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ROB SAGER, Senior Investment Advisor, BLAIR FINGLAND, Associate Investment Advisor, & HEIDI YANDT, Senior Investment Advisor, Sager Fingland Wealth Management TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

Blair Fingland. Heidi Yandt, & Rob Sager

"Taking a team approach to your financial future"

Six years ago, when Rob Sager, Blair Fingland & Heidi Yandt, TD Wealth Private Investment Advice , were discussing the possibility of joining forces and building a new team, the conversations centered around ensuring that the move was in the client's best interests.

What they learned from these conversations is that their approach to client service was remarkably similar - they also realized that together, the sum of their collective strength was greater than what they could offer alone. Their new practice became one of the largest in all of Canada.

In the six years since, Rob, Blair, and Heidi have built one of the most reputable teams in the province, providing professional service and building meaningful relationships with clients. Their guiding philosophy helps them with their goal of meeting client needs, through a team approach that favours collaboration, and process-driven methodology that ensures continuity throughout the client-advisor relationship.

Building results, one relationship at a time

Every client’s financial needs are unique because everyone’s goals and circumstances are different. One client may dream of effortless travel throughout the world; another may look to build a legacy of charitable giving; yet another may look to solidify the financial future of their family. Whatever a client’s goals may be, the team takes the time to fully understand their unique situations before beginning the planning stages.

Their discovery process is in-depth and engaging because the team doesn’t take shortcuts. They know wealth isn’t accumulated in a day; it’s accumulated over lifetimes, using market leading tools, best-inclass investment solutions, and supported by Sager Fingland Wealth Management, one of the most experienced teams in the business. The Team has found that the best way to build trust, is to take clients through their comprehensive discovery process: discussing intimate financial details isn’t easy for some; for others, the subject is almost impossible. Rob, Blair, and Heidi’s deliberate approach allows clients to move forward gradually at their own pace, becoming acquainted not only with their solutions, but with the Team as well.

Their forthright and proactive communication ensures a client feels like a collaborator in the process, and not just a passerby. Building a strong, long-term, trusted relationship is fundamental to helping clients achieve their goals, which is why the trio approach every new client with the same meticulous methodology they’ve been employing since the very beginning.

Rob, Blair, and Heidi’s vision is for an experience where client's best interest guides every decision; where businesses and high-net-worth clients see their wealth managed effectively, through tax optimization, an integrated approach to asset allocation and portfolio construction, and the efficient management of intergenerational wealth transfer, to help ensure that a client’s wealth stays where it belongs: with their family.

Planning for the future

Like their approach to financial planning, their decision to merge came, unsurprisingly, after a rigorous discovery process. After all Rob, Blair, and Heidi first needed to ensure they were aligned on the important considerations like client service, processes, and outlook before they could make any major moves. The decision came down to one simple question: “will this benefit our clients?”

The answer? Resoundingly yes.

“What really united us was recognizing that we were stronger together,” Rob said. “During our conversations, the same words kept coming up. ‘Capacity; collaboration; continuity.’ By working together, we would have more capacity to support our ambitious clients and give them ready access to the high-touch service they deserve; for collaboration, between the three of us we’ve experienced the vast majority of complex financial challenges a client may face– we’ll be able to leverage each other’s knowledge to provide the best suite of options for client. By coming together, when life happens and one of us is pulled away from the office, the team is here for continuous support for our clients. Once we’d worked it all out, it became clear that the merger was the best decision for everyone: clients, staff, as well as the three of us.”

Unique perspectives

When meeting Rob, Blair, and Heidi for the first time, one thing that people will immediately recognize is their forthrightness. They tell it like it is.

It’s refreshing.

"You can never know what’s unknowable. Nobody can predict the future, so you have to put the work in, every single day. Reading; learning; growing. If you don’t know the answer, say so, then find it. That’s how you achieve success." Blair added.

That work ethic is why they’ve amassed nearly a billion dollars of assets under management, as of March 2024. People might be surprised to learn that for every meeting the team has with a client, it involves hours of preparation behind the scenes. It’s never just handing a client a printout of their portfolio and walking them through it. The work answers real questions that truly matters to clients. The team takes their work extremely seriously because they know what it means to people: it’s their legacy.

“I think consistency is the fourth c,” Heidi noted, when talking about the importance of staying the course. “Don’t get distracted with all the noise. Build the right portfolio and strategy and build it for the long term. We know how important this work is to people, so we need to focus on our process driven strategy, rather than the latest fad. Building strong relationships with clients from the outset makes those conversations far easier.”

Rob, Blair, and Heidi were already some of the most experienced Advisors in the business, and as a team they’re working to make each other even better, for one important reason: because it’s what’s best for their clients.

Gary Milakovic is a veteran writer with more than a decade in the public sector and corporate communications. He has covered a wide spectrum of topics and his work has been featured by large and small organizations across Canada. Gary is passionate about communication, his writing often focuses on uncovering the “story behind the story.”

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