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NOAH BELCHER, ,CIM®, CFP®, FCSl®, Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth, Belcher Wealth Mgmt.

Noah Belcher, BBA, CIM®, CFP®, FCSl®, Director, Private Client Group, Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth and Insurance Advisor, Belcher Wealth Management Inc.

"When They Succeed, We Succeed: Client-Centered, Customized Care

Because People Should Never Settle"

When a client walks through the doors at Noah Belcher, IA Private Wealth, there's an instant feeling of welcoming warmth. At the same time, one senses an energetic confidence that tells them they're in the most capable of hands. Noah Belcher, BBA, CIM® , CFP® , FCSI® , Director, Private Client Group, Investment Advisor with iA Private Wealth, leads a passionate team of dedicated professionals who relish creating customized, ultra-creative tax and financial planning solutions.

In fact, society's recently increased appetite for digital communication has opened that door even wider as Noah's reach extends across borders and time zones with zero limits to the connections they're making. Noah is licensed across Canada and he is grateful to have achieved the training and certification to assist clients with cross­border needs, especially as it's become increasingly important in recent years. It's all about helping people however he can.

"Our driving factor has always been based on elevating service in this industry to the max," says Noah. "We believe in doing whatever it takes to create effective wealth management solutions and strong strategies that deliver results. Our main driver is ensuring that the people we serve know they're appreciated, that they're connected with our team, and that we can deliver according to their expectations with the highest professionalism. We know from experience they appreciate that personal touch. It means so much to us that they've selected and trusted us to be their advisors and we want to give that back to them exponentially in performance and service."

Noah and his team embrace a challenge and thrive on creativity. Taking on complex crossborder client situations, maximizing retirement opportunities, investment and tax strategies for business owners, integrating charitable foundations, or addressing any other unique wealth management need is what feeds their energy. "We've always loved taking on more challenging situations other people might not actively seek out," says Noah. "We're happy to roll up our sleeves and put in the hard work on behalf of our clients. These are complicated undertakings that are time-consuming to help with. They are the things we get excited to jump into and it's tough to surprise us. We've become extremely well-rounded by leaning into these complex matters."

Taking on such diverse and challenging scenarios requires both a strong foundation in financial knowledge as well as a genuine appreciation and knack for dealing with people. Noah has the first component covered through his love of education. "Knowledge is power, especially in this industry that is increasingly tough to get into," he says. "You always need to be moving forward and things are constantly changing. If you're not constantly learning and staying on top of everything, you're not going to serve your clients at the highest possible level. We truly always want to be the best."

Noah's entry into wealth management and planning was a natural progression upon the completion of his Business and Commerce Degree. "I was naturally interested in this business," he recalls. "I wanted to learn more. As I did, I became more excited and just kept delving deeper and deeper into it." Fortunately, he started his career out learning from those at the pinnacle of excellence in the industry. "I worked with an extremely successful team of genuinely good people who were likable, detail oriented, extremely mindful, and really cared deeply for their clients," says Noah. "I've tried to emulate those qualities in myself and my team. It was such a valuable introduction into this business, and I've worked hard to take that client experience much further. We're always looking at things and asking, 'how can we do things better?'"

Improving on that early experience sees Noah and his team embracing a customized approach in dealing with each client uniquely while giving them the highest level of attention. "It's important to us that they feel heard, that they're on track towards where they want to go, and that they know we're here to work hard for them," says Noah. "We're here to actively listen. Our clients can tap into all our knowledge, and we love to help them around the things they want to know. It's so important to us that at the end of the day everyone is on the same page with a concrete understanding of the desired end-results. This work is always based upon the client's goals and objectives - small or large, short-term or long-term. We're here to steer them through this process and handle their investments to achieve the best possible returns. When they succeed, we succeed."

Noah's list of educational achievements is one to be admired, and frankly, puts him into an elite class of investment professionals across Canada to date. His foundation was built upon his bachelor's degree in Business Commerce, Leadership and Development at Trinity Western University. That groundwork has been accented through each of Noah's additions to his investment and insurance licenses as well as the professional designations he continues to earn. All that work culminates into an incredible and comprehensive collection of educational accolades that better serve every client need. "Earning the Certified Financial Planning (CFP®) designation is great for getting that holistic bird's eye view of the client's state of affairs," says Noah. "The Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation brings invaluable expertise to the way we manage investments. The Fellow of CSI® (FSCI®) speaks to having a high level of integrity, ethics, and experience in this industry. These designations add additional layers on top of what was already important to us. We're currently working towards a business structure that will include discretionary portfolios - I believe that is the future for investments and this business."

With all this expertise, Noah leads his team in a constant quest for excellence through the services they provide to each and every client. "We embrace the creativity in this work and it's a major part of everything we do," he says. "When it comes to financial planning, we look at every single person as being super-unique. When we sit down and run through everything, they're getting a plan very specific to their situation and needs. We take an approach where the person we're working with is the only person who matters in that moment. We try to make everything work for them no matter what it takes. We're definitely not a cookie-cutter-style practice. We pride ourselves on our creative and customized solutions."

Another major differentiator for the practice is Noah's natural talent for tax planning. He often collaborates with trusted accountants to maximize clients' potential. "Early on in my education, I spent time memorizing all the tax rules," he says. "Something I really focused on and got excited about was understanding tax and all the different rules inside and out. That's where we're quite different here. We start with an approach of understanding the client's situation around taxes first, build a tax efficient plan for them, and then structure everything out from there. When it comes to working with the best accountants, we have many mutually beneficial relationships with the top accounting firms. We do a lot of strategic tax planning and then we ask our clients to confirm those strategies with their accountants before we move forward. We'll then work with our clients and their accountant to execute and deliver the best strategies for their unique needs."

All this well-rounded experience and collaboration makes for a holistic team with essential offerings all provided within one convenient and centralized space. "We see the value in partnering up with the client's lawyers, accountants, and any other professionals they have looking after them," says Noah. "Our role is to be the quarterback for their finances. We want to help them organize their finances and make everything simple. That's usually easier to do if the accountants know they can talk to us and receive all the information from one central place. By becoming the client's financial hub, we can help them so much more efficiently."

This value add is something Noah and his team continue to develop today. "By doing financial planning, tax planning, optimizing their cashflow, and getting clients organized, we simplify and streamline everything for them," he says. "This all speaks to the service side of what we do. We remain ultimate professionals and strive for outperformance when it comes to their investments. We take an unbiased approach towards life insurance*, a collaborative approach to effective tax and estate planning, and we ensure everything is right for their unique situation and goals. We want people to feel confident they're working with the best professionals in the industry. We hold up that side of this business, and then we go above and beyond to exceed their expectations with our service.

"We're able to service everyone equally all the time regardless of what stage in life they're in," adds Noah. "Maybe it's about taxes, insurance*, births, deaths, divorce, charity, literally any scenario, we're extremely responsive and capable. We always pick up the phone, we get back to clients right away, we're open to meetings and traveling. We believe in catering to our clients as much as possible to create a positive client experience. I think that's helped to organically grow this business."

This information has been prepared by Noah Belcher who is a Director, Private Client Group Investment and Insurance Advisor for iA Private Wealth Inc. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the Investment Advisor only and do not necessarily reflect those of iA Private Wealth Inc. iA Private Wealth Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. *Insurance products and services are offered through Belcher Wealth Management Inc., an independent and separate company from iA Private Wealth Inc. Only products and services offered through iA Private Wealth Inc. are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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Noah Belcher BBA, CIM®, CFP®, FCSI®

Director, Private Client Group

Investment and Insurance Advisor

iA Private Wealth | Belcher Wealth Management Inc.

1688 152nd Street, Suite 302,

Surrey, British Columbia, V4A 4N2



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