he begins. “We work hard as a team to focus on the little things that matter most to clients, responding to and addressing questions in a timely manner. In our experience, we find that our clients appreciate our responsiveness and communication skills. We constantly touch base with clients through all types of correspondence, and sometimes it's just an opportunity to check in and say hello.”

Brock also places a significant focus on tax efficiency, recognizing that minimized tax burden is a top concern for many clients. “I often remind my clients, ‘It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep in your pocket’. So, it’s essential to my process to look for opportunities that have the most favourable tax consequences for clients.”

One of the ways Brock and his team accomplish this is by consolidating scattered financial situations for clients. “When investments or financial assets are scattered across multiple accounts and advisors, it presents challenges to see the whole picture and identify potential strategies,” he says. “I often tell my clients that you don’t need three accountants and three lawyers. Instead, you need one person that you can trust with the full relationship. I'm a big believer that if you find somebody you can trust, have that person oversee everything and avoid duplication of your investment strategy.”

By streamlining clients’ financial landscape, Brock aims to help clients uncover opportunities that might otherwise remain hidden.

Not only do these values help Brock and his team stand out, but they also help ensure that clients feel confident and empowered in their decision-making, knowing they’ve been made aware of the potential for all outcomes. “Life throws curveballs, and I know that firsthand. I feel a big part of my mission is to help others plan for the certainty of uncertainty in life. You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it.”

Commitment to Continuous Learning and Mentorship for Professional Growth

Staying up-to-date in his profession is of utmost importance to Brock. Recognizing the value of continuous learning and professional development, he has pursued various credentials to enhance his expertise. He holds qualifications such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designations, and is a Life Insurance Advisor with TD Wealth Insurance Services.

“Education holds significant importance for me as I continually seek to enhance my expertise and stay at the forefront of my profession,” he says. “I am dedicated to not only advancing my knowledge in the realm of financial planning but also seeking opportunities to enrich my skills in ways that can directly benefit clients' lives. I do believe that having these credentials sets me apart because I devote a lot of time each year to staying at the top of my game.”

Mentorship has played a pivotal role in Brock's professional journey, as well. “I've considered myself fortunate to have worked under the wing of a successful advisor when I was first getting started,” Brock recalls. “This person had a profound impact on me professionally and took me under his wing when I didn't know anything, giving me first-hand experiences with the processes necessary to become successful. He taught me about persistence and how to grow the business through seminars and different events. I got to see firsthand the key characteristics of someone who has been successful and was able to emulate that.”

“Now, I want to pay those dividends forward because when you're starting off in this business on your own, the reality is, it’s a very low success rate,” Brock says. “This highlights the value of a structured, collaborative team approach and a process-driven mindset. These factors were pivotal for me, not only in comprehending effective money management but also in refining communication with clients.”

Balancing Career Success with Personal Fulfillment and Giving Back

With a successful and time-consuming career, Brock acknowledges that achieving perfect balance is elusive and that life is an ongoing balancing act. Although there is always pressure to grow, especially in the financial investment profession, Brock recognizes the importance of living a fulfilling life outside of work as well. "As a proud parent of two boys, I have come to appreciate the beautiful chaos that fills my life. At the end of the day, I want to make sure that my priorities are in the right order, and my faith and family will always be at the top of that list.”

One of the ways Brock gives back to the community is by participating in hands-on efforts to make a difference. “We help out with an organization called Agape Table. They have been addressing homelessness in Winnipeg in a big way.” Brock's engagement in charitable activities and volunteer work showcases his compassionate nature and dedication to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. “I believe in going out there and helping with my hands and feet, not just monetarily,” he says.

Through his unwavering dedication to his clients, his commitment to lifelong learning, and his passion for giving back, Brock exemplifies a holistic approach to both financial prosperity and personal fulfillment. His journey, rooted in family, community, and a desire to make a meaningful impact, reflects a devotion to guiding clients through life's uncertainties and opportunities.

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Brock Bieber, TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

Senior Portfolio Manager & Senior Investment Advisor

360 Main Street Suite #2100

Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z3


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