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GRANT MOYLE & STEVE ROWLEY, CFA, Senior Wealth Advisors, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth


"Trust the Process"

Grant Moyle and Steve Rowley, Senior Wealth Advisors, at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, have seen a lot in their years in the industry: fluctuating markets that have changed dramatically since the 1990s; unique financial challenges across every stratum of business and personal endeavour; and the needs of families as they manage the complexities of intergenerational wealth.

They haven’t seen everything – but very close to it.

Collectively they have more than six decades of experience, and with that experience comes extensive supplementary education, as well. They refuse to rest on their laurels. For the pair, being on the leading edge of theory and learning is critical, because knowledge is fundamental to success – and success for clients is all that matters.

A Team Effort

Grant and Steve are the very definition of a great team; their skills complement each other, and their work is truly collaborative. It’s why they can offer holistic, cohesive solutions that bring together investment planning with overall wealth management.

“Our service offering is unique because of the team we have at Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group, and how we collaborate,” Steve said. “We work together because we know that our combined efforts have the potential to yield far better results, than if we were working alone. Grant is a very effective strategic thinker; he’s the typical big-picture guy but even though he sees the forest, he never loses sight of the trees. I’m a portfolio planner, who’s licensed to execute various strategies through options and other derivatives. Our team is a formidable ally for clients.”

This isn’t a group that’s deterred by obstacles — it’s one that thrives on overcoming them.


Grant and Steve’s overriding goal is to see a client achieve theirs. To do that, they work actively with clients to understand not just what their goals are, but what their needs are as well. The pair takes a knowledge-based approach to their work because there are no cookie-cutter solutions at Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group.

Each client receives custom-tailored solutions that are designed exclusively to meet their needs, which are well-received by clients and reflected in their high retention rate.

These solutions are built on a foundation of discipline, patience, and trust because Grant and Steve believe it’s core to client success. “Time in the market is more determinative of client success than timing the market,” Grant said of their patience-first philosophy. “I look back on some of the roughest times for clients, and a not insignificant proportion of those were preceded by decisions made in the heat of the moment, that didn’t align with their plan, and didn’t necessarily address their needs. We work to minimize the turbulence, but those financial fads often cause more problems than they solve.”

There will always be fluctuations in the market.

No advisor can mitigate every risk; but where the pair differs from others, is their active communication. They keep clients informed and engaged throughout the process, so even when times are tough, a client knows they aren’t alone.

“A big part of what we do is working with clients to solve problems, address needs, even consulting. We don’t have every answer, but what we do at Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group, and Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, is work with a team of professionals, like lawyers, accountants, and others to ensure that we are effectively connecting all the parts of a client’s financial life together. We don’t work in a silo because making sure every area is covered is key to client success,” said Grant.

Ensuring client buy-in is one of their most important tasks because for a client to remain patient they need to trust the process; and for a client to trust the process, they need to trust Grant and Steve.

It’s why they work so hard at building those client relationships, right from the very first meeting.

It helps that Grant and Steve practice what they preach – they implement the same strategies for their own personal investments, as they do for their clients.

A different approach

The pair believes that their approach is another thing that truly sets them apart from other firms. They are primarily focused on pension-style management, which they see as a key differentiator.

Other operations may employ this type of strategy for individuals and businesses, but Grant and Steve implement it alongside a wealth plan that is custom and tailored for each client. Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group doesn’t employ a model portfolio, they believe in an investment portfolio or suite of solutions that is unique to the client or family. “No two portfolios are alike in our practice, because no two clients have the exact same needs or goals,” Steve said.

Usually, this type of strategy is limited to charities and large businesses, but they can offer it to retail clients of high-net-worth and small businesses, too.

“We’re firm believers in the way we do it,” Grant said. “I’ve been in this business since 1990, and I’ve seen a lot. Being able to offer this type of service at the individual level can be a game-changer, and it’s why we’re so passionate about it.”

Another thing that sets their practice apart is their experience working with families and managing intergenerational wealth.

It isn’t something every firm has the capacity to do.

The pair works with client groups that include two, three, or even four generations of family members — and that type of work requires specific experience and a deft touch.

Grant and Steve take a holistic approach to working with families, ensuring that any strategy or plan is impactful, considers any risk concerns the client (or clients) may have, and is pragmatic. They will leverage a variety of tools, but always keep estate planning, succession planning, wealth management, tax efficiency, and managed money at the forefront.

“Holistic planning isn’t something that’s easily explained,” Steve said. “But when it comes down to it, the holistic approach is the most effective you can take in building net worth, particularly for families who are looking at their legacy, and managing wealth through multiple generations. There’s much to consider and the holistic approach accounts for a lot of it.”

They believe that stability, and building lifelong partnerships are key to a successful future, and it’s why they are so proud of the many clients who’ve worked with them throughout their entire careers; client trust is the best advertising, and why the pair is so committed to them. They don’t want to let anyone down.

Building for a better tomorrow

Grant and Steve are focused on building a better tomorrow for clients. Whether it’s through portfolio management, financial planning, or even just sage advice, the pair is there to help.

Like many of their clients, the pair have families, whom they adore.

Much of their passion for clients can be tied back to family, and wanting to ensure everyone has the same bright future they envision for themselves.

Recently, the pair has collectively decided to focus not just on the dollars and cents, but on the pound; as in a program to lose weight and improve their overall health. Good health is a key factor in overall happiness, and they recognized that they had the power to make positive changes.

Their healthy-living program is actually very similar to their financial philosophy: stay disciplined, manage risk, and make sure a person is well-positioned for their later years.

Grant and Steve are working as hard on themselves as they are on their business, and for clients. Ultimately, like everything they do, they’re in it for the long run.

Gary Milakovic is a veteran writer with more than a decade in the public sector and corporate communications. He has covered a wide spectrum of topics and his work has been featured by large and small organizations across Canada. Gary is passionate about communication, his writing often focuses on uncovering the “story behind the story.”

Moyle Rowley Wealth Management Group

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Steven Rowley, CFA, Senior Wealth Advisor

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