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DANIEL SACKE, Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Advisor The Sacke Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Toronto, ON


“Financial planning is more of a marathon rather than a sprint”

Daniel SackePortfolio Manager and Senior Investment Advisor is the driving force behind The Sacke Wealth Advisory Group at BMO Nesbitt Burns. With over 25 years of experience, Dan demonstrates a fervent dedication to assisting clients in expanding their wealth. 

His approach revolves around fostering strong relationships with clients and their families while steering the group's portfolio strategy.

“My journey began after a career as a foreign currency bond trader, where I showcased a blend of creativity and entrepreneurship,” Dan says. “This transition brought me to a position at BMO that laid the foundation of my career in the financial industry.” 

Dan possesses a rich educational foundation, securing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. In addition, he holds esteemed certifications such as the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Certified Seniors Advisor (CSA), and Portfolio Manager accreditation.

“The relationship is everything”

Dan places immense importance on the relationships forged with clients, considering it the bedrock of their services. 

“At BMO, our primary focus extends beyond asset management,” Dan says. “We pride ourselves on fostering holistic partnerships with our clients. We define our mission as offering a full-service wealth partnership designed to deliver tailor-made, intergenerational solutions with an unwavering emphasis on passion, care, and expertise. This means that we strive to provide personalized financial strategies that span generations, ensuring that our clients receive not only expert guidance but also a deeply customized approach that evolves with their changing needs and goals.”

In recognizing the nuanced differences between clients’ wants and needs, Dan and his team are equipped to develop a more comprehensive wealth solution that aligns with their financial dreams. 

Whether it’s having a dream of retiring on a sun-soaked beach or leaving a lasting legacy for generations, the Sacke Group is dedicated to helping turn these aspirations into tangible financial plans.

One of the ways Dan and his team put these commitments into motion is by leveraging technology and other digital tools to expand their reach to clientele. “We've embraced a fully mobile approach, empowering my team to work from anywhere, not confined to an office,” he says. “Clients access and engage with us through their smartphones, enabling seamless interactions. Leveraging tools like Teams, we conduct numerous meetings, ensuring we maintain relationships with clients, regardless of their location.”

Dan’s Three Core Values: A Commitment to Client Excellence 

Dan shares three values that define his strengths and commitment to his clients. 

“Firstly, having over 25 years of experience with BMO signifies my commitment, loyalty, and deep-rooted expertise within the organization”, he says. “Consistency is another key pillar of my practice, reflecting reliability in delivering top-notch services to clients time after time. Lastly, I’ve always aimed to deliver exceptional service, which is what has kept our team consistently in the top quartile of BMO’s net promoter score. It's a clear testament to our commitment to ensuring our clients' satisfaction and showcasing superior performance within our organization.”

Dan expresses sincere gratitude to his clients for the unwavering trust and confidence they've placed in their collaborative work together. 

“We're committed to nurturing and safeguarding your wealth above all else.” Recognizing the inherent uncertainties in investment, Dan emphasizes the implementation of a cautious and disciplined method that prioritizes risk mitigation. Vigilant oversight of diversified asset classes serves as a fundamental strategy in managing the risk spectrum within client portfolios. “Beyond comprehending your extended financial goals and risk tolerance, we also consider your need for regular cash flow, stability in returns, and the tax-efficient nature of your comprehensive investment strategy. For this reason, our investment advice is rooted in BMO Capital Markets and handpicked third-party research to ensure that your portfolio is prudently diversified, with a focus on securing sustained long-term returns that align seamlessly with your investor profile.”

Client-Centric Strategies for Building Financial Wealth

Over the years, Dan has built a team of dedicated financial group specialists encompassing accountants, legal experts, credit specialists, cross-border professionals, insurance advisors, tax and estate planners, along with personal and commercial banking professionals. This expert ensemble collaborates seamlessly to craft a comprehensive wealth management strategy tailored to clients' diverse priorities. 

“Our primary focus lies with a diverse clientele, including business owners, professionals, and retirees, who form the core of our client base,” Dan says. “Generally, we cater to individuals with investable assets totalling at least one million dollars. Working in tandem with your personal advisors and our internal specialists, we create cohesive and harmonized solutions, especially in intricate family situations.”

“Our foremost commitment is to ensure that your wealth management needs receive meticulous attention and consideration within your family's financial blueprint.” One of the fundamental concepts that defines Dan's financial approach is the notion that building wealth is more of a marathon rather than a sprint. “By consistently doing the right thing and making the right decision over the course of many years, will lead to an abundance of retirement wealth.”

He notes that it’s necessary to have realistic expectations of what you’re looking to achieve. “Understand that wealth building is a prolonged journey; it isn’t an overnight success but requires consistent, sustained effort and behaviour over many years to achieve significant milestones.”

“Having competed in the New York Marathon three times, I view marathon running as a strategic hobby that translates into my skills in working with clients. Pacing, above all else, is critical in reaching the finish line successfully.”

“One of the most rewarding moments in my career is witnessing the long-term success and fulfillment of clients I've worked with for over 25 years,” Dan recalls. “Seeing them achieve remarkable growth and reach their retirement years, where they express profound gratitude for the financial stability and lifestyle they've attained, is truly fulfilling. Receiving their repeated feedback of immense gratitude and how their retirement surpasses their expectations is simply amazing.”

Crafting a Legacy of Impact and Meaningful Contributions

According to Dan, philanthropy transcends simple charitable giving. Rather, it’s an expression of personal values and beliefs, representing a long-term commitment to sustainability and impact. Strategic philanthropy aims to create enduring change in areas of significance, enabling individuals to make a meaningful and sustained difference in causes that resonate deeply with their values and priorities.

“Implementing a structured philanthropic strategy allows individuals and their heirs to actively engage in causes they care about, fostering family cohesion and leaving a lasting legacy,” Dan says. “A number of our clients actively participate in Canadian philanthropy, and as a group, we regularly contribute to such initiatives.”

“Our commitment to philanthropy is a point of pride; our dedication to charitable giving has been acknowledged within our organization. We strategically allocate resources to various charities in Canada and our local community, and this philanthropic endeavour has earned us internal recognition for our contributions.”

“Personally, I've established a Family Fund charitable foundation on behalf of my family, and within BMO Nesbitt Burns, we've been recognized for our significant contributions as one of the major donors.”

Dan’s contributions extend internally into the work he does as well. “Mentorship is integral in my profession, extending to clients, their children, and even their grandchildren—sometimes spanning across four generations, signifying a remarkable marker of success.”

He also devotes significant time to mentoring a diverse team spanning various age groups, ranging from individuals in their 20s to those in their 50s. “The emphasis on learning and mentorship within our team culture contributes to minimal turnover, as we attract career-minded individuals committed to their professional growth and development.”

Nurturing Diverse Passions and Values in Family Life

“Looking ahead, I'm most eager to strike a harmonious balance between my career, family life, sports, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” he says. “A significant priority for me and my wife is imparting these values to our children. In both managing finances and nurturing our kids, we strive for an individualized approach rather than a one-size-fits-all method.”

Dan’s three children, each with their distinctive personalities and interests, embody this philosophy. “My son, a talented operatic tenor with international experience, pursued a Master's in Music, while my daughter is dedicated to architecture, pursuing a master's degree after graduating from the University of Toronto. My other daughter is currently studying chemical engineering at the same university.”

Watching his children explore their diverse passions and carve their paths in unique fields is something Dan takes incredible pride in. 

Travelling is another important part of Dan’s life. He enjoys skiing the slopes in Europe and exploring destinations like France, Switzerland, and Austria. “I relish immersing myself in different cultures, savouring their cuisines, and meeting new people,” he adds. “Being a food enthusiast, I love trying novel dishes, discovering new flavours, and learning from diverse cultures I encounter along the way.”

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Dan Sacke

Portfolio Manager, Senior Investment Advisor

The Sacke Group, BMO Nesbitt Burns

4881 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON M2N 5X3

416. 590. 7609


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