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JOLENE HUNG, Senior Consultant, IG Wealth Management, Ottawa, Ontario


“I don’t teach people how to save money; I show them how to spend it wisely"

Jolene Hung is a respected financial advisor and self-styled “money coach” whose unique approach to financial advice helps empower clients to develop the abundance mindset necessary to achieve true financial freedom.

Jolene graduated with a science degree as a marine biologist in Taiwan. However, she dreamed of being in the finance industry, which she chose to pursue in Canada. Jolene completed her Masters in Business Administration in international finance at the University of British Columbia. She began her finance career with CIBC as a teller before becoming an account manager, advancing steadily in her career to branch manager at HSBC. For a greater understanding of the capital market, Jolene joined CIBC Wood Gundy in the Investment Advisor Development Program and became an investment advisor. She earned numerous advanced investment certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute.

As a stockbroker and investment advisor, Jolene recognized that serving client’s needs and goals was by far the most rewarding part of the job. As she says, “My biggest interest was to find out how I can serve them. How can my financial knowledge help them to stretch their dollar today to make a better return tomorrow?” She prioritized working with female entrepreneurs, professionals, and families new to Canada and those with special needs.

In 2017, Jolene chose IG Wealth Management as her new home, inspired by the IG team values and client focus. With IG Wealth Management, Jolene enjoys the freedom and flexibility to build her diverse client base that includes entrepreneurs. She is unusual in the industry in not requiring a specific wealth threshold to work with a client. With her distinctive approach to advising, Jolene blends sound investment strategies with psychology and spirituality. “All investment advisors have financial tools in their toolbox to meet their client’s needs. At IG, we base our decisions on asset allocation insights. Our proprietary portfolio risk management platform uses cutting-edge technology with billions under investment. I am an IIROC (Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada) licensed advisor, and I differ from other wealth managers. My job is not selling products; it’s being an effective listener and identifying what’s happening with client’s money mindset. The behaviours produced by their money mindset might be holding them back. I help them shed those blocks around money and them to think about money more constructively. Then I apply the right tool for what they need to achieve financial freedom.”

Jolene facilitates a process of self-discovery with the families that she advises. Together, they review life circumstances, values and goals, budgets, cash flow, and spending. “Unless you identify on what is most important for your life, what is at the centre of your life, there may be a mismatch with your financial plan and your true priorities, which can result in a mindset of scarcity. For example, many people blindly follow the idea that paying off the mortgage is the most important thing. However, if you have health issues or other financial concerns, it may not be the best way for you to use your money at that time.” By moving the focus away from debt management to wise spending and investing, Jolene shows how an abundance focus creates options and improves their wealth experience. Jolene assists with identifying and managing priorities and finds solutions that match client’s overall circumstances and risk tolerances.

As a senior consultant of the IG Wealth Management team, Jolene serves Canadian clients in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia. She often works with several generations in one family, from parents to teenage children. “I have a great family program that allows each member of the family to have personalized advice and service at the same rate. It’s possible to get a sense of the family’s entire wealth in one picture, thanks to the sophisticated software we have available to us now. I help them to convey wealth from one generation to the next along with the mindset of abundance.”

More than a wealth advisor, Jolene takes clients on a transformative journey to prosperity and the freedom of an abundance mindset. As a money mentor, Jolene invests deeply in the lives of clients. She provides value through informative newsletters, podcasts, and webinars; she checks in with clients every couple of months. “Money by itself is not real freedom. It’s not about how many zeros are in your bank account. It’s not about percentage returns on your investments and capital, although that is important. It goes deeper than that. It’s about personal empowerment, creating happiness, and giving alternatives.”

Jolene encourages clients to think of spending as an investment in the future, from computers for children to setting money aside for retirement plans. “Many advisers focus on the notion of saving time, saving money. We can’t save time because no matter what, it passes. Saving money can be a mistake because money isn’t safe due to inflation. The value of money is related to what it can buy. Time is money. If you know how to spend your time and your money wisely, you will create miracles. It is amazing what happens when you change your money mindset. I focus on what clients need to spend their money on—it’s a refreshing focus they quickly appreciate.”

Jolene is writing a book on money mindset coaching to help others understand how money works. She says the book is “a call to action. People are waking up spiritually, and they are ready to help themselves. When they understand the significance of changing their ways of thinking about money, they realize that a whole new world of abundance is available. It’s my way of serving even more people beyond my role as a financial advisor.”

In addition to her fulfilling career, Jolene enjoys spending time with her family and the church community.

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This is a general source of information only. It is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal or investment advice, and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase securities. Jolene Hung is solely responsible for its content. For more information on this topic or any other financial matter, please contact an IG Wealth Management Consultant.

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Jolene Hung

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