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KEVIN BLACK, Vice President Sales, Purpose Investments, Western Region, Canada


"A Man With Purpose"

Kevin Black believes in continuous improvement, whether he is partnering with Advisors, coaching hockey, or climbing mountains. Kevin has taken to heart the Lou Holtz aphorism, "in this world, you're either growing or dying." The entrepreneurial Vice President of Sales at Purpose Investments has always been drawn to environments where he can make a difference through passion and perseverance. Kevin shares the Purpose corporate values of integrity and transparency, which attracted him to Purpose three years ago. He was also excited by the company's cutting-edge technology and client focus. "We're different because we don't dictate what the Advisors need, instead, we listen and build solutions based on Advisors and investors needs."

Purpose Investment's collaborative and Advisor-centric approach to products resonated with Kevin because he has built a reputation for having supportive and sincere relationships with his clients. A natural mentor, he is happy to provide financial insights wherever needed. "It's one of the reasons I'm enjoying the transition from management back into the field – I thrive on the interaction and helping my clients build on their success."

Paying it forward – a finance education

Kevin has always been drawn to the world of capital. He purchased his first Canada Savings Bond at eleven years old from earnings accumulated while operating tiny enterprises selling marbles, comics and delivering newspapers. Years later, after beginning his education in a combined business/law degree, he realised that his true talents lay in finance and mathematics.

He earned a Bachelor's in finance and a certificate in computer science from the University of Regina, then an MBA from the University of Saskatchewan. The theme of mentorship and teaching began during his early years in the business when he taught finance at the University of Alberta while working as a financial advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy.

Fidelity Investments invited Kevin to join in 2001 as VP of Sales for Northern Alberta, where he began working more closely with Advisors as a wholesaler. One of the toughest things about leaving Wood Gundy was leaving behind his many client relationships. The new role had its benefits. He was working with his former colleagues and having "good in-depth conversations around practice management and the markets. And, because of my teaching background, I was able to distill complex topics into understandable concepts they could use with their clients."

Eventually, Kevin moved to CIBC Asset Management and Renaissance Investments. As Executive Director of Sales for Western & Central Canada, he managed a team of wholesalers from BC to Toronto. In 2018, while seeking new opportunities, he relocated to Purpose Investments and began an exciting new chapter in his career.

A Life with Purpose

In his senior sales role with Purpose, Kevin focuses on being a trusted partner to his Advisors. "I bring business-building ideas, market insights and resources they can use with their clients to help them build and strengthen their relationships. It's important for me to operate transparently; my clients know I am not simply pushing the latest product offering on them. However, we do have some of the most unique and innovative solutions in the industry."

The Tactical Asset Allocation Fund (TAAF) is one such innovative product, as it automatically responds to changing market conditions to generate absolute returns. A computer model monitors indicators to pinpoint changes in the environment, capturing the upside in a rising market and protecting clients when markets turn. As Kevin says, "It's truly tactical, to the point where asset allocation can range from 100% equity to 100% fixed income. During the pandemic correction, it provided significant protection. Then, once the market started moving up, it participated in the upside. This solution demonstrates the benefit of taking humans and our emotions out of the equation and simply following the trend." Kevin says that investor can use TAAF. "It's incredibly versatile for an advisor to use in their models. It can be used for high growth, conservative, young or senior clients."

According to Kevin, the use of technology is just one way that Purpose is innovating. It is one of the first firms in the world to embed ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) as a foundation for all its products. Purpose also offers the first physically settled Bitcoin ETF to its investors. As Kevin notes, "with a bitcoin ETF, people can now put it in their RSP or their TFSA. It's tax-sheltered, and it's a secure way to participate in the directional performance of this asset."

Kevin highlights the latest innovation from Purpose, the Longevity Pension Fund. "It's a great tool for advisors to ensure income security for their retiring clients. Another first in the industry from Purpose."

Founder and CEO Som Seif, who built then sold Claymore Investments to BlackRock Inc., helms Purpose. Kevin appreciates the firm's modern, flat management structure and the fact that employees have an ownership stake, in addition to its larger shareholders (including pension plan OMERS and German insurer Allianz). The firm has a high growth trajectory, which Kevin attributes to "the partnerships we have with our Advisors and the incredible support that we have garnered in such a short time."

Kevin's passions beyond finance include hockey, which he has played since he was a child (in goal). He has been coaching for 21 years (mostly his three children) and enjoys helping teens learn the lessons that sport teaches. "I learned so much about life from sports and my father, who coached me. He said, ‘It's not just about going out and making the big glove save. Go out there, work hard, people will notice, and you'll be rewarded.’ That lesson has stayed with me on and off the ice."

Kevin is also passionate about hiking, climbing and adventure racing. He has climbed numerous peaks, from Nepal to Africa. On each climb, he includes a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As driven as he is, however, Kevin has learned that, in addition to having goals, "it's important to have fun and to enjoy the time in between.

Purpose Investments Inc. is a registered investment fund manager. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investment funds. Please read the prospectus before investing. If the securities are purchased or sold on a stock exchange, you may pay more or receive less than the current net asset value. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

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Kevin Black, MBA Vice President, Sales, AB & SK 780-862-1454


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