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VINCE TARANTINO, MBA, CIM®, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor, Founder of the Amalfi Wealth Management Team - Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, Toronto, ON.


“Independence is the freedom to do your best for clients.”

When Vince Tarantino founded the Amalfi Wealth Management team in early 2022, he knew he’d found his calling. After nearly 25 years in the finance industry – many of those at bank-owned firms – Vince took the leap to become independent. He launched his own practice at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth. For four years in a row, Wellington-Altus has been ranked as the top wealth advisory firm in Canada* by investment advisors, and it’s been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies since 2021 for leadership in strategy, capabilities, and innovation, culture, and financials for sustainable growth. *Investment Executive 2023 Brokerage Report Card

Even more important to Vince: Wellington-Altus Private Wealth offered freedom to his team and clients that allowed him to do what he loves as an independent Advisor and planner, while working with like-minded professionals who share his commitment to putting clients first.

Building the Dream Team

Vince put together what he calls his dream team; specialists who are best-in-class in their own field, be it estate planning, pension consulting, or alternative investments. “It feels a la carte,” says Vince. “And it brings extra value for clients who appreciate the access to this new universe. I have an extended team in-house I can go to with any questions.”

The Amalfi Wealth Management team includes Michelle Tran, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor. “For the last 25 years, my passion has been finance,” says Michelle. “It’s been about helping clients and families, helping them build on their financial plan over their whole lifecycle – graduating, finding a job, being able to purchase property, save for retirement, and helping them enjoy retirement. It’s hitting all the milestones.”

Vince says the level of service Michelle brings to her clients is bar none. “I see her relationships with clients, and it speaks to how much they trust her,” says Vince. “It feels like every single one, she’s been in their kitchen.” Michelle acknowledges that it’s trust that takes her relationships to the next level. “Trust allows you to do your job. The added value is that you’re actually there for the client – in bad times, good times, market ups and downs – you’re there to help.”

Jeff Leung is a Senior Investment Advisor who spent a decade of his career in private banking. “I built a good client base, learned a lot about different industries. When it was time to make a career switch, I became a Financial Advisor. I liked that people trusted me.”

That trust has led to a client base that has been with Jeff for 25 years. Now at Amalfi Wealth Management, Jeff is the team’s active market strategist who, says Vince, wears many hats and has key insights on capital market trends and research that are invaluable. For example, in 2006 Jeff built his own algorithm for investing that he still uses today.

Jeff’s quantitative background gives him expertise in building exhaustive excel-based spread sheets and business models, but, he says, he’s also a regular guy. “I’ve learned how to tell a compelling story. We have too much industry jargon and I’ve learned to not use that when I’m talking to my clients. I talk like a real person.”

Naomi Ofir, Senior Associate Investment Advisor, and Mimi Chow, Investment Associate, round out the team. This duo combined with Vince, Michelle, and Jeff, bring decades of experience and a diverse range of client services to the practice.

The team also draws on the knowledge of an external network that can offer best-in-class solutions in everything from elder caring to estate planning and settlement. That’s a huge wealth of expertise and experience, and it means clients can expect immediate answers and solutions in practically any situation – all in one place.

“Even do-it-yourself clients know this,” says Vince. “They often work with independent advisors to access their expertise and that of their team network. In the end, I save them so much time and money they would have otherwise spent seeking information to arrive at the right answer.”

A foundation of trust and transparency

On top of the expertise individual members bring to the practice is the seamless continuity that comes with a team approach. “I can introduce my clients to my dedicated backup advisors, who are all very tenured professionals,” says Vince. “We’re all on the same page. I have full confidence in Michelle, Jeff, Naomi, and Mimi. Team dynamics simply can’t function without that trust. The fact that we have great collaboration on top of their expertise and our trust in each other is just the gravy on top of it all.”

Trust is also central to the team’s relationships with clients. And an important part of where that trust comes from is a commitment to being as open and transparent as possible.

This includes transparency about custodianship: how the firm handles its clients’ money. “It’s a big question when considering an independent firm or boutique,” says Vince. “The first question should be: where is my money held? Is it held at or by Wellington-Altus? All clients of Wellington-Altus Private Wealth have their money safeguarded by National Bank Independent Network, or if they’re U.S. clients, then by RBC Advisor Services. We manage the money from our end, but the record-keeping/statements, auditing, and overall custodial services are guaranteed by a third party tier 1 bank that is at arms-length.”

At an independent firm like Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, Amalfi Wealth Management has the freedom to hand pick products that are in the best interest of its clients. Vince can choose from a full spectrum of products and services from any bank or non-bank firm, including from outside of Canada.

“I can take on clients throughout North America,” he says. “Many clients who have family in the U.S. or in other provinces may want to have them all serviced under one advisory umbrella. Typically, Advisors will refer family members to other Advisors in different provinces or simply because they could not work with U.S. clients. Most families really like the idea of having one advisory team to quarterback their transfer of wealth between generations.” Through Wellington-Altus USA, Vince can manage their money from Toronto.

Always accountable and always there

Being there for clients is something Vince and his team take quite literally. As independent Advisors, Vince, Michelle, and Jeff have a true sense of ownership and, for them, that means a far greater sense of accountability. “We are not bound to a nine to five schedule,” says Vince. “And that means we have much greater flexibility to accommodate our clients’ needs. We are there for them when they need us.”

As a team, Vince, Michelle, Jeff, Naomi, and Mimi have full flexibility and accountability to manage the practice in such a way that the client is always number one. And, says Vince, that’s something you typically can’t do unless you have your own practice.

“I remember my time and focus often being diverted to activities that took time away from serving clients properly in order to satisfy the needs of whoever owned the advisory business,” says Vince. “I think that now, as a team of professionals who have our own business, we’re all happier, knowing we built this ourselves.”

That sense of ownership means clients aren’t just customers. And his team members aren’t just co-workers. They’re like family members and being an “Advisor” isn’t just a job. It’s a…

Vince struggles to find the word that best describes what he does. “Job” doesn’t come close to defining what is really a lifelong passion.

Whatever he might call it, he says it’s the best in the world.

“I love the feeling when a client sees the value in what I’m bringing to them,” says Vince. “When they feel like they’re in good hands and they tell you that, I’m at the top of the world.”

Janice Tuff is a professional writer and communicator who got her start in radio copywriting.

Three decades later, she continues to draw upon the valuable lessons learned in her radio days: grab your audience’s attention quickly and always tell an engaging tale.

Vince Tarantino,MBA, CIM®, CFP®

Senior Wealth Advisor

Amalfi Wealth Management Team - Wellington-Altus Private Wealth

150 King St. W Suite 1501

Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1J9



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