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Sam Catalano Founding Partner, Legacy, Insurance & Financial Advisor Investia Financial Services Inc


“Building a Legacy of Trust.

Servicing the financial needs of professionals,

business owners, and individuals, with special attention to tax savings.”

FOUNDING PARTNER & SENIOR ADVISOR – Sam Catalano began his career in Life Insurance and the Investment industry in 1986. He is a multi-licensed broker and a member of The Financial Advisors Association of Canada (ADVOCIS). Over the years, Sam has built, developed, and cultivated exceptional relationships within Canadian and International financial companies.

Sam is a father of 5 and when he’s not with family or focused on his business, he’s an avid golfer. He originally built Legacy Insurance with his partners in the early nineties with a goal to provide a higher level of customized service to clients.

Legacy Insurance & Financial Services Inc.

Sam and his partners, Tony Francis and Ed Webster, founded Legacy Insurance & Financial Services (“Legacy”) in 1992. Tony passed away in March 2016. Ed has since retired from the business.

Legacy Insurance and Financial Services is a boutique brokerage firm that also prides themselves on unique and tailor-made services. Sam and his team are specialized with delegated authority in the industry to underwrite on behalf of insurers and/or other capital providers.

“Legacy Insurance has always been managed and operated by its founders and partners,” explains Sam. “Our Legacy team is committed to service excellence and proud to be independent. Because we work as a team, if a client requires support and their Advisor is not available, there is always someone who can step in.”

Fathers, Sons and Legacies

True to its name, “Legacy” is a multi-generational business focused on multi-generational solutions. Since its foundation, Tony’s son Bryan and Sam’s son Francesco have both joined the team.

Francis Bryan is an Insurance and Segregated Fund Advisor. He first joined the brokerage in 1997. After Tony’s passing in 2016, Bryan followed in his father’s footsteps and became a Legacy partner.

As a 2014 university graduate who has a bachelor’s degree in commerce – honours program, Francesco Catalano’s “strong interest in investments” made his decision to join the brokerage an easy one. As a modern, driven Financial Advisor, Francesco promises his clients a high level of attention to detail and transparency.

“When I decide to retire, Francesco will take over my business and continue to work alongside Bryan,” explains Sam. “Legacy will continue to meet the financial needs of individuals, families and professionals with customized services and a specialty focus on tax savings.”

Working with an Independent Advisor

Sam credits Rose Formica, his assistant and office manager of 18 years, with running an office that clients can rely on. She has worked in the financial sector for a total of 32 years. Rose possesses extensive knowledge of both the insurance and wealth management industries.

“Her financial acumen is paired with human resources and administrative skills that keep the day-to-day operations of the brokerage running smoothly,” explains Sam. “As a liaison between clients, brokers and partners she has a lot of contact with our clients.

”Sam believes that a solid foundation is key in creating a Legacy plan. His strategy is to understand a client’s goals with a focus on growth and preservation of capital. He also focuses on reducing tax implications for the transfer of assets to future generations. and preparing for the unexpected (disability, critical illness, etc.).

“Once we engage a client, we meet to discuss their goals and objectives,” says Sam. “We prepare our analysis and recommendations and go from there. When you have an array of companies to choose from and everybody kind of specializes in their own different markets, you can offer clients their best solution. We develop very close relationships with the companies we deal with, whether it’s on the insurance side or the investment side with tax and estate planning teams.”

Sam aligns himself with partners who have a strong historical performance and are committed to excellence and stability. Before making any recommendations, a comprehensive analysis is completed for every client. A variety of services are then offered through carefully curated suppliers who can meet the specific needs of each client, truly building a “Legacy of Trust".

April Potter is a veteran writer with expertise in financial services including nearly 15 years in debt restructuring. April has written for multiple online publications on a variety of subjects and offers a range of social media. Also a painter, her background in finance is balanced by her artistic endeavors.

Sam Catalano RIS |Partner |Senior Advisor

Legacy Insurance & Financial Services | Investia Financial Services

(905) 264-2240 EXT: 113

Rose Formica |Executive Assistant

(905) 264-2240 EXT: 110


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