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DOROTHY-ANNA ORSER, VP and Senior Portfolio Manager, Echelon Wealth Partners


"Informed. Relatable. Guidance.”

Dorothy-Anna (D-A) Orser has worked in the financial services industry for over thirty years. She formed Orser Neuhaus & Associates with Dietmar Neuhaus in May 2012 after a mutual client recognized they had a lot in common and introduced them.

Operating within Echelon Wealth Partners, Orser Neuhaus & Associates concentrates on:

1. Managing investments, through discretionary managed portfolios and transactional portfolios.

2. Assisting owners of companies, both public and those interested in becoming public, to raise funds. This may include introducing them to Echelon Wealth Partners (EWP) Corporate Finance or other suitable resources.

D-A has earned a reputation for delivering excellence at every step of the client journey, especially when it comes to protecting multi-generational wealth. She provides informed, relatable guidance that supports ALL major financial decisions, including retirement and succession planning. She also offers life insurance solutions and advises on financial strategies to deal with a variety of circumstances.

Philosophy & Approach

Believing it to be in the best interests of her clients, D-A switched to a fee based compensation model more than two decades ago - well ahead of the industry. In helping clients maximize their resources, the integrity of her philosophy and the veracity of her approach were confirmed when Orser Neuhaus & Associates was nominated as a national finalist for the wealth professional advisory team of the year in 2020.

Clients’ values, their financial goals, and the way they choose to save are at the heart of all of D-A’s recommendations. With teaching experience in continuing education, she is also committed to the financial literacy of clients and to helping them understand their baseline financial statements and account performance. Robust, two-way communication is both vitally important and consistently practised.

In addition to clear communication, D-A also aims to decrease clients’ anxiety concerning their finances. Once clients know where they stand and what assets they actually have, D-A finds they become more confident that their money is being managed transparently, effectively, and well.

If an adjustment in asset mix is required, clients can be assured D-A is on top of it. “For example, in late 2019 we recommended clients start holding rather more cash. This provided maneuverability to make portfolio adjustments and eased feelings of anxiety and helplessness about the financial impact created by the pandemic,” the portfolio manager states. D-A Orser and Dietmar Neuhaus are also available to make corporate presentations on employees’ retirement planning. If this is of interest to your organization, please contact them directly at


Originally a science student, D-A’s career path journeyed away from sciences towards the business and the financial services worlds. A small business owner herself, she completed her insurance and securities courses to become an investment advisor, then known as a “stockbroker.” She has dedicated the totality of her professional life to helping smart people make smart financial decisions. Her career choice has allowed her to merge her passion and problem-solving abilities with her curiosity and commitment to helping people succeed.

Today, D-A is an accredited investment fiduciary and portfolio manager. She is also the Chief Relationship Officer and the entrepreneurial driver behind Orser Neuhaus & Associates, which includes her partner, Dietmar, as well as associate advisor, Palmer Heighington, life insurance specialist Filomena Viele, and full-time Administrator, Stacey Seliotis.

Clients cite the team’s efficiency, productivity, accountability, vision and group synergies. “Building caring relationships is and always has been the key to our success. Clients appreciate that we focus on them as people. It is not only about making money, it is also about building something that will stand the test of time,” D-A explains.

Since all team members are committed to making the world a better place, Orser Neuhaus & Associates has moved away from sending holiday cards to clients and chooses instead to make seasonal donations to charities and supporting various causes by donating marketing materials and/or sponsoring their events.

Up Close & Personal

D-A is a regular content contributor to The Globe and Mail and often joins the newspaper as a panel expert. Recent media activities include:

• Panel member for Globe and Mail Investor Intelligence “Position Your Portfolio for 2019” conference ( speakers/)

• BNN live to air interview on investments and income tax returns

• Global News Radio (Calgary) live to air interview on investing and filing tax returns ( things-you-need-to-know-before-you-do-your-taxes)

She has been married to Stuart for over twenty-five years. A former communications consultant and marketing company president, Stuart handles the marketing communications for the team and manages the website. The couple has one daughter, Emma, who has a Masters degree in Event Management and is an equestrian. They have properties in France and Florida and are looking forward to travelling again when COVID - induced restrictions are lifted.

D-A also believes in never-ending improvement. She is a tea sommelier, practices yoga and has a passion for music. The COVID lockdown has also inspired her inner foodie and, when in France, she can usually be found at the local farmer’s market, which is open three days a week. As well, D-A enjoys most outdoor activities, especially those that involve water.

In midst of chaos there is also opportunity (Sun Tzu).

As a last word, D-A says, “The current social turmoil and its effect on markets has given us an incredible opportunity not only to provide clients with informed, relatable guidance but also to re-tune and fine-tune our investment strategies to take advantage of the impending changes in our working and social lives.”

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Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager

and Senior Investment Advisor

Orser Neuhaus & Associates

Echelon Wealth Partners

1 Adelaide Street East, Suite 2100

Toronto, ON M5C 2V9



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