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KIAN ZARKECHVARI, Division Director, IG Wealth Management, Investors Group Financial Services.

Kian Zarkechvari, Division Director, IG Wealth Management, Halifax.

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

"Taking a Big Bite Out of Life"

Walt Disney once said, “All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me...You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” No one can argue that the 2020 COVID pandemic has kicked all of humanity in the teeth.

Some of us received a glancing blow; others a knock-out punch. Kian Zarkechvari, Division Director, IG Wealth Management, Halifax, received “the best thing in the world” – his triplets were born prematurely at 29 weeks during the pandemic.

“There were twenty-three committed health care professionals in the delivery room when our triplets were born. Our son, Alex, went into cardiac arrest and was temporarily pronounced dead. Thank goodness the amazing staff was able to bring him back. Our son is now home,” Kian says.

Kian has been trained to stay focused on the mission, to rise to challenges, and to serve others. In the early part of his career, he was an infantry officer in the Highlander Regiment in Truro, Nova Scotia. When he retired from the military he worked at STI until it was purchased by a U.S. company (STI builds intelligent health care solutions by delivering financial reimbursement, patient engagement and patient management solutions that improve health outcomes).

During his tenure, Kian actively raised funds for patient assistance programs for people who couldn’t afford to pay for life-saving medications. More recently, he was recognized as a “Hero” for the IWK Children’s Hospital and was also featured in one of the hospital’s television ads.

Since he has always had a passion for finance Kian decided a financial services career would allow him to build upon his outstanding people and leadership skills. He first joined Edward Jones. Within one year he was managing the whole branch. He eventually moved to IG Wealth Management where he continues to work with clients as well as to lead, motivate, and inspire five other financial advisors.

“I appreciate all of the opportunities to learn, grow and help that I was given throughout my career. At IG I get to build upon these qualities. More importantly, I get to help people build, manage, protect and tax-efficiently pass on their wealth. That has real value,” he adds with a smile.

Philosophy & Approach

Kian loves educating people about finance. As a husband, business owner and father of four beautiful children, he understands family dynamics and the importance of creating multi-generational wealth. “Being in the trenches, helping clients grow their wealth is easy compared to dealing with triplets. A recent example - two days ago we lost power which meant there was no hot water for the children. Thank goodness my military training taught me to remain calm during a crisis. These skills are in high demand in an emergency situation such as a loss of power or when working with clients and advisors during a pandemic.”

When Kian was in the military he trained in Virginia in a joint US/Canada operation. “This gave me perspective and allowed me to practice the gift of patience, qualities I have used every day since then. I also learned that if I failed to plan, I planned to fail. This approach has helped me to develop both proactive, client-centric financial and savings plans at work and sanity saving parenting plans and routines at home.”

“When working with clients and recruits, I also try to have fun. This makes it more enjoyable for everyone,” he adds. Kian currently spends about seventy percent of his time rallying the advisors and the other thirty percent working directly with clients. “Sometimes I feel like the Tony Robbins of Finance,” he says with a knowing grin.

Clients like Colleen Miller describe Kian as relatable and responsible. “Kian has a very welcoming, friendly, professional and personable nature, who works with integrity to provide clients with sound financial advice and guidance. Kian’s up to date expertise in the financial sector creates a level of confidence that is rare to find. I feel like you know the whole picture and if anything happened to me now, I know my family will be looked after.”

Kian believes it is important to practice what you preach and to be an active listener. He spends at least ninety percent of his time listening. “If you don’t know what people want their money to do, what their pain point is, or how they feel about money, it is easy to get off track. Are you moving away from something or moving towards something greater?”

“I want to work with people who have a vision for what they want to accomplish for themselves and their families. For their part, clients and recruits want to work with someone with the knowledge and experience, as well as the tools and software, and the backing of a great company, that can help them realize their financial and lifestyle goals,” he explains.

"We are lucky enough to have one of the best financial SWAT teams in the business. We want to work with clients and advisors that have a variety of life experiences,” he adds. Shauna Selig, one of Kian’s colleagues adds, “Kian’s leadership approach is based on positivity and support. He instills confidence and ensures we, his team, are able to serve clients at our best while feeling supported in every aspect of what we do. His positive attitude creates a culture of success and has been the key to my own success as an advisor".

Kian is actively recruiting. If you are ready for a change or believe a financial services career would suit you please feel free to contact him directly at

Up Close & Personal

Kian credits his B.B.A. from Memorial University in Newfoundland for kickstarting his interest and eventual career in finance.

“It was our first time buying a stroller for three. We even sold our house because it wasn’t big enough for the six humans and two dogs to party all day and all night.” In between diaper changes, and whenever there is a spare minute, you will probably find Kian on the tennis court or doing something outdoors. I also understand he is seriously considering auditioning for improv at Yuk Yuk’s.

He and his wife, Shannon just celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Mylah (10) loves dancing and gymnastics. Their new triplets Lilliana (Lily), Tahlia (Tally), and Alex are all healthy and thriving. Their eleven-year old Maltese, Daisy, and new Yorkie puppy, Ivy, add fun and balance to this busy family.

As a last word, Kian says, “Instead of fear and panic, COVID has given our family an opportunity to laugh in the face of dread. Because everyone in the Halifax office is working from home during the pandemic I have a front row seat to parenting, family and joy. I probably wouldn’t have any of these things if I wasn’t spending so much time at home. Although I often joke that it feels like I’m the lead actor in a reality show, when it comes right down to it, COVID has given us an incredible gift. Walt Disney was so right!”

This article is a general source of information only. It is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal or investment advice, and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase securities. The information in this article was obtained through an interview of Kian Zarkechvari. For more information on this topic or any other financial matter, please contact an IG Wealth Management Consultant. Trademarks, including IG Wealth Management, are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

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Kian Zarkechvari

Division Director

Investors Group Securities Inc.

7001 Mumford Rd.

Halifax, NS B3L 4RS

(902) 423 - 8294


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