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Joseph Duggan knows where the smart money goes – he knows

where it starts, where it ends up and how to get it there better

than it began.

Among many hats he has worn over three decades, he’s been a

financial advisor, career banker and successful financial services


Today, Duggan is the founder, chairman and managing partner

of Belair Capital Markets Inc., a firm providing a myriad

of services, including corporate finance advisory, merchant

banking, venture capital, asset management, wealth management

and international corporate development services.

As a transnational finance specialist, he’s directly responsible

for the risk management, among many other facets.

“I have leadership capabilities. I

clearly understand what corporations

and individuals are looking for, and

I provide solutions to what they’re

looking for,” he said.

Prior to founding Belair, he was

the founder, chairman and CEO

for Kingsdale Capital Corporation

and Kingsdale Capital Markets

Inc., as well as founding partner of

Kingsdale Shareholder Services.

Duggan also held executive positions with Counsel Capital

Corporation, CIBC Securities, and Chemical Bank.

All tolled, his experience has run the gamut: investment

banking, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, merchant

banking, project finance, multi-currency lending, euro bonds,

asset management and wealth management.

With this wealth of knowledge about creating wealth, he came

up with a novel idea when launching Belair Capital Markets Inc.

It began with a specific concern with corporate finance, where

clients had to shell out fees for the funds they raise.

As a better substitute, Belair proposed something unique, where

success is tied to the clients: they would share in risk-rewards.

“As the company grows, our investment grows as well,” said


But that’s not the only difference between Belair and typical

venture capitalists, merchant bankers or financial advisors.

The experts at Belair have successfully utilized a proprietary

hybrid method, one that adapts to changing needs and market

fluctuations, since each stage of corporate growth necessitates

different approaches.

“Past experience gave me the tools to introduce this new

platform, to provide solutions to corporations or entrepreneurs,

in an innovative and creative services platform,” Duggan said.

Dubbed the Capital Pathway and Capital Gateway, according

to the company, “these platforms maximize wealth creation,

long-term investor valuation, and on-going corporate growth

by connecting corporate clients with exclusive and privileged

access to global capital resources.”

The Capital Pathway, for example, guides each stage of growth

with various solutions according to need, such as alternative

financing strategies, domestic and international development,

corporate structuring and valuation, merger and acquisition

strategies, go-public alternatives, and others.

Belair can populate a client’s board with outside expertise,

and provide governance to the company, that is aligned with

shareholders and management.

“It’s not just another venture capital fund, or management

fund. It’s more about asset and wealth management, domestic

and international,” Duggan said, adding that the company

provides advice to management and board of directors of clients

about strategic, fiscal and financial alternatives, including

restructuring, re-positioning, mergers or divesting.

As part of the greater package,

Belair touts they will provide

privileged introductions

to portfolio managers,

institutional investors, and

deal influences.

“We have high-net-worth

accredited investors that we

can bring to the table, and

chart a wealth management

strategy with any company

– we can assist them in any

direction, be it with a tax point of view, estate planning point of

view, and asset management,” Duggan added.

Belair’s clients range from entrepreneurs, institutions,

corporations and governments– virtually any kind of client

that they can add shareholder and corporate value. “No matter

where a company is in its growth cycle – whether it’s family and

friends, angel category, or going public, we have some product

to help them expedite their growth.”

A senior executive and a team of skilled international experts are

ready and able to offer the perfect financial advisory services,

and privileged introductions to alternative capital resources.

“Human capital is a major differentiation, bringing different silos

together, with rich experience and competence; we’re working

collectively with our silos to bring success to our clients,”

Duggan added.

“A lot of other places have one silo, and very few have integrated

all of these items. We have extensive expertise in the silos we

represent, and the ability to complement the skills of the other


Belair’s unique paths and platforms have served it well, as they

have built a solid reputation for excellence not just locally, but


“We’re innovative, creative , and proprietary enough for anyone

to want to do business with us."


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