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MILOS PEJOVIC & PETAR PEJOVIC, Senior Portfolio Managers with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth


"There’s no substitute for hard work"

Milos Pejovic & Petar Pejovic understand the power of money from two vantage points. As Senior Portfolio Managers with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth, they understand how vital attention to detail, risk management, and a plan are to achieving a person’s financial dreams. With discipline, achievable goals, and good planning, clients can make those dreams a reality.

As self-made men whose achievements are based on their efforts, they are the quintessential Canadian success story.

Humble beginnings

Milos and Petar were born in the former Yugoslavia at the height of socialism. As young boys, they immigrated to Canada with their parents who wanted to provide their sons with a better life. Without a command of the English language, their parents struggled but were resilient and never stopped trying.

Milos and Petar recognized that they were fortunate. They saw their parents’ example of hard work and perseverance and learned what it took to be successful. With that knowledge, they would let nothing stand in the way of building a successful future.

The brothers were both very active in school. Petar not only achieved good grades but was also an accomplished athlete. At Simon Fraser University, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and played football every year. He knew early on how to manage competing priorities.

In 1995, Petar made it to the Canadian Football League (CFL). He was drafted 29th overall by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It was the culmination of a lifetime of hard work. Petar achieved his dream of playing at the highest level; but while he loved athletics, football was a means to an end. It was his doorway to a better life.

Petar came to realize that his true passion was finance and he wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives. After attaining two of his dreams, attending university and playing in the CFL; he wanted to help others achieve the same success, so with that goal, he earned his Chartered Investment Manager designation (CIM®) through the Canadian Securities Institute and became a Portfolio Manager.

Milos’ financial journey began in North Dakota, at the University of Jamestown, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Throughout his four years, he played football, earning a cascade of honours including being named Captain and playing on the all-conference team in 1996. In 1998, he earned a spot in the CFL, and for two years spent a varying amount of time with both Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

Milos loved football but like his brother, he wanted something more so he earned Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) and Financial Management Advisor (FMA) designations. He also earned a fellowship in the Canadian Securities Institute (FSCI) – the pinnacle of credentials in Canadian financial services.

In pursuing their academic, professional sports and finance careers, Petar and Milos followed the roadmap that their parents had laid down for them: dig in, work hard, and do whatever it takes to be successful in Canada.

Different by design

Milos and Petar have taken a unique approach to building their business. On their team, they have two Portfolio Managers and two Financial Planners, which is uncommon in the industry. Usually, a team has one, or the other, but rarely both.

“We built it this way because we wanted to focus heavily on risk management. We found it too hard to deliver the best results for clients when dealing exclusively with third parties. It’s sometimes too hard to quantify risk. Too often if risk management is not a consideration, things can fall apart,” said Petar.

Milos added, “Analysing risk is important. But so too is offering high-quality solutions for complex financial challenges. Wealth management and planning go hand in hand. It’s why we have two Financial Planners on staff. It’s that important to us. Our business is about total wealth management. We want to ensure clients have the support they need, and that we have the capacity to give them the service they deserve.”

All walks of life

Milos and Petar are personable, instantly likable, and capable. One of the things that sets them apart is their strong and diverse client base. They are equally adept at providing service for high-net-worth families and individuals, corporations, foundations, and non-profit organizations.

They have experience dealing with complex challenges and aim to provide consistency, despite turbulent markets.

Milos and Petar value every client relationship because they see a bit of themselves and their journey in each of them. “I enjoy working with people, the construction foreman, the senior citizen, the doctor, the lawyer. I love hearing their stories of success and their goals for the future,” Milos said. “I appreciate their perspectives on finance and life too. They’ve worked hard for their money, and they want to protect it.”

The brothers know what it’s like to face financial challenges. They want to ensure the best result for every client. This really matters to them.

They speak earnestly about late-night phone calls, urgent text messages and how important it is for them to set a client’s mind at ease. A not insignificant number of people have financial anxiety, so they find that a quick response, even if it’s as simple as “let me check on that for you” goes a long way. In fact, that next-level customer service is their primary method of customer acquisition.

“Marketing isn’t our forte,” Milos joked and went on to say that the bulk of their business comes through referrals from satisfied clients whose experience encouraged them to recommend the brothers to family and friends.

When asked what he thought was driving those recommendations, Petar said, “I think too many people in our industry appear to be exclusively sales-driven and focused only on their bottom line. It obscures their view of what’s most important − the client. What we’ve learned is that when you’re focused on the client and provide excellent customer service, sales will follow. We’re focused on understanding a client’s needs and goals and then, with our team, we work to develop a plan to meet them. We never recommend solutions that a client doesn’t need. We’re transparent with our fees, which are fair. These are the things that clients care about.”

Milos added, “there’s no more gratifying feeling in our business than receiving a referral from someone. The trust that our client is placing in us to take care of their son, or sister. It’s sacred.”

Every dollar counts

Because Milos and Petar have experience working with high-net-worth families and individuals, some prospective clients feel that the brothers only manage “big money” and that their “$100,000 or $1 million” is just a drop in the bucket and doesn’t matter.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

“We know the value of a dollar,” said Milos. “And every dollar of that hundred thousand, or million, is important. It represents the power to bring about positive change. It can make a difference. We’ve seen it.”

While they generally work with high-net-worth clients, it was stressed by the brothers that they’ll never turn away a family member of an existing client. Whether they’re a recent graduate just starting their career or elderly parent planning for the future, it doesn’t matter, family’s family.

Giving back

Both Milos and Petar recognize how fortunate they are. Not everyone who started where they did was so lucky. They don’t take it for granted.

The brothers are active in their communities, whether it’s through fundraising initiatives like Cycle on Life for Riverview Health Centre, or coaching local football teams, they are always looking for a new challenge. After all, they are living proof that hard work pays off and they aren’t going to stop now.

Gary Milakovic is a veteran writer with more than a decade in the public sector and corporate communications. He has covered a wide spectrum of topics and his work has been featured by large and small organizations across Canada. Gary is passionate about communication, his writing often focuses on uncovering the “story behind the story.”

Milos Pejovic, B.A., FMA, CIM®, FCSI®

Senior Portfolio Manager

Pejovic & Associates Private Wealth Management

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.

Petar Pejovic, B.A., FMA, CIM®, FCSI®

Senior Portfolio Manager

Pejovic & Associates Private Wealth Management

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.

201 Portage Ave, 25th Floor Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3K6


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