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Tapping the Future of Communications


Since its launch in 2008, Telair has been one of

Canada’s largest and fastest-growing cloud based

business phone system with clients nationwide.

Telair provides business phone systems as a service

while delivering more features, scalability, and flexibility

than its competitors.

Telair combines advanced telephone and PBX

solutions for businesses and professionals that cost

significantly less than mainstream phone companies while

providing cutting edge features as they become available.

That means a simple to use phone system

with essential and advanced features which seamlessly

interconnect with your existing way of working. With

Telair’s unified communications, subscribers receive records

of missed calls, voice mails, and faxes in their email inbox,

ready to be archived and search-able on demand.

Checkout My Business asked CEO Jonathan Geller what’s

unique about Telair, why businesses should use it, and where

technology for businesses are heading....

COMB: How would you best describe what your company?

GELLER: We provide an online-based, all-in-one phone

service to businesses with all the features you need, like

an auto attendant and faxing capabilities, but less of the

overhead cost because we are a cloud based service. This

means there is no big expensive phone system that needs to

be purchased or installed on premise. Plus our systems can

be fully managed by the Telair team, so there is no need to

hire a third party phone technician.

We’ve simplified business phone systems and

made them more cost effective and extremely easy to start

up or migrate. We’ve also made it more convenient for

entrepreneurs and those with remote offices to run their

businesses from their mobile phones, or desktops with our

free app, and all the features of a complete business phone

system can be accessible and managed through a web portal

or mobile device.

COMB: Can you elaborate on how you can seamlessly

connect multiple offices branches or locations under a single?

GELLER: Connecting people is what we do. There is no

limit to how many users that can be added under a single

system, be it local or remote. Adding users is as easy as

adding a Facebook friend. Configuring features or auto

attendants are a just few short clicks.

With our remote capabilities, customers can scale their

business without boundaries or borders. Extension to

extension dialing from across the street or around the world

do not incur any long distance charges.

We make it really easy to grow your business from

one location to many.

COMB: So let’s say somebody comes to you and says “this

all sounds really great, but what can’t I do with stuff that you

could get for free online”?

GELLER: There are other websites and download-able apps

that offer free calling services, that can make it somewhat

easy to operate a business, but only partially. These types

of free services were not designed for a complete business


Running a proper business requires both inbound

and outbound calling, with a real phone number customers

can actually call you on, as well as an auto attendant to help

direct your callers to the right place.

Then there are advanced features like conference

bridging, call transfer, call forward, and unified

communication by having their messages integrated into

one system, that these free services simply don’t offer. Plus

a business does not feel quite complete without an actual

phone at a desk.

COMB: What do customers have to commit to, when they

sign on with you?

There are no contracts or commitments. We are so

confident customers will like or services, there is no need to

lock anyone into an agreement.

We have the history and metrics that backs up our

theory which allows us to spend less time locking customers

in, and to just get them setup.

We strive to be a pleasant easy experience; we want

to offer the best transparent support for our customers and

continually update our system software to include new

features as they become available, making sure that our

platform is always a step ahead.

Our passion is providing the best phone system

possible to help your business communicate and grow.


Jonathan Geller

t: 416 477 2004 ext 221



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