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JONATHAN LESYK, CFP®, Financial Advisor, Raymond James Ltd in Edmonton, Alberta


“Offering tailor-made, transparent, and unbiased advice”

Jonathan Lesyk (CFP®), Financial Advisor at Raymond James Ltd is not your typical financial advisor. His financial advisory style is characterized by an unwavering commitment to personalized, client-focused advice that truly shines in challenging times.

Jonathan thrives on fostering productive and empathetic conversations, even when the subject matter gets tough. Jonathan isn't afraid of tackling difficult financial discussions. Instead, he embraces them as opportunities to find tailored solutions that resonate with his clients' unique financial aspirations.

“For me, finance is not just about numbers; it's about the people and their individual financial stories,” he says.

When a split decision turned into a long-term, fulfilling career path

In high school, Jonathan had a strong desire for a career in music education. However, this was set aside all thanks to a school career fair. “During this event, recruiters from various universities and colleges attended to showcase their programs,” Jonathan begins. “In a split decision, I signed up for the business administration program at a local community college.”

Jonathan's decision to explore business administration was, in part, influenced by his mother, who had a background in the banking sector. Having grown up witnessing her success and passion for her work, he was naturally drawn to business-related fields, initially motivated by her example and guidance.

After completing his initial studies, Jonathan pushed himself further into the financial realm, specializing in Financial Services and Financial Planning. “Since 2012, I’ve held various roles in the financial industry,” he mentions. “My career started as a bank teller, and I progressed through different financial advisory roles at the bank. In 2019, I entered wealth management.”

Jonathan decided to step away from his previous role earlier in 2023 to take the time to reflect on his future path. After a month, he marked his LinkedIn profile as ‘open to work’, and in a matter of time, he gained attention from numerous firms all intrigued by the idea of him pursuing a more independent career direction. “After a few coffee meetings, a number of conversations with my family, and some deep soul-searching, I decided to make the leap of faith!”

In the Fall of 2023, Jonathan began his journey with Raymond James Ltd. “While I never expected my career path to take such a sudden turn, I look back on my path with pride,” he recalls.

As his professional trajectory steadily progressed, his skill in client relationships became evident.

“In my approach to working with individuals, I excel in engaging with those who adopt a broad perspective and focus on the bigger picture,” he says. “I work best with tradespeople, including employees and business owners, as well as young professionals navigating the early stages of their careers. I also specialize in assisting individuals within five years of retirement seeking financial advice and those experiencing a sudden wealth, such as an inheritance.”

Recognizing the financial industry's tendency to use complex jargon, Jonathan prioritzes communicating through plain language, ensuring clarity for his clients. “My rule of thumb is simplicity,” he says. “I adhere to established principles without attempting to reinvent the wheel.”

Family Ties

Jonathan’s upbringing contributed greatly to the values and work ethic he brings forward to his clients. “I was raised by my mom and stepdad on our family farm,” he says. “My very first job was at the local Co-op grocery store in my hometown in Manitoba. These experiences instilled in me the importance of community and the value of hard work.”

Carrying these core values into his professional life, Jonathan shares, “The main inspiration behind the name of my business, which I operate as "Allied Asset Management," is rooted in my family's history,” Jonathan says. “This name has its origins in my paternal family business,

"Allied Brake and Clutch," founded by my grandfather in 1958. This business initially operated as an automotive repair shop and parts distributor. My dad continued to run it until he passed away in 2022.”

Even when Jonathan chose a different career path, he decided to retain the family name as a means of paying homage to and preserving this meaningful tradition. This family legacy holds profound significance.

Breaking Down Barriers

Jonathan's role as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) distinguishes him in the industry, as he operates on a fundamental belief that goes beyond conventional portfolio construction and financial advice.

“I firmly believe that when our focus narrows down to only selecting the right funds or investments, we're ‘firing from the hip’, as I often explain to my clients. This highlights the importance of leading with personal discussions.”

This approach aligns with his objective of crafting holistic financial plans to bring his clients' goals to life, steering conversations away from a sole focus on money.

“The mission statement guiding my practice is universal access to tailor-made, transparent, and unbiased advice,” he says. “As a result, I am motivated to maintain a high degree of flexibility when it comes to minimum investment requirements. I think everyone, even those who've saved $100,000 throughout their lives, should have the same dependable access to quality advice as someone with a million dollars. In this regard, I maintain an open-minded approach with every client who walks through my doors.”

“I’m no stranger to challenging times”

Market volatility, among many other factors throughout 2022 and 2023 presented exceptional challenges in Jonathan's career. One of the most valuable strengths he offers his clients is his deep sense of relatability. Drawing from his personal experiences of growing up on a family farm, Jonathan has confronted several challenges, from the devastating impact of droughts or floods on their crops to navigating through the BSE (Mad Cow Disease) crisis in 2003.

“These experiences have granted me a unique ability to connect with clients on a more meaningful level,” Jonathan says. “I understand what it's like to have your livelihood threatened by forces entirely beyond your control. When clients express their fears, I am committed not only to relating but also to finding solutions that will bring them peace of mind and financial security."

Jonathan also distinguishes himself in this business by prioritizing frequent and transparent communication.

When times become turbulent, my approach is far from simply sending out a stock email,” he says. “Instead, I make it a priority to get on the phone with my clients and truly understand their concerns and needs,” he says. “As the pace of the world accelerates, I see it as my responsibility to slow down and speak deliberately, fostering a sense of calm in both my clients and myself.”

Jonathan adapts these conversations to address every client’s financial circumstances, ensuring a fully personalized experience. “I customize these conversations to cater to what each client requires,” Jonathan begins. “It can range from conducting a comprehensive portfolio analysis and discussing market trends to providing reassurance that things will eventually improve.”

Of course, there are always times when challenging conversations arise in Jonathan’s practice. “A good mentor of mine once said, ‘At the root of every argument is a request’. So, in situations where I feel someone’s expectations may appear unrealistic or come across as a bit excessive, I make an effort to listen more and speak less. I aim to understand what the person truly wants, to grasp the unspoken message behind their words.”

Jonathan actively seeks opportunities for education in such situations, addressing any potential misunderstanding with clarity and professional insight. His ultimate goal is to ensure that both he and the client leave the meeting with a sense of contentment and mutual understanding.

“I don’t believe in being the jack of all trades, but rather being a master of one,” Jonathan says. “That’s why having a strong network of people surrounding me is more important than having all the solutions. Even though I have gained great expertise and mentorship throughout my years in this industry, I am able to confidently pass the torch whenever I am unsure about a situation. Every advisor in this office has a unique quality. They each bring something distinct to the table, whether it's their style, approach, or any other factor.”

Making a Lasting Impact Beyond Finances

Jonathan's true motivation in his profession isn't driven by the pursuit of a substantial income, but rather by the aspiration to teach others financial literacy and make a positive impact on someone's life.

Thinking back to an experience in his career thus far that was particularly meaningful, Jonathan reminisces on a client he worked with for over two years now.

“At the early stages of our working relationship, their partner lost their job due to a COVID-related layoff,” he explained. “Their partner remained out of work for the better part of a year and a half. During this period, I didn't rush them into reviewing their portfolio or immediate planning. Instead, most of our interactions revolved around checking in on how things were going and asking if there was anything they needed from me. This approach led to the development of a more meaningful, trusting relationship. This particular client has become one of my most valued relationships and has often mentioned that they appreciated the fact that I wasn't pushy. They felt genuinely cared for.”

Jonathan takes his patience and motivation to teach others the value of financial literacy beyond his work. “When I graduated from high school, I felt unprepared to make real-world financial decisions,” he explains. “Concepts like RSPs and mutual funds were foreign to me. I realized that there was a significant gap in the education system in terms of financial literacy. This realization drives my passion to contribute to this area. It's essential because when young adults transition into adulthood, they often feel hesitant to ask basic financial questions due to perceived stigma.”

This awareness has fueled his desire to make a meaningful contribution to bridging this educational gap and ensuring that young adults are better equipped to make informed financial choices as they transition into adulthood. “I’ve volunteered with the Canadian Bankers Association, where I delivered financial literacy presentations to high school classes and early university years,” he says.

Jonathan's Recipe for a Fulfilling Work-Life Balance

Jonathan emphasizes the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, even though his role as an advisor doesn't always conform to regular work hours. “ If I end up working on a Saturday, I might take Monday off instead,” he says. “I’m fortunate to have a partner who withholds a similar work ethic. Having varying schedules, we both make an effort to make the most of the time we do have together.”

Jonathan's enthusiasm for the future extends to his personal life as well. He emphasizes the importance of achieving a balance between his professional and personal pursuits, aiming to maintain regular work hours while adapting to the dynamic demands of his career.

“I'm also fortunate to have a great group of friends here in Edmonton. During the summer, we enjoy activities like golfing and hiking in the mountains. In the winter, we have fun curling together,” he says.

His holistic approach to life suggests a promising future full of personal and professional growth, as he continues to navigate his path as an independent financial advisor.

Taylor Stranaghan is a skilled business content writer and editor who brings forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With years of experience crafting compelling narratives, she excels at producing high-quality, engaging content that informs, educates, and inspires readers.

Jonathan Lesyk, CFP®, B. Com.

Financial Advisor

Allied Asset Management Raymond James Ltd.

Edmonton Corporate Branch

Suite 2300, Rice Howard Place Tower 1

10060 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8



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