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Marco Vendramini, Fin. Pl., B. Eng., Financial Planner, Financial Security Advisor, Advisor in Group-Insurance Plans, Mutual Fund Representative Vendramini and Associates IG Private Wealth Management Investors Group Securities Inc. firm in financial planning.

" We are Family "

From a very young age, Financial Planner, Marco Vendramini, believed that with a good financial coach, a willingness to work hard, and the discipline to identify and follow a concrete wealth accumulation plan, everyone can accumulate the necessary financial resources to animate their dreams.

When he was growing up, Marco’s dad was a produce manager in a grocery store; his mom was a secretary. Although both parents worked very hard there never seemed to be a lot of extra money. Marco observed that his parents’ friends did not seem to struggle quite as much. This disparity ignited his curiosity and determination to identify what it took to become financially successful.

Marco decided that the first step in the journey to a different financial outcome involved learning a profession. Since he was good at math and science, he believed a Mining Engineering/Business degree at McGill University was the ticket. “Engineers have excellent logic skills which gives them an edge in business and that was the part of mining I was interested in,” says Financial Planner, Marco Vendramini.

Luckily for his clients things didn’t work out as planned. “I was sitting in the cafeteria at my first engineering job when I realized that I didn’t feel like I belonged or that I even enjoyed the work. I was devouring the articles in the financial section of the newspaper at the time. It occurred to me that I would enjoy a financial services career and could use my math, science and logic skills to help clients build, manage, protect, and pass on their wealth. That realization changed my life,” he adds.

Marco entered the financial services industry when he was just 26 years of age. Today he is 56. In the past thirty years, he has received numerous internal awards, including the West Island Office Distinction Award which he received in 2018. Award recipients are chosen by their colleagues based on their business and leadership skills as well as their attitude.

Marco also spent approximately ten years as Division Director helping advisors build their businesses. Marco left this role to focus exclusively on clients approximately five years ago. Today, he and his professional team work with and coach approximately 650 families, retirees and business owners.

“Our ideal client is between the ages of 40-75 and is looking for a clear cut retirement plan that will help them to not only reach financial independence but to keep it for the rest of their lives and then to pass it along efficiently and effectively to their children and grandchildren,” the Financial Security Advisor says.

Philosophy & Approach

When American vocal group, Sister Sledge, performed their signature song, “We are Family” the lyrics reminded us that we are all in this together and that, ‘Living life is fun and we’ve just begun to get our share of the world’s delights…’ Family is important and I am lucky enough to be a member of three of them – my own family, my team, and our clients,” Marco explains.

Focus on family has defined how Marco and his team work with clients. “Sometimes, we build such close bonds with friends, neighbors and even other professionals that we can’t tell the difference between where our family of origin begins and where our extended client and colleague family ends.”

Does Marco’s approach work? Clients also often say that, “Other than myself no one cares more about my money other than Marco and his team. I worry about a lot of things in life but my money is not one of them. You are my peace of mind.”

As life is constantly changing, Marco and his team work closely with clients to update their retirement plans every year. They consider the impact of everything including all retirement income streams, non-registered and registered assets, the depletion of resources, charitable giving, and passing on wealth to the next generation in a tax efficient manner.

One of the reasons Marco and his team are so successful is that they treat clients’ money in the same way they treat their own money. In other words, they walk the talk. “We don’t recommend anything to clients that we are not already doing ourselves,” Marco adds.

Says Client Michele (Mike) Arcamone, President & CEO of Versa Cold Logistics Services, “I have the privilege to have known Marco now 25 years in managing my financial portfolio…I do not make any decision affecting investments, updating our wills, and future needs without talking to Marco…Marco is like an extension to our family. The trust between us has been built along these years and our financial situation continues to improve year over year. We are very comfortable that all aspects of our financial situation, government regulations, and tax implications are always reviewed with Marco and his team…we can sleep well at night!!! We do not worry about market fluctuations because Marco is on the job for us…”

Marco is supported by a team of other dedicated financial professionals including Associate Consultant, Pascal Guénette, who joined the team in 2013 and Guy Dagenais who joined in 2016. Marco, Pascal and Guy are supported by two assistants, Melanie Philion and Julie Charbonneau.

All Vendramini and Associates team members have different ages and are at different stages of their careers, families and lives. “We work with multiple generations of the same family. One of the reasons we asked Pascal to join us was to demonstrate our commitment to both our own succession planning and to our younger clients who typically relate better to someone from their own generation.”

Clients Louis-Étienne Boudreau and Melanie Therrien say, “My wife and I have been clients of the Vendramini and Associates team for over ten years. For several years, we have been discussing with Mr. Pascal Guénette about our investments and financial planning. The transition of our financial file was made in a transparent manner with the new members of the Vendramini team who made sure to familiarize themselves with it…We find it very easy to access support, whether by phone or email…Pascal contacts us as needed during market changes…What we also like is that the team can advise us on our non-IG investments that were already in place in our financial position prior to joining the Vendramini Group…”

Up Close & Personal

Until August, 2020 Marco regularly appeared as a guest on CJAD’s "Life Unrehearsed” radio program to discuss current financial planning issues. In addition to his commitment to educate the public, Marco focuses most of his financial giving on helping and educating parents with kids that have special needs.

Marco is not yet ready to golf, cross country ski and travel full time. Which is a good thing as one-quarter of his client base is already fully retired and rely on his sage counsel to carry them over the finish line. As a last word he says, “No one retires or abandons their family. We are no different - the team and I are all-in for the long haul.”

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