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SPENCER GALE-REIMER, Investment Advisor, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, Winnipeg, Manitoba


"Rising star shares how being a female in the Investment Industry

is a career more women should choose"

Spencer Gale-Reimer, Investment Advisor at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth stands as a vibrant force reshaping the financial landscape. With a pioneering approach, she navigates the industry, drawing from her experience of being mentored by high-performing women, coupled with her advocacy for inclusivity and a client-focused philosophy.

Her dedication to empowering clients through informed decision-making and comprehensive financial planning reflects a fresh perspective essential in today's dynamic market.

Transitioning into Expertise

Motivated by a passion for continuous learning and growth, Spencer entered business school. Still yearning for a challenge, she got a job while going to school and found a love for business in the financial services industry.

Spencer had an opportunity to join the Transition Team at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth and quickly progressed through the ranks, advancing from an entry-level position to a managerial role. After working with numerous Advisor teams across Canada, she chose to join the Enhanced Wealth Management team with Laurie Bonten, embarking on her journey to become an Advisor. As of January 1st, 2024, Spencer achieved this significant milestone and is now an Advisor and equity stakeholder with Wellington-Altus.

“Laurie and I operate alongside one another as advisors within our comprehensive practice,” Spencer says. “Our focus spans across various essential aspects, including estate planning, tax planning, investment management, insurance, and retirement planning. We adhere to a philosophy where saving our clients money on taxes is as crucial as yielding higher investment returns and understanding the unpredictability of the market.”

Breaking Barriers

Spencer's Insight as a Female in Finance Navigating the financial industry as a woman provides a distinctive perspective that Spencer values. “In the financial industry, female representation is not as prevalent as it ideally should be. I consider myself fortunate to have had experiences that contributed to my transition and growth in this domain. Before joining Laurie, I had the opportunity to collaborate with female Advisors, and Laurie herself stands as an exemplary mentor who has shattered barriers for many women in this industry. It has been an invaluable experience working alongside such an industry trailblazer.”

“Her deliberate decision to cultivate an all-female team aligns with her recognition of the importance of diversity. We take pride in our team's composition, and it resonates positively with our clients, many of whom specifically appreciate our team's female-centric dynamic.”

Despite potential stereotypes based on age and gender, Spencer emphasizes the importance of confidence. She aims to counter such assumptions by combining her four to five years of experience with her educational background, offering a valuable and distinct blend of skills and perspectives to her work. Alongside her accomplished partner on the team, Laurie Bonten and industry veteran Client Service Manager, Barbara Loewen, Spencer and her team offer a comprehensive client experience.

Along with her securities and insurance licenses, Spencer recently passed her FP Canada certification exam and is en route to obtaining her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation. She aims to pursue further qualifications in the near future, such as the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation.

In combination with her experience and expertise, Spencer also brings forth a warm and welcoming approach to client service, in addition to her undeniable attention to detail, a characteristic that aligns closely with her personal philosophy. “When engaging with clients who have expressed dissatisfaction with their previous Advisors, I have observed their frustrations when details get overlooked or tasks remain unaddressed. I take pride in ensuring that follow-ups are diligently completed and commitments are honoured, regardless of how seemingly small or routine they may be.”

Catering to Multi-Generational Financial Goals and Diverse Client Needs

Spencer caters to a diverse clientele. “I often find myself engaging with everyday individuals and ‘mom and pop’ shops – those who have been involved in family-run businesses or have transitioned out of them, either by selling or passing them on to the next generation,” she says. “These clients often seek guidance and support for their familial business transitions or postsale planning, forming the core of our clientele.”

“Working with multi-generational families has granted me insights into diverse scenarios and walks of life. My ability to connect with individuals spanning different age groups allows me to cater to various needs across generations, understanding that everyone requires a distinct approach. In my interactions, I have noticed that while discussing retirement planning might be pertinent for one individual, for another, focusing on foundational financial concepts like saving and the significance of early investment becomes crucial. Educating the younger generation about the fundamentals of saving and introducing them to investment opportunities is something I am deeply passionate about.”

As a female professional in the field, Spencer recognizes the importance of establishing a client-centric approach that prioritizes empowerment. “It is crucial to prioritize respect in our interactions with clients. We aim to create an environment where clients feel valued and not undermined or belittled,” she notes. “Our primary goal is to empower clients, ensuring they feel comfortable, confident, and informed to make decisions, complemented by our advice and support. Leading with respect forms the cornerstone of our approach, fostering an atmosphere of mutual understanding and effective education.”

This philosophy not only bolsters client trust but also strengthens the foundation for collaborative and informed decision-making, essential in navigating the complex financial landscape amidst the flood of information.

Engagements, Reflections, and Future Aspirations

During her downtime, Spencer relaxes by engaging in activities such as spending time with friends and family and solving puzzles. She is also currently planning her upcoming March wedding, sharing a passion for travel and tennis with her fiancé, whom she initially met at a tennis club.

Outside of work and personal commitments, Spencer is deeply engaged in volunteer work, playing an active role in planning initiatives. Whether organizing social committee events within the office or orchestrating larger in-house projects, Spencer views these activities as opportunities to contribute positively to workplace culture.

“Looking ahead, my professional goals involve building a robust client base while fostering strong relationships,” she says. “I aspire to be a prominent female figure in the industry, someone others can look up to. I want to demonstrate that despite being a woman without decades of experience, it is possible to succeed without waiting until you are older to make a mark in this industry.”

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Spencer Gale-Reimer Investment Advisor

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth

201 Portage Ave (25th floor)

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3K6

204 - 925 - 5159


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