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Steven Heinbuch, Certified Financial Planner, TD Wealth, Woodstock, Ontario

Steven Heinbuch

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

Steven Heinbuch is a goal-setter and planner by nature. Transforming his skills into a prosperous career as a Financial Planner at TD Wealth Financial Planning supporting the Woodstock area, Steve takes pride in helping his clients achieve their financial goals, both for themselves and their families.

At a very young age, Steve learned the importance of saving money. “In my early years, my parents always joked that they did everything wrong financially, so I’d have to make my own money,” he says. “At the time, I took that to heart. By 15, I got my first real job at a bowling alley where I spent most of my free time working and putting away each pay cheque into a savings account”.

By the age of 23, Steve had graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University, was debt-free, and had enough money saved up to buy a new car.

Earning the nickname “Mr. Consistency”

Upon graduating, Steve had begun his job hunt in the hopes of pursuing a career in marketing. “The job hunt was hard,” he mentions. “Submitting resumes and following up, but never getting a single interview.”

Despite the frustration, this never stopped Steve from continuing to put himself out there.

Eventually, his persistence paid off. By 24, Steve landed a job as a sales representative for a telecommunications company working door-to-door on 100% commission. “I learned communications skills, how to handle rejection, and that sales is a numbers game,” he says. Based on his hard work and determination, he was given the nickname ‘Mr. Consistency’ by colleagues in the office. In this job, Steve discovered a passion for helping people save money on their bills and decided maybe it was time to pursue a career in financial advice.

Transforming a passion into a life-long, fulfilling career

At 26, “I started at TD Canada Trust as a bank teller,” says Steve. “Over time, I worked my way up to Financial Advisor, then Manager of Customer Service before finally entering into a role with TD Direct Investing within 5 years.” Here, Steve helped clients perform their own investing. Though he didn’t yet offer advice, he gained knowledge and high-quality industry experience.

After 3 years, in 2020, Steve became a Financial Planner with TD Wealth Financial Planning. “After writing over a dozen exams over the years, I have successfully earned my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation,” says Steve.

TD has offered incredible growth potential for Steve on a professional level. “I want to be my client’s trusted Advisor,” he says. “Being the one who looks after their savings and ensures they are on track towards achieving their financial goals, helping them every step of the way.” For Steve, giving back to his clients by setting a plan and strategizing client goals is at the forefront of his initiatives in this role.

Within his position, Steve has had the opportunity to work with clients entering all different stages of life. From helping clients save money to buy an engagement ring, afford a wedding, buy a home, have kids, receive a promotion at work and ultimately retire and even plan for their estate, he enjoys being a part of his client’s unique journey through life. “It all comes from the little things, like putting away savings each paycheck and paying yourself first,” he says. “It’s crazy how quickly it can add up when saving is automated.”

“Ultimately, my goal as a Financial Planner is to help my clients achieve their financial goals,” says Steve. “Helping people reach their goals and allow them to have financial freedom is something I find incredibly fulfilling”.

Steve finds success within his role as a Financial Planner by utilizing the tools and services provided by TD Wealth. “Everything we do at TD Wealth is anchored on 4 pillars: building a net worth, implementing tax-efficient strategies, protecting what matters, and leaving a legacy.”

It all starts with having a plan

For Steve, it’s about strategizing the right plan to help clients save money for their future.

“It’s more about the plan than the investments, they are just a means to an end,” he says. “People don’t want cough medicine when they’re sick, but you have to take it because you know it’s going to make you better. So, having a plan and sticking to it despite the highs and lows in order to achieve a goal is worth putting in the time and effort now.”

Taking into account the changes in the current market, Steve’s all-encompassing approach to planning helps minimize potential losses in the future.

“Even though markets were down in 2020 and 2022, it really didn’t have much of an impact on my client’s ability to complete or achieve their goal of saving money for the rest of their life,” says Steve. “By reviewing their plan and looking at the big picture, it helps clients visualize that one year does not derail the whole plan. We’re planning long-term and using an average return. This helps clients avoid making an emotional decision they may regret, which is where I provide real value. The formula is quite straightforward: set a goal, make a plan, stick to the plan, review progress, and achieve the goal.”

Why choose a Financial Planner at TD Wealth Financial Planning?

“I like to ask clients, how many family doctors do you consult? Mechanics? Hairstylists? Lawyers? One?” Steve asks. “Well, that’s how many Financial Advisors you should have too.”

Similar to how a family doctor is best suited to take care of your physical health and well-being, a Financial Planner is someone who provides valuable guidance, support, and expertise in managing your finances so you can make informed decisions that align with your personal and professional goals. So, as Steve mentions, having one expert for this is necessary!

“Clients sometimes don't realize that I'm not just recommending something on the spot. They forget I will be following up with them and checking in on things over the years, so it's important I consider all variables and suggest something that will benefit them in the future and not just the present. I plan on helping my clients for many years, until I retire really, which is over 20 years from now.”

That’s where the unique planning software at TD Wealth Financial Planning becomes incredibly helpful. “It takes into account all factors, such as your sources of income and all your sources of savings”, he says. “From here, it gives you insight regarding how much money you’ll have every month and year with the given inputs. This is why it’s so important to consider having all your investments under one roof, so I can offer my best advice to you including the purpose for each account.”

Though many people see the value in using a Financial Planner – whether it be to create a retirement plan, save for a significant life milestone, or become more tax efficient for their estate, there are many other amazing benefits that TD has to offer. “Our services at TD help other members of your family too,” Steve says. “Whether it’s parents, children, or siblings, there are discounts available to clients for having more of their own and their family’s assets at TD. There’s also access to specialists in day-to-day banking, lending, business banking, insurance, and so on.”

Giving back, both professionally and personally

Another large part of Steve’s role as a Financial Planner is his interest in giving back to his colleagues through giving and receiving mentorship. “I’ve always been a sponge,” says Steve. “I enjoy learning new skills from successful peers and adopting these practices into my own way of doing things. Eventually, when I come up with something that I find works well, I love being able to share these successes with my colleagues or mentees that are looking to elevate their own success.”

For Steve, the ambition to give back does not end when he leaves his office. “Over the years, I have accumulated 65 blood donations,” he says. “My goal is to reach 100 just like my dad did.”

When he’s not at work or the donor clinic, Steve enjoys soaking up as much quality time with his family as he can with his wife, daughter, and son. When asked how he is able to juggle it all, he says “I think it’s all about planning and just making sure you’re able to prioritize where you spend your time. Although it’s tough at times, at the end of the day, if you’re not happy doing what you’re doing, you need to find a way to do what’s going to make you happy.”

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Steven Heinbuch, CFP®

Financial Planner

TD Wealth

539 Dundas Street

Woodstock, ON N4S 1C6



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