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LYLE LANGLOIS, Senior Investment Advisor, Langlois Brown Wealth Management, Vancouver


Lyle began his career in finance in 1986 with Great Pacific Management, an independent Wealth Management firm in Vancouver, British Columbia. Having completed the Canadian Securities and Investment Finance Course of studies (with honors) he found he had a natural passion for finance. A year into his professional journey, Lyle attained the prestigious Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FSCI) designation - the pinnacle credential in Canadian financial services.

The same year he started his career, he married his wife, Leslie. “You can say that 1986 was a big year for me, I’ve lived in the Lower Mainland my entire life, but that was the year that my life really started.” Lyle and his wife are proud parents to a daughter and son. Lyle was born in Burnaby and fondly recalls it as a wonderful community that provided a solid foundation for his life. In pursuit of an active lifestyle, the family relocated to the North Shore in 1994, immersing themselves in a West Coast lifestyle with a penchant for leisure activities such as skiing and golf during leisure hours.

Lyle's professional trajectory has been dedicated to crafting thoughtful and personalized financial solutions for his clients within an environment characterized by entrepreneurial spirit, trust, and respect. As an Investment Advisor, his formative years at Great Pacific laid the groundwork for the principles he envisioned for his career.

Rapidly ascending through the ranks, Lyle was appointed as Director of Great Pacific Management in 1989, contributing significantly to the firm's early growth. Its’ rapid expansion created many challenges, leading to service delays due to outsourced trusteeship administration. To solve this problem, Lyle played a key role in establishing Multivest Limited Partnership, a subsidiary of Great Pacific Management, to provide inhouse trusteeship services. As Director, he provided strategic leadership and guidance, contributing to Multivest's swift success, attracting approximately $1 billion in retirement savings Assets Under Management (AUM) within a very short timeframe.

In 1999, the growth of Great Pacific Management caught the attention of the financial services industry, resulting in the company receiving seven unsolicited bids for its acquisition. Recognizing the need for decisive action, Lyle and the Board of Directors proactively assumed control of the situation. They leveraged their extensive contacts and influence within the industry and successfully secured a substantial $200 million financing arrangement from the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. This strategic financial infusion was utilized to consolidate six other investment firms of comparable size across Canada creating the largest non-bank-owned independent Investment Advisory firm in Canada. Undergoing a comprehensive rebranding process, the amalgamated entity emerged as Cartier Partners Financial propelling the firm's (AUM) from an initial $4 billion to an impressive $16 billion.

In 2003, Cartier underwent another transformative change when it was acquired by Dundee Wealth. Lyle's outstanding contributions were also acknowledged at this time when he was selected as a Finalist for the Canadian 'Advisor of the Year' award.

Following his involvement in the strategic growth of the companies he worked with, in 2004 Lyle made a deliberate shift to prioritize client-centric services by forming a partnership with James Brown and establishing Langlois Brown Wealth Management, independently operating under Dundee Wealth. Lyle and James believe that the essence of effective advisory lies in being both independent and objective. These principles, have and still do, influence the framework upon which they have built and shaped Langlois Brown Wealth Management.

From 2004 to 2011, Dundee Wealth saw impressive growth. In 2011 The Bank of Nova Scotia made an unsolicited bid to purchase Dundee Wealth and rebrand it as HollisWealth, a subsidiary of the Bank of Nova Scotia. At that time, Dundee Wealth’s firm’s AUM reached $62.6 billion, marking a significant milestone in its evolution. The most recent transition occurred in 2017 where the Bank of Nova Scotia sold HollisWealth to iA Financial group which later rebranded the firm to iA Private Wealth.

Langlois Brown Wealth Management works with a diverse range of clientele, including individuals, families, foundations, corporations, and trusts, providing each one with the same level of service and care. After nearly 20 years, Lyle and James remain committed to providing comprehensive, bespoke financial and advisory services tailored to the specific needs of their clients. Their unwavering dedication to prioritizing client interests first has been pivotal in achieving the sustained growth of their business, currently overseeing a portfolio exceeding $560 million in Assets Under Management (AUM).

“We’ve kept the focus on maintaining that independent family office feel, the same environment that we came up in. Our clients can immediately feel the difference in our approach. Over the years, we’ve refined it, but I’m delighted that it continues to withstand the test of time."

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what your situation is - everyone should have some financial literacy in their life and a savings nest egg to secure their financial independence. We’ve worked through virtually every financial situation or quandary you can think of, and we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been through upturns, downturns, and we’ve got cautionary tales to burn. It’s a privilege for us to apply those lessons to building a better future for our clients.”

Along with the FCSI, Lyle’s prestigious credentials include the CIWM (Certified International Wealth Manager) issued by the Association of International Wealth Management in 2008. His experience and generosity of spirit have made Lyle a much sought after guest speaker for the financial sector’s industry events. He’s happy to share the hard-won wisdom of over 35 years of experience as a Vancouver-based investment professional.

Lyle places great importance on philanthropy. For the last few years, he’s served on the committee for the Classic and Contemporary Car Invitational, helping to raise over $2.6 million for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice and the David Lede House. This year alone, the event took in $888,589. Lyle has also sponsored amateur cycling and golf events and contributed generously to the Maple Ridge and Lions Gate Hospital Foundations. In addition, he provides sponsorship for the amateur choral group Chor Leoni Men’s Choir performances and programs. Lyle brings experience, insight and dedication to every facet of his career. His journey is a testament to his impact on the Vancouver investment industry and his commitment to serving his clients’ needs.

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This interview has been prepared by Ellen Posner, a writer. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the interviewer and Lyle Langlois who is an investment advisor with iA Private Wealth only and do not necessarily reflect those of iA Private Wealth Inc. iA Private Wealth Inc. is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada.


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