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Ameera Ameerullah has been in the mortgage industry since 2001. She worked tirelessly with a drive to succeed and ranked her way up setting benchmarks in the Canadian Mortgage and Lending Industry.

Ameera recently won the Hometrust Award for Best Alternative Lending Brokerage of the Year 2017 and has been nominated for the same award this year. Ameera also has won the Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year (New to Canada) Award April 2018 announced at the Canadian Mortgage Awards. Ameera was recognized as a Woman of Influence, as well as a Top Commercial Broker in Canada by Canadian Mortgage Professional.

Ameera built several companies from ground up with the support of her dynamic and brilliant team. She is the CEO and Founder of: Canada & Mortgage Financial Group (CMFG), an award winning brokerage and lending firm known for its leadership and mortgage presence in Canada.

CMFG Mortgage Investments Inc., a private mortgage administration firm and CMFG Development Inc., a Real Estate Development firm.

CMFG is a solutions-based brokerage especially for clients who are self-employed, non- resident, new immigrant and real estate developers. CMFG's forte is assisting clients that typically do not fit the traditional banking guidelines. Our team specializes in negotiating terms as well as providing suitable products in challenging situations. CMFG thus successfully fills the gap in the alternative lending niche.

CMFG brings a wide range of services including real estate development, investing in private mortgages, residential, construction, commercial and hotel financing. We also offer interest free joint venture opportunities on profitable projects. CMFG has developed alternative products that are not offered by banks or subprime lenders which enables a higher, successful rate of borrowing.

"Whenever we see a gap in the marketplace, our team brings together their skills and experience to create solutions that address the problem. This is how we developed our Purchase Deposit Program and Sharia Program" says Ameera.

In addition to the company's network of private investors and lenders, CMFG Mortgage Investments Inc. administers private mortgages secured on real Real Estate. Through this product, investors earn a generous annual returns paid monthly. The established relationship with investor's gives us ready access to capital and provides flexibility, especially in emergency situations.

CMFG maintains a ZERO default ratio in it's investors portfolio to date.

On a personal front, while Ameera's career has been extraordinarily successful and demanding, she manages to maintain a sense of balance in her life through family relations and a commitment to building a better life for the underprivileged and vulnerable. In 2017, she realized a personal goal when she established a HCS Innovative Healthcare Services Inc., a company that focuses on providing care and support to caregivers and their loved ones.

Ameera is surrounded by a caring and professional team of professionals, which our clients appreciate their depth of knowledge and caring approach.

Client Tiona Alexander-James says, “I was introduced to Ameera because we were having trouble obtaining a mortgage. As complicated as our file was, Ameera was able to get us a mortgage right on time. We liked how her staff willing to go above and beyond to make sure that we were happy.I found the experience with them 100% satisfying because they were always working for the best outcome. I would recommend CMFG to everyone I know in search of a mortgage

CMFG is franchising it's operation to other mortgage brokers so they too can build their brand with a trusted and resourceful partner. This will allow us to focus on expanding CMFG's lending division.

" I'm excited to share our latest GIG coming soon.It's a show called: Life Happens, One Day at a Time. Success did not happen overnight, it took more than a decade of hard work,commitment, choice networking, an ethical business practice, and a clear commitment to remain focused on the people not the transaction. You also have to have a Never Give Up attitude!"

Canada Mortgage and Financial Group

Mississauga (Head Office) 5100 Dixie Road, Unit 101 Mississauga, ON, Canada L4W 1C9

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