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JENNIFER HOCHSTEIN, MA, Associate Vice-President, Western Region, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth


“Leadership with heart”

As Associate Vice-President, Western Region at Wellington-Altus Private Wealth in Vancouver, Jennifer Hochstein, makes things happen – no matter what that may be – to support their region’s Investment Advisors in achieving their goals and, ultimately, the goals of their clients. She describes herself as an extension of advisory teams, offering peace of mind in their business practise and in their clients’ lives.

“I recognize that I am a younger leader and I’m a woman leader in wealth,” she says. “I was hired and mentored by a Chairman’s advisor at CIBC Wood Gundy (her previous firm) who took a chance on me, and really opened my eyes to look through the lens of an advisor and lead in wealth management with a balance of head and heart leadership approach. So I never take lightly that I’m in a position to lead advisors, partners and their teams.”

Focused on results through the growth mindset vs. scarcity mindset, Jennifer is driven to lead with purpose and uncover real needs to obtain real results. “At Wellington-Altus, I feel supported and empowered to confidently create and present ideas and action them.” “It’s refreshing to be at a firm that aligns with my passion, drive, and love for this industry. I work with partners who share a high care factor, prioritizes delivering exceptional service, and have fun in the process.”

“It’s easy to generalize and say we have goals and share a vision, but the differentiator is actioning,” she says. Jennifer’s commitment to truly walking the talk drives her to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to – both professionally, for her team of Advisors, and personally, for herself. Ambitious in her pursuit of personal mastery, Jennifer completed her Master of Arts degree in Leadership at the Royal Roads University, meanwhile completing her family of four children, and getting promoted at work.

One step at a time

“You’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do,” says Jennifer. “It’s the most cliché thing to say but it’s literally one step at a time. It’s easy to get overwhelmed if you overthink it, but to actually do it, actually plan it and action it…you get to look back and say, wow, I planted that seed and watched it grow and now I get to celebrate it.” Reflecting on past experiences she adds, “As challenging as it may be at times, with the right attitude, community, team, and action plan you can turn it into the most rewarding experience.”

Of course, that’s not to say Jennifer waits for opportunity to come to her. Far from it. In fact, she says, she’s been told that at times she seems to seek out adversity. “I think there’s a bit of truth to that,” says Jennifer. “I never really want to take the easy way. I need to go through tough times to understand. I choose the way that will challenge me so I can grow – I view leadership as a reflection of who I am.”

Heart leadership

Jennifer leads with both her head and her heart. Leading with her head means drawing on her experience and applying strong critical thinking skills paired with core competencies, a surefire way to solve even the most complex problems. But it’s heart leadership that truly compels her, and it was the focus of her Master’s degree.

“The bottom line is important, but people drive it. People aren’t walking across the street because of great products. You stay or leave and apply yourself because of people and leadership.” For Jennifer, heart leadership is the ability to influence positive behaviour and inspire change by focusing on real connection, applying contextual leadership, and creating a culture that matters.

Women of Wellington

Jennifer is sharing her passion for people and leadership through an initiative she principally created and executed called Women of Wellington. The initiative focuses on empowering, encouraging, and elevating women in wealth, and specifically women at Wellington-Altus. Programs run throughout the year, and the impetus for the initiative came out of the data she collected for her final paper in the Master’s program. Through her research, she heard overwhelmingly – from both men and women – that there was a need for more women in the finance industry.

“There is a place for you. Show up,” she says. “This industry needs women – their creative process, lived experiences, and diversity of thought. We know it and we need to action it. I want to be the change I want to see in wealth.”

Jennifer’s efforts are recognized. In 2022, she received Wealth Professional's prestigious 5 Star Leading Women in Wealth award. Notably, among the 50 winners she was one of six women who were showcased as distinguished women making a difference in wealth industry. (Jennifer was also recognized in 2018-2020 as one of CIBC’s quarterly achievers, annual achiever and ultimately received CIBC’s highest award – Award of Distinction representing CIBC Private Wealth division.)

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Jennifer Hochstein, MA

Associate Vice-President, Western Region

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.

Office: 778.907.2018


1055 Dunsmuir Street, Suite 3224

Vancouver, BC, V7X 1L2


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