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CHRISTINA RANALLO ; ATTORNEY AT LAW "A Trustworthy Guide Through The Legal Process"



Going to court can be stressful, or it can be an exciting adventure. The difference between the two is easy to define. The stressed out client has a lawyer who is over-priced or under-available to address questions and concerns. The adventurer is a client who has found the right trustworthy guide to take them through the intricate process of actually understanding the law and their role in its processes.

Christina M. Ranallo is that guide. Dedicated to promoting and protecting her clients’ interests, while providing prompt and effective legal counsel, Christina is prepared for any eventuality.

“I’m very straightforward with my clients. I don’t lead them down a rabbit hole of high hopes and dreams,” she says. “We discuss how strong their case is, how there always could be a wrench thrown into the works and what we can do to get ready for anything. I think clients appreciate that about me. I’m not trying to nickel-and-dime them on every billable hour, the cost of postage, or time spent on travel.”

Like any trustworthy guide, Christina’s legal experience is vast and varied. She received her undergraduate degree from DePaul University, and continued on to receive her law degree from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

As a general practice litigating attorney, she serves clients from the Chicago and greater area through a number of legal processes. Her civil litigation experience includes collection matters, personal injury cases, real estate transactions, and prosecuting and defending DUIs, among a range of other issues. She takes a results-oriented approach to her work and is committed to responding promptly to all inquiries, offering candid legal advice to every client.

That’s why -- in the court room or at the negotiation table -- she’s fierce, tough and firm.

In her own office, she works personally with clients to create a reasonable and timely plan for moving forward. Keeping costs under control and getting client questions answered, means seeing to all details herself.

“I do my best to lay out their options, their possible outcomes, and make myself available to clients when they have questions,” Christina explains. “Because I don’t have staff or receptionists, I encourage clients to send me an email, so I can respond personally and quickly.”

Born and raised in the Western Suburb of Bloomingdale, Christina’s discipline and dedication come from treasured role models. The first was her father and mother, who taught her the value staying true to her vision in the face of adversity.

“When the economy wasn’t in very good shape, my mom and my dad started their own businesses and neither of them had anything more than a high school diploma,” Christina remembers. “During the economic downturn back in 2007-2008, my dad could have easily closed up shop and called it a day. Instead, he restructured and fought like hell. He’s still operating to this day.”

Her father’s persistence continues to inspire Christina to keep going, especially when difficulties arise in a case.

Another of Christina’s role models, Edward Levato, who taught her the value of discipline, is a childhood neighbor. Levato, a lawyer, who would become her mentor, is Christina’s example of hard work personified.

“Edward Levato came from a very poor background and fought his way to the top,” Christina remembers. “He never stopped. He reminds me all the time that he would basically strap himself to his desk and he would be there form morning until night. Edward was the one who suggested that I go out on my own. He not only suggested it, but he helped me get my feet off the ground by getting me an office space and helping refer some clients to me. He’s been a big help and influence in my life.”

Salvatore Tornatore, another mentor, played a key role, not only in her time in law school, but also presently. “He has taken me under his wing, and helps me learn and grow each and every day. We work closely together on many cases, and he’s always made himself, and his knowledge, available to me.”

Christina takes that example of care and support of others into her client relationships.

“I truly enjoy making my clients happy,” Christina says. “I take the time to build a relationship with each of them. That is the most rewarding aspect of the job. In more cases than not, my client relationships are lasting relationships.”

One such client, Kathleen Yoshino, exclaims, “I could not be more pleased with the level of service I receive from Christina. With her counsel I was able to complete a complicated real estate transaction, that otherwise would have taken several additional months. Christina has also been a tremendous help with the preparation of my family’s estate planning issues. I highly recommend her as a trusted and knowledgeable legal expert.”

In an era when legal matters are becoming more intricate, and access to due process is becoming more difficult, finding a guide you can trust is becoming more and more necessary. If you have a legal matter you need to discuss, contact Christina now to start the conversation.

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