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DENEAN ARNTSON, CFP, RRC, EPC, Senior Financial Consultant, IG Wealth Management, Fort St. John, BC


"A holistic approach to financial planning"

Denean Arntson, Senior Financial Consultant at IG Wealth Management exemplifies the undeniable value that an experienced professional brings to the realm of financial guidance. Throughout her career, Denean’s unwavering commitment to helping others has been the driving force behind her success. With a passion for assisting individuals in achieving their personalized financial goals, she has become a reliable partner for countless clients seeking comprehensive financial advice.

As a Senior Financial Consultant, “my practice revolves around holistic financial planning, using the 6 disciplines of finance: investment & retirement planning, tax & estate planning, cash flow planning and risk management. Helping clients fulfill their lifestyle goals and dreams and get more out of their hard-earned money.” she states proudly. With over 30 years of financial experience, Denean helps clients stay up to date on market trends, offers tailored advice, and addresses specific financial challenges. This intertwining of experience and personalized guidance provides unparalleled peace of mind throughout clients’ unique financial journeys.

Denean’s career began at RBC, where she spent 17 years working her way up in the banking system, starting as CSR, Loans Officer, Business banking and then on to Financial Planner, serving in many roles. Shortly after graduating high school, Denean decided to become a Financial Planner and established her long-term career in finance. "I found great joy in assisting others, and the mathematical aspects of finance always intrigued me. It felt like a natural calling that aligned with my interests and skills,” Denean shares.

“After the birth of my second child, I chose to stay home for a few years to take care of my two daughters,” she says. During this time, Denean managed bookkeeping tasks for her husband’s business and continued seeking opportunities to remain professionally engaged. “That’s when an opportunity arose for me to transition to IG Wealth Management, where I worked as a self-employed entrepreneur. This shift allowed me to expand my role into full financial planning and insurance services, opening new doors for professional growth and development,” she explains.

Having now spent an astounding 16 years at IG Wealth Management and earning several certificates, such as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP), Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC), and Elder Planner Counselor (EPC), Denean has demonstrated commitment and dedication to providing clients with comprehensive financial planning and insurance solutions. For our high-net-worth individuals and business owners requiring more complex financial planning, Denean and her team also offer Private Wealth Planning Experience. Their Advanced Financial planning team consists of internal specialists, including accountants, lawyers, investment, and insurance specialists. Denean and her team work collaboratively with the client’s own accountants and lawyers to give our clients the best possible financial advice and planning suited to their situation.

Personalized touch

Denean possesses the technical experience, education, and access to specialists necessary to assist clients with their complex financial requirements. Above all else, her Advisor style emphasizes building relationships and delivering personalized attention. Together with her team, Denean crafts customized solutions to align with client’s needs and personal wealth planning goals. “We strive to inspire financial confidence and financial independence for our clients by fostering a collaborative partnership between myself and the client,” she says.

“As a relationship Advisor, I develop a deep understanding of clients’ goals, dreams, family dynamics, and unique situations. I take the time to ask the right questions and discover what’s important about money to clients and what they want it to achieve for them. I work closely with clients to provide personalized advice and guidance. Whether it's helping someone retire early, deciding which assets to withdraw first in retirement, or when to take their CFP benefits, we look after all financial aspects of client's lives and plan for all possibilities, planned and unexpected. We help them understand their work pension programs and group benefits plan, and make sure they are adequately insured. We also implement tax-efficient wealth transfer strategies and look at effective ways to withdraw corporate funds.

By taking the time to understand clients’ distinct circumstances, Denean develops personalized strategies and recommendations that are both relevant and effective in their IG Living Plan (Retirement Plan). The backbone behind Denean’s approach is integrity. “Both integrity and confidence are fundamental values that I uphold in every interaction I have with clients,” Her philosophy and approach are about balance. “I strive to provide honest and reliable advice, ensuring that clients receive sound and high-quality guidance they can rely on,” she says. Being both dependable and readily available when clients need assistance is of the utmost importance to her. By holding these values, Denean can improve clients’ financial situations and guide them toward optimal outcomes.

Sustainable financial well-being from one generation to the next

Indeed, everyone can benefit from financial advice at varying stages of life. “While we offer guidance and support across the spectrum, our specialization lies in working with high-net-worth individuals, self-employed business owners, and serve the pre-retiree and retiree market; those who have complex financial planning needs,” she says. Denean expresses fulfillment in her role by providing guidance and support throughout the process. She provides clarity & peace of mind by removing worry surrounding their financial matters and addressing what issues keep them up at night.

“As the relationship evolves, we continue to educate clients along the way, helping them grow with us,” she says. “It is incredibly rewarding to witness the successful implementation of these financial strategies that position them in a favourable position for retirement. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that clients can retire on schedule, with the desired financial stability and freedom to pursue activities they enjoy and spend quality time with loved ones.”

Denean also extends her expertise to pre-retiree individuals looking to optimize their personal wealth management. She helps clients in areas such as insurance, homeownership, mortgage planning, and setting up education funds for their children. Notably, Denean's practice stands out for its ability to serve multiple generations within the same family. “We often work with families that span across three or even four generations,” she says. “It’s a tremendous privilege to assist everyone from grandparents to parents, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.” This comprehensive approach allows Denean and her team to address the unique needs and financial goals of each family member, fostering a long-lasting relationship built on confidence and understanding. Clients appreciate dealing with someone local and in person and they reward us with client referrals.

When it comes to investments, planning is Key

Determining the suitability of investments is one aspect of the planning process. Denean helps clients conduct a thorough risk assessment. “We review and evaluate clients’ IG Living plans at least annually or when their circumstances change. Our goal is to develop a solid financial plan, including all areas (retirement, insurance, estate, taxes), rather than focusing on investments alone. We plan for the best future possible and then we stress test your plan, preparing for the unexpected as well, such as an injury or illness, she explains.

By remaining attentive to changes and development in their clients’ lives, Denean and her team make necessary adjustments to maintain a strategy that aligns with the client’s evolving financial goals and circumstances. “By staying vigilant and responsive, we help our clients navigate the dynamic nature of their investments, mitigate potential risk, and maximize opportunities for growth and long-term success by watching for and implementing tax planning and savings strategies.”

Why work with a Financial Advisor

Although some individuals prefer to handle their financial matters independently, Denean shares the importance of working with a Financial Advisor. “While advancements in artificial intelligence have made certain aspects of financial management accessible online, it remains essential to have someone consider the overall picture,” she explains. Although the internet provides a wealth of information, its applicability to an individual's specific situation can be uncertain. That's where tailored advice becomes crucial.

Denean and her team consistently bring pertinent matters to our client’s attention, such as opportunities for tax minimization, portfolio rebalancing, and updates on new strategies for investments. Of course, there are times when handling your own financial planning matters makes sense, certain situations can be complex and require assistance. Some examples may be when clients are selling a business, want to roll the farm over to the next generation tax efficiently or face intricate and complex financial circumstances such as having a blended family. “In such instances, seeking additional advice becomes invaluable in bringing all the pieces together and finding answers to these questions,” Denean says.

Professional development and mentorship

In the ever-evolving world of finance, Denean emphasizes the significance of continued learning and professional development. “Remaining current and well-informed is an essential practice we uphold to serve clients effectively,” she explains. Denean also works closely with her team, offering support and mentorship to those around her. “Our team follows a collaborative approach to addressing the complexities of the financial industry.”

Denean has had the privilege of working with numerous mentors and specialists throughout her career. IG Wealth Management has been around for 90 years, a company driven by a mission to help Canadians achieve their financial goals. “I love our open and sharing culture at IG. It’s a wonderful place to work. Their experience and willingness to share their knowledge have been instrumental in my ability to address clients’ intricate requirements and foster a team approach to finding effective solutions,” says Denean.

Community Ties

Being deeply rooted in the community of Fort St. John, Denean values the personal connections she shares with clients, fostering a sense of friendship alongside professional interactions as they often see her around town. Life can get in the way of seeking financial advice. That’s why Denean and her team at IG Wealth Management prioritize accessibility and flexibility by offering remote and digital options to cater to clients' needs, regardless of location or time constraints. Leveraging technology allows for comprehensive support while accommodating busy lifestyles.

Outside of work, Denean enjoys spending her time off travelling down south to the Shuswap region with her family where they enjoy wake surfing. She also actively contributes to her community through various volunteer and philanthropic endeavours. “I served on the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation Board for six years. This charitable organization aims to raise funds to acquire medical equipment for northern hospitals to improve access to better healthcare for local residents,” she explains. “I also recently volunteered for the Ride for the Disabled, an experience that was personally fulfilling and provided me with valuable insights into horsemanship”. Denean is also a proud supporter of the” IG Walk for Memories”- Alzheimer Society, supporting individuals and families who are affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Denean's unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and families on their financial journeys is a testament to her enduring legacy as an experienced Advisor and compassionate advocate for sustainable financial well-being across generations. Furthermore, her commitment extends to giving back to her community, further solidifying her role as a beacon of support and service.

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Denean Arntson, CFP, RRC, EPC

Senior Financial Consultant

IG Wealth Management

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

9607-99 Avenue

Fort St. John, BC V1J 1T7

250 - 785 - 4312


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