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LAURA PARADISO, CIM ®, Senior Wealth Advisor and Associate Portfolio Manager, Scotia Wealth Management, Toronto, Ontario


“Integrity means prioritizing transparency and client needs”

Laura Paradiso, CIM® , Senior Wealth Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager for Scotia Wealth Management believes that financial success should not be limited to a privileged few. With a strong dedication to democratizing financial prosperity, Laura is committed to helping individuals from all walks of life achieve financial success – whatever that may look like.

Guided by collaboration, integrity, and commitment to impacting people’s lives, Laura began her journey into finance when she attended Schulich School of Business at York University.

“In pursuing my degree in general business, I had the opportunity to specialize in finance – an area that has always interested me,” she says. “After completing two summer internships with Scotia Capital, working on the trading floor and focusing on the institutional side of finance, I knew I was on the right path.”

Having achieved a major in finance with a minor in marketing, Laura went on to work full-time in this trading world, handling GICs and fixed-income products from an institutional perspective. “The trading floor environment was vibrant and exhilarating,” she says. “Although I enjoyed it immensely, I realized that pursuing a long-term career in that setting would compromise my work-life balance, which is of utmost importance to me.”

Laura navigated through the landscape of job interviews, gaining valuable insights during each encounter. During this period, she crossed paths with Laurie Peterkin, a pivotal figure whose influence would profoundly shape her career trajectory.

“Initially, my role was primarily administrative, but I held a strong interest in trading and managing client accounts. To showcase my capabilities, I would print out client accounts, jot down my suggestions, and discreetly leave them on Laurie’s desk. I would then observe which suggestions she acted upon, all from behind the scenes.”

“Building client trust is paramount in this industry, and breaking into it can be challenging, especially having started in my 20s, servicing clients who were older and more experienced in the world of investing.”

As Laura learned from Laurie and other senior Advisors on the team, she gained insight into the nuances of relationship-building and the importance of establishing credibility through consistent performance and knowledgeable advice.

As of November of 2023, Laura’s role evolved, facilitated by her acquisition of licenses and certifications, leading to her achieving her current title as a partner within the firm.

Upholding Integrity and Transparency in Client Relationships

Laura emphasizes the importance of integrity in her business dealings. “In my view, integrity is more than just a buzzword – it is the cornerstone of our profession. It means earning and maintaining the trust of our clients and consistently acting in their best interests. Without integrity, it is impossible to establish or sustain a successful and ethical business.”

Maintaining a high level of transparency is essential in the creation of integrity in her client relationships. “We simplify everything, encourage frequent communication, and prioritize openness to ensure our clients are on board and aware of what is taking place behind the scenes, ensuring they fully understand our approach.”

“This is especially crucial when the markets are as volatile as they currently are; clients have fewer questions as they understand what we are doing from a long-term perspective.”

“When clients express full confidence and trust in our abilities, it validates our approach,” Laura says. “We are grateful, not only during prosperous market conditions but also during challenging times.”

“While we may share similar investment philosophies and achieve comparable returns as our competitors, it is essential to recognize that these returns may have been generated by the market itself. The true value we provide lies in our ability to contextualize market movements, develop personalized financial plans for clients, and ensure long-term financial growth and security.”

Laura highlights that helping clients feel confident that they will not outlive their wealth, assisting them in meeting specific financial goals, and facilitating intergenerational transfer of wealth are among the many services that she is proud to offer. Serving as a bridge to connect clients with other professionals, such as insurance specialists, estate planners, or private bankers, Laura says “Our role is to streamline this process, allowing clients to take a more hands-off approach while we oversee and coordinate the efforts of these various professionals on their behalf.”

Success in Built on Collaboration

With Laurie's mentorship, Laura expresses gratitude, recognizing it as a catalyst for both personal and professional development. “She has given me the freedom and autonomy to manage independently, which has been essential for my development,” she says.

“While it might seem like we share a brain at times, I have naturally gravitated towards Laurie’s philosophy in managing money, running a business, and optimizing time. Our similarities in these aspects are evident, yet having two perspectives allows us to challenge each other's ideas and foster growth through constructive dialogue.”

Alongside the shared philosophies and ongoing growth in the partnership, Laura also expresses that collaboration with Laurie is essential for mutual support and success. “Collaboration is crucial within our team dynamic,” she says. “If Laurie is not handling it, then I am, and vice versa.”

Laura remarks that she is capable of operating at 110%, thanks to the flexibility she is provided in her career.

Outside of work, Laura treasures the time she spends with her daughter. "She is a competitive dancer, which often takes me out of the office, especially during busy seasons like this one. I am grateful to be able to work whenever I go. The flexibility in my career is valuable as it allows me to work earlier in the morning and take an afternoon break to pick up my daughter from school.”

Looking forward, Laura expresses excitement for the succession plan for the business as she continues to develop her skills, capitalize on new learning opportunities, and adapt to the evolving needs of the industry.

Serving next-generation clients, Laura aims to leverage her expertise and innovative approaches to ensure the continued growth and success of the business. “As I continue in my role and we look to expand the team, fostering the development of new members, I am committed to nurturing a collaborative and supportive environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to our collective success.”

Taylor Stranaghan is a skilled business content writer and editor for My Business Magazine, who brings forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With years of experience crafting compelling narratives, she excels at producing high-quality, engaging content that informs, educates, and inspires readers.

Laura Paradiso, CIM®

Senior Wealth Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager

Scotia Wealth Management

200 Apple Mill Road, Suite 800

Vaughan, Ontario L4K 0J8



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