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Divorce is stressful as it is, and nobody wants the added problems of a process they don’t understand, lawyers who are unreachable, or unsatisfactory financial arrangements.

Ritu and Reena Horra of Horra Family Law take the opposite approach -- it is their mission to make sure they can be counted on, each step of the way.

They are sisters – family who are working in family law – putting respect and support at the centre of their legal practice.

So when they are dealing with a client’s issues, whether separation, property division, custody access, child support, or spousal support, they’re also hands-on with clients, so those already rough times aren’t made worse.

“Our slogan is ‘We Put Family First’ because we are family,” says Reena. “We understand the concept of a family, and make sure that other families are really put first, in order to move on.”

“Putting family first means keeping clients informed and educated about the family law processes they are involved in, what their rights are, what their responsibilities are and their options,” says Reena.


“We keep in touch with our clients, with clear and open communication. From our standpoint, our clients must be updated constantly. They know each step, and the pros and cons of taking certain steps. We very much work together with each client” says Ritu.

Among their many areas of expertise, mediation is one example where Ritu and Reena help families re-focus, and come to a solution that is in everyone’s best interests. “The primary focus, in terms of mediation, is working with a neutral third party in resolving the parties’ dispute. It is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution without going to court,” says Reena.

When emotions are flared, it can be tempting for people to escalate conflict and indulge in aggressive legal action. It can also be tempting for some to rush a settlement, to avoid conflict. Neither of those tends to be beneficial in the short or long term, and that is why mediation can be a good option for many.

Horra Family Law can also help with Collaborative Family Law - a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that focuses on interest based negotiations. The Collaborative Family Law process requires the voluntary participation and willingness of both parties to work through the legal issues civilly and amicably, says Reena. In the Collaborative process, parties resolve their disputes respectfully, with the assistance and guidance from their lawyers and other professionals to achieve a settlement that is tailored to the specific needs, interests and unique circumstances of all parties involved.

“This is where our expertise come into play,” says Ritu. The guiding principle of Collaborative Family Law is mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation between both spouses.



In addition, Reena and Ritu have in-depth experience and knowledge regarding child-related issues of custody, access, parenting plans and child support.

“Many clients are unaware of the laws with respect to child support and their entitlement to expenses that are not included in the basic child support amount,” says Reena.

Also, many clients are unaware of the difference between custody, access, parenting time, and the children or child’s residency, which leads to confusion, as they are all extremely different concepts, notes Reena.

Ritu and Reena Horra spend the time with their clients to ensure that they understand all legal terms prior to taking any steps.

“We want the best for our clients and their children, and care about their well being. Children deserve to live in a peaceful and safe environment, not just in the interim, but long term, and to have a prosperous future. Our attention is long term,” Ritu says.

“Again, we know any decisions our clients are making are as a result of our advice are not just for today, but for tomorrow,” adds Reena.

That goal also extends to spousal support – where they are skilled at helping the client navigate any risks, rights, and obligations regarding spousal support. They deeply understand the complexities of property issues, pensions, investments and ensure that your property rights to separation are recognized and protected. “When dealing with financial issues, we take the responsibilities our client give us very seriously, and protect their rights so they can take care of their emotions and hopes for the future,” says Ritu.

So whatever the need in family law, Ritu and Reena are there to guide you through the process and ensure that your rights – from start to finish – are protected.

“When a file is done, seeing our clients finally move on with their lives, and express that feeling to us, is the most rewarding part of our job,” says Ritu.

In fact, they truly derive fulfillment and meaning in doing everything they can to help clients successfully and amicably close a chapter in their lives, and open a new one.

“In family law you are really helping people, you are helping families, you are helping children,” says Reena.

So, if you are facing a family law issue, contact Horra Law to get the advice and guidance you need to deal with a difficult time, in the most efficient and sensitive way possible. Ritu and Reena Horra are with their clients every step of the way.

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