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DANIEL PELTZ, CFP®, CIM®, Wealth Advisor, IG Wealth Management, Toronto, Ontario


"Applying a natural passion for wealth management and financial planning

to make the best impact on the lives of clients and their families"

Born into a family of Doctors and medical professionals, Daniel Peltz, CFP®, CIM® and Wealth Advisor with IG Wealth Management in Toronto saw a different path where he could use his own talent within the investment world to continue his family’s tradition in caring for people. “I’ve followed my natural passion for wealth management and financial planning to make the best possible impact on the lives of my clients and their families,” says Daniel. “My parents’ hard work and dedication to helping people is ingrained in the work I do today, I’m just helping in a different way. I’ve also been lucky that my uncle worked for IG and has been a great mentor, as well as he’s connected me with other instrumental people I’ve been fortunate to work with along the way.”

Within his pursuit to gain as much experience as possible, these mentors and their wealth of knowledge have meant so much to Daniel. His initial six years in the business were spent as a consultant and then an associate at IG Wealth Management where he has since recently returned. “Since connecting with my first clients, I remain good friends with them today as we continue to work together. I fully enjoy sharing objective advice with my clients about the full range of both traditional and innovative wealth management products and resources our company has to offer them,” says Daniel. “I learned so much working with this team of highly qualified professionals right out of the gate. The investment, tax, retirement, and estate planning we put together for them remains truly impactful and that’s why we do what we do. I worked hard here to build a good book of younger generation clients doing a lot of full-service financial planning for young families.”

When Daniel’s original supervisor and mentor at IG sadly passed away, he moved over to working with Lorne Dubros, also at IG. However, due to some structural changes at the time and feeling ready to expand his knowledge base and service offerings, Daniel took a year-long hiatus, stepping into a role with boutique firm Iron Shield catering to higher net worth retirees. “I had the privilege of dealing with more complex issues in this role, including settling estates, distributing funds to executors, and analyzing complex insurance products,” says Daniel. “I learned some incredible concepts during my time there. We utilized some really innovative strategies and investment products I’d never thought of before.”

With all those valuable learnings, Daniel returned home to work with Lorne once again at IG Wealth Management. “Having Lorne rehire me has really meant a lot to me,” says Daniel. “There’s so much to look forward to here in the direction we’re moving in. Our company is changing so rapidly and I’m working to get on top everything here, our new internal processes, the new technologies we’ve brought into our practice, maximizing my time better with all these tools so I can focus on the bigger picture aspects in this business. I’m enjoying my role here while also leading up a lot of our research efforts to keep our company ahead of the game.”

Amongst all this work, helping clients and creating comprehensive financial plans to achieve their short and long-term financial goals remains Daniel’s central focus. “It’s so important to keep up with our regular communications to answer their questions, share the information that puts their minds at ease, track our progress, and make any needed changes when circumstances shift,” says Daniel. “I truly love making a positive impact on as many people’s lives as I can in big ways. There’s a natural joy and reward that comes with helping people with their finances as well as sharing all the knowledge I’ve gained along this journey and will continue to build on for decades to come. My focus today is on making a meaningful impact on our practice so it works the best possible way to serve our clients’ needs, as well as the broader financial planning community.”

It’s work that comes with an incredible amount of responsibility and requires a strong knowledge base as well as an inherent knack for managing and growing wealth. Daniel’s natural curiosity and constant quest for knowledge serve him well today, as they did throughout his education and establishing his career. “Interestingly, I came into some unexpected money in my second year of university,” recalls Daniel. “I had a Financial Advisor place it into some random funds because I was excited to get into the market and see what would happen. It performed very well and I took over from there. I considered this to be some solid research on behalf of the clients I was looking forward to serving. I really embraced these learnings around how the finance world actually operates in many ways, including trading stocks, macro and microeconomics, and other financial concepts. I learned from some great professors who passed their love and excitement for this industry on to me.”

Daniel’s university experience also awakened him to a love of business history. “I had this incredible professor who had such a dynamic way of getting us excited about the subject. He pulled these totally relatable scenarios from our global financial history – Napoleon cutting England off from trading with continental Europe and the creation of illegitimate side lenders, how the stock market functioned back in ancient times, the automotive industry in the U.S., the 2008 financial crisis. We were able to make these wonderful connections and identify the ebb and flow cycles of the markets that continue to repeat themselves today,” says Daniel. “This is a great picture of the ways in which the financial world functions. It sparked a major interest in history for me which I enjoy spending my own time researching and exploring. I plan to write about this in the near future.”

A high achiever who thrives on taking a heavy workload, Daniel completed his Canadian Securities Course and Life Licence Qualification Program while earning his Economics degree at the University of Guelph. Soon after, he achieved his Wealth Management Essentials, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) and Certified Investment Manager (CIM®) designations. “I started working on the CFP® designation very early, and it really created a strong foundation for the work I love to do and the people I work to serve and impact,” says Daniel. “It was important to me to take that investment planning route off the get go and really focus in on investment planning. It was a lot to juggle university, working at the same time, and taking all the extra coursework, but I think this established a work ethic and confidence that I can take on a lot at a time and do excellent work. It certainly accelerated my career.”

Which brings us full circle to the work Daniel is excited about today back with Lorne at IG Wealth Management. “I love meeting with our clients who have been with Lorne for decades, the new people we meet, and our client referrals,” says Daniel. “This is why we do what we do, we’re helping them create their best future possible. I’m very analytical by nature and genuinely enjoy planning. I love digging into investments, Exchange Traded Funds, stocks, looking at composition, the unique features of an investment and where it fits in. I’m excited about connecting with people, drawing out their goals, and helping them meet these goals by building portfolios that match their personal beliefs.”

And for Daniel, there’s no better place to serve his community than in the city where he was born and raised. “There’s no place like home. I love that Toronto is a major global city and there’s so much opportunity here. As a young and highly motivated person, I thoroughly enjoy living and working here. It’s also important to me to give back by spending time when I can with the charitable organizations I care about. I’ve served on boards and helped out with the Young Leadership Board for Save a Child’s Heart and loved to see the work they do there. I’ve also worked with the Quantum Sports and Learning Association in different capacities and I’m very passionate about the work they do as well.”

With his interest in all things financial and historical, Daniel also plans to pass his learnings on to the public. “I can’t wait to start writing as another way to connect with more people around our current economic climate and concepts,” says Daniel. “I hope it can inspire more people to take care of themselves by understanding the peace of mind that comes with a good financial plan.”

NatalieNoble’s love of writing stems from her passion for hearing and sharing people’s stories. Over the years she has written for various business, real estate, and agriculture publications. At the heart of her work is a desire to continuously learn and connect.

Daniel Peltz, CFP®, CIM®

Associated Consultant

Investors Group Securities IG Wealth Management

1595 16th Avenue

Richmond Hill, Ontario

L4B 3N9

647 535 7268


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