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JOHN MAZZIOTTI, CFP, Division Director, IG Private Wealth, in Peterborough, ON. Offering a Full Range of Financial Services including Complete Estate Planning.


“Bring us your dreams, and we will do the rest”

John Mazziotti, Division Director at IG Private Wealth Management, is recognized for his forward-thinking approach in cultivating a team renowned for its experience, expertise, and steadfast planning to address the complex and evolving financial needs of clients.

John and his team have an unwavering commitment to personalized service. They take pride in cultivating a deep sense of community among clients while fostering meaningful connections and shared experiences that go beyond the conventional client-advisor relationship.

“We strive to turn our clients’ dreams into reality, offering them hope and a path they might not have realized was achievable.”

Building Success Amidst Change

When asked about the story of his career, John painted a vivid picture of a time, forty years ago, when computers were absent and he relied on binders, presentation materials, and calculators. “Back then, our primary focus was prospecting by picking up the phone and calling our clients directly,” he began. “Over time, we’ve witnessed significant changes. As a group, we’ve consistently adapted and thrived, continuously improving our business to achieve better results for our clients, year after year.”

John began his career by working independently for several years before moving into various managerial roles. “While I initially worked solo for five years, I transitioned into management, becoming a Manager, Division Director, and Region Director for about a decade before returning to an advisory role.”

Following this transition, John initiated a new phase by building his portfolio from the ground up, witnessing significant growth in both his team and his business. “Along the way, I acquired assistants and associates, each with impressive longevity,” John mentions. “Tammy, my associate, has been with me for 16 years.”

“Now, with a team of five, our business has grown progressively, consistently ranking among the top 100 in the company based on new business. The journey has been enjoyable, spanning 40 years of friendships, caring for families, and watching over generations.”

Providing Clients with a Comprehensive Solution to Financial Planning

John highlights a distinctive feature of their team, which involves the inclusion of a tax professional who is responsible for handling 700 tax returns every year. This approach allows for a holistic view, integrating tax planning directly into the financial trajectory presented to clients. “Brad, our tax planning specialist ensures accuracy and effective planning.” This knowledge is particularly crucial as they prioritize optimizing returns on the tax side for clients. “Most people may not realize, but even an additional $1,000 or $2,000 on a refund can have a substantial impact on a client’s overall financial picture,” he says.

“Beyond taxes, we also offer a full range of financial services, including mortgage planning, life insurance, disability, critical illness, and complete estate planning. Collaborating with clients' lawyers, we ensure wills and beneficiaries stay current, recognizing the evolving nature of people's lives.”

John highlighted two key strengths: extensive knowledge and expertise combined with consistency in their planning process.

He emphasized the strength of their approach, which is built on a well-established system implemented roughly 25 years ago. “This system determines the frequency of meetings and services our clients receive,” he says. “Our approach is thorough, and we guide clients through every stage, conducting regular reviews to ensure alignment with their financial goals. This guarantees that clients are consistently served, and my team is aware of all scheduled interactions. We adhere to this comprehensive plan to provide the best service possible for clients.”

Managing mismatched expectations among clients is a key challenge encountered by John and his team. One common scenario John highlighted is a desire for consistent high returns every year.

“We work closely with clients to align with their risk tolerance and help them understand realistic expectations,” he says. “We emphasize the importance of comprehending market trends over time, providing clear explanations. We maintain firm standards and conduct thorough due diligence at the outset, clarifying mutual expectations for the coming year. It's a two-way street and understanding our clients’ expectations is equally important to us.”

John's unwavering dedication to assisting clients in achieving financial well-being extends far beyond the confines of the workday. “We organize various client events, including Christmas dinners, golf outings, and bowling parties,” he says. “These gatherings provide an opportunity for leisure and serve as invaluable moments to deepen our connections and build a strong community bond among our clients.”

Nurturing Financial Preparedness and Family Legacy with Estate and Succession Planning

Catering to a diverse clientele, John and his team specialize in estate planning, with a particular focus on seniors. “While we've expanded into diverse areas, our focus has remained on seniors, estate planning, and succession planning to assist the next generation,” John says. “We aim to prepare the succeeding generation to handle their family's finances, guiding them on the right educational path and ensuring their success.”

A common client exchange that John and his team often run into is when a family is getting closer to undergoing a generational transition. “We begin by making sure to get to know the families first,” he says. “We build relationships by asking questions about their concerns for family members, their relationships with their spouses, and their preparedness to handle significant inheritances.”

John emphasizes the need for readiness in succession planning, to ensure families are well prepared for generational transitions. He highlights the significance of planning well to guarantee that families are equipped to handle these major changes, ensuring their welfare and a smooth transition across generations.

Navigating Success, Embracing Change, and Committing to Continuous Growth in Financial Leadership

John takes pride in a standout career moment, consistently ranking among the top 100 companies and occasionally breaking into the top 50, marking a notable and significant achievement for him.

“I’m not one to merely float along without a purpose,” John says. “Playing at the top of my game is something I enjoy. My expectations are high, and I like being in a position where I can keep my skill set sharp, generate wealth for clients, and ensure continuous progress and growth in my business.”

“It's a mindset of always moving forward or backward; there's no standing still in this dynamic environment. Maintaining momentum is key, and I instill this forward-thinking mentality in my team. Being ready for the next change and viewing it as an opportunity rather than a threat is essential. In many of my exchanges in this business, I constantly ask myself how I can do better for clients and improve their lives. I encourage everyone to embrace change as an opportunity rather than resisting it, as accepting it leads to positive outcomes.”

Accumulating this level of success demands hard work and excellent team support, as well as a commitment to continuous education.

“We’re dedicated to accumulating a significant number of educational hours each year,” he says. “We go above and beyond by attending conferences like the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS professional conference and organizing our own conferences. Continuous learning is crucial, and we often participate in weekend courses, expanding our knowledge beyond what's offered in-house.”

“Our expert team, with diverse specialties, invests time and resources in education, ensuring we're always well-prepared for what lies ahead.”

John highlights mentorship as being another crucial aspect of his approach. Despite a demanding schedule, which typically includes around 20 appointments per week, maintaining a high level of service remains a top priority for John and his team.

“We believe in being proactive and ensuring our clients receive the attention and support they deserve. It's a demanding pace, but it's the only way we know how to provide the service our clients expect and deserve. My doors are always open for anyone in the office seeking guidance or a conversation.”

Making a Positive Impact: Professionally and Philanthropically

Alongside his busy career, John makes time to prioritize philanthropy. “We actively participate in numerous charity golf tournaments annually, consistently raising $12,000 on average,” he says. “These funds are directed toward supporting important causes such as the St. Vincent De Paul Food Bank and the Alzheimer's Society. Our commitment extends to the United Way, and we engage in various initiatives associated with this organization.”

“Our multifaceted involvement allows us to make a positive impact in various directions, reinforcing our belief in the importance of giving back.”

This altruistic involvement mirrors John's holistic approach to life, intertwining his commitment to community welfare with his strategic business goals. "As we gear up for future business expansion, I am prepared to transition some of my duties, offer support in managing our expanding client base, and recruit new personnel to meet the heightened demands.”

This shift, as John explains, is part of a larger plan to empower his team and delegate tasks effectively. “My goal is to concentrate on crucial aspects and appointments while my team takes charge of specific roles,” he says. “I also have a Client Board of Advisory, a group formed over 20 years ago, where we engage with influential clients. This forum provides valuable feedback, innovative marketing ideas, and a sense of belonging for clients who are part of our extended team.”

John emphasized that these initiatives might appear subtle but play an essential role in making clients feel appreciated, valued, and integrated into our larger community. “Our clients often express gratitude, acknowledging that our support has been instrumental in their journey. At the end of the day, we aim to be more than financial advisors – our goal is to become trusted partners in our clients' lives.”

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John Mazziotti, CFP Division Director

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