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DAVE COOPER, B.A., CFP®, CIM® & TYLER COCKBAIN, B.A., CFP®, CIM® VP's, Senior Investment Advisors

Dave Cooper, B.A., CFP®, CIM® & Tyler Cockbain, B.A., CFP®, CIM® Vice‐Presidents, Senior Investment Advisors & Portfolio Managers Wellington‐Altus Private Wealth & Tower Wealth Advisory, Edmonton, Alberta

"Holistic Wealth Planning, Investment & Protection for Entrepreneurs"

We have all heard the expression, “Mother knows best.” Sometimes we even listen. Luckily, Portfolio Manager, Dave Cooper took his mother’s advice. When she worked for the federal government she participated in a number of retirement seminars for government employees delivered by external financial advisors. As a result of what she heard, she believed her son was well suited to having a financial services career.

His mother was right! Since graduating from the University of Alberta with a B.A. in Economics, Dave has dedicated the entirety of his professional career, almost three decades now, to helping entrepreneurs, business owners and high net worth (HNW) families build, manage, protect and pass on their wealth.

Parents also inspired the career choice of Dave’s partner, Portfolio Manager, Tyler Cockbain. Tyler graduated with a B.A. during the internet stock bubble correction when jobs for new graduates were in short supply. “At that time, I had no idea what a market correction was nor did I understand why my dad seemed to be screaming at the television screen all the time,” Tyler says.

His dad suggested Tyler reach out to his financial planner for some career advice and guidance. “I’m happy I listened. My dad’s financial planner described the many benefits of having a financial services career including the ability to run my own business. He also pointed me in the right direction in terms of educational credentials,” Tyler explains.

The Tower Wealth Advisory partners met at a conference in 2007. Over the next few years Dave and Tyler worked on many joint projects together and even shared office space. In fact, they teamed up so often that they decided to formalize their collaboration. They established their investment and insurance advisory practice in 2010.

“This was a natural step. From day one we worked on client files together. Today, we service every client together, hold joint meetings, and back each other up. This works extremely well especially because Tyler is an early bird and I’m not,” Dave adds with a smile.

Today, the partners offer financial advice and asset management to 125 HNW individuals, families, business owners and organizations. Dave and Tyler have built their business organically, on referrals. “We want clients to be successful and have educated ourselves to do everything in our power to help them do so,” says Tyler.

The partners’ years of experience, education, and insight help business owners navigate the entrepreneurial journey. Customized solutions that respond to the client’s vision for their business are developed. The partners identify and explain the various financial options. They also make it a point to communicate how clients’ wealth is growing and secure.

Dave explains, “We are wealth advisors to entrepreneurs. We help guide your business so that you not only achieve your goals, but often, exceed them.” Tyler adds, “Many financial advisors do not have the specialist knowledge and education needed to meet and service the unique needs of business owners. They often don’t know how organizations are structured, or even what legal documentation is required.”

The partners must be doing something right ‐ their financial advisory was recognized as Canada’s Top Wealth Advisory firm in Investment Executive’s 2020 Brokerage Report Card. These amazing results would not have been possible without the help of their well‐informed, professional colleagues which include Associate Investment Advisors, Justin Nekechuk, B. Ed., and, Administrative Assistant Lindsey Osborne.

Philosophy & Approach

“When it comes to building, managing and protecting wealth, I guess you could say that Tyler and I subscribe to the Robert Kiyosaki philosophy, namely, wealth isn’t about how much you make but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for. Our multi‐disciplinary approach honours and respects clients’ sacrifices. We only recommend strategies that preserve everything they have worked so hard to build.”

The Tower Wealth Advisory partners help clients to plan for the financial demands in all business stages including investment planning, corporate and personal insurance planning, business‐owner succession, and maximizing wealth during the transition from corporate to retirement. “There is always potential for adversity and market uncertainty and we focus on building flexible, risk‐adjusted plans. That way if something changes the whole thing doesn’t blow up,” Dave explains.

The partners also make it a point to coordinate with the clients’ other advisors such as their accountants and lawyers. “We believe in the merits of integrated advice and work hard to get everyone onto the same page, in the same book. Moreover, if there is ever an accounting question we can’t answer, we have access to CPA’s that work down the hall from us. We’re especially proud of the fact that a number of these accountants consider Dave and I THEIR wealth management arm,” Tyler adds.

To preserve, protect and advance these important external relationships, once a year, the partners host an educational retreat. “Clients often tell us they don’t know of any other wealth advisors that have the same structure or relationships that we have,” says Dave.

Up Close & Personal

The partners believe in supporting causes that have an impact at a local level. Besides the usual golf sponsorships, they have paid for the equipment (dehydrators) needed by “fruit rescuers.” Inner-city students appreciate and benefit from the healthy jams, jellies, and apple sauce tubes that are produced. The partners are also currently working on a program to waive their advisory fees for client RDSPs. “The idea is to get as much money as possible into these plans,” Dave says.

Dave has been married to Julie, a Mortgage Broker, for almost two decades. The couple has three children, Justin, Chris, and Holly. They love to golf and to spend the summers together at the family cottage in Muskoka.

Tyler is married to Trudie. Their son, Carter, plays competitive soccer and his daughter, Hayden, is into gymnastics. The family lives on acreage and loves all outdoor activities including camping, ATV, and snowmobiling.

As a last word, the partners say, “All of our clients are entrepreneurs. They’re important to us and we’re important to them. It is not just about managing their money, it is about managing their businesses. We’re not just their financial and portfolio managers, we’re their cheerleaders, their confidantes, and most importantly, their friends!”

Suzen Fromstein is the author of Suits and Ladders, Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe - with a few jokes thrown in. Suits and Ladders was an Amazon Best Selling Book in the Career Guides Catagory.

Dave Cooper


Vice-President, Senior Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Tyler Cockbain


Vice-President, Senior Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager

1524 91 St SW., Suite 212

Edmonton, Alberta T6X 1M5

780 484 5777

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