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ALEXANDR KHAN, PFP®, CFP®, Financial Planner at TD Wealth Financial Planning, Toronto, Ontario


“Beyond numbers, my commitment is to enrich clients’ lives”

Alexandr Khan (CFP® ), Financial Planner with TD Wealth Financial Planning, shares his unique journey in the financial industry. Starting in the corporate realm at TD Wealth, he transitioned to become a Financial Planner, prioritizing comprehensive financial planning over product-centric approaches.

Highlighting his dedication to clients, Alex emphasizes the importance of cultivating a curious mindset. This practice plays a pivotal role in shaping a financial philosophy rooted in transparency, integrity, and authentic dedication to client well-being.

Early Lessons in Saving Money

Alex entered the financial world in 2011, fresh out of university. Taking a less traditional route, Alex never started in a client-facing role. “I started my career in the corporate realm, working for a TD Wealth call centre where I took instructions and dealt with escalations from Investment Advisors and Financial Planners.”

This corporate foundation set the stage for diverse experiences at TD, Raymond James Ltd., and Fidelity Clearing Canada, where he held various corporate-level positions.

“Having worked in various roles across the corporate landscape, I gained a well-rounded understanding of the wealth industry from different perspectives, making me more versatile in my approach.”

“While at Raymond James, my role involved facilitating the smooth transition of Financial Advisors and Portfolio Managers to Raymond James from other institutions,” he shares. “This experience provided insights into diverse practices, sparking the idea that I could potentially establish my own practice in the future.”

“By the time I entered into my 30s, I decided to shift my career to work more directly with clients,” he says. “By 2021, I made the decision to become a Financial Planner for TD Wealth Financial Planning.”

Alex acknowledges the profound influence of his upbringing as a catalyst to entering into the financial industry. “My mom is a first-generation Canadian immigrant,” he begins. “Without having any family in Canada, my mom had to work very hard to support us. Unfortunately, there was no financial education throughout my schooling to inform us about how to save money, pay off our mortgage, or manage our finances.”

“I remember being 13 years old and desperately wanting to buy a CD player. I asked my mom if we could buy one but we didn’t have the money for it. She told me that if I wanted it, I had to find a job and start saving up. After a few months of delivering newspapers, I was able to buy my very own CD player.”

This early experience instilled in Alex a profound lesson about the importance of saving. In his early 20s, he paid off his student loans, bought his first car, and became a homeowner at 25. Transitioning from those early piggy bank days to now strategically managing funds in his own TFSA or RRSP accounts, the fundamental concept of sacrificing short-term indulgences for long-term gains continues to shape Alex's financial philosophy.

“For me, the client-advisor relationship extends far beyond mere investment numbers”

In steering his financial practice, Alex centres his approach on comprehensive financial planning. This approach is composed of four key areas: Building Net Worth, Implementing TaxEfficient Strategies, Protecting What Matters, and Leaving a Legacy.

“I never lead with an investment product,” he says.

“In other words, rather than directing my focus on discussing the best investment options available, I tailor my discussions to truly understand the client's goals, objectives, and both short-term and long-term plans. Once I have a holistic understanding of a client's financial goals, I can then recommend investments.”

For Alex, investments are a tool to achieve a larger goal, representing just one piece of the overall picture of a client's financial profile. The emphasis is on creating a personalized financial roadmap rather than adhering to a generic, one-size-fits-all product approach.

“The approach aligns with my constant commitment to doing what is best for the client I work with,” he says. “For me, commitment means, regardless of the daily challenge, my focus is always on what benefits the client most. Not only does this influence my daily interactions, but it grounds my approach in transparency, integrity, and a genuine dedication to the well-being of clients.”

Alex recognizes that success relies on proper alignment with clients. “The majority of clients I work with typically fall within the 45 to 75 age range, with a few outliers in their early 30s. That being said, age is not the sole determining factor for client relationships.”

“If a client places exclusive focus on consistent high returns and making as much money as possible, there might be a mismatch in priorities,” he says. “I seek clients who value comprehensive financial care—those interested in having their finances managed, ensuring tax efficiency, reviewing retirement plans, and securing their estates. If these broader aspects are what a client is looking for, then we're likely to be a good fit.”

Alex emphasizes the tangible impact of his work as a Financial Planner compared to his previous corporate role. “I never used to see the end result, or the ‘fruits of my labour’, so to speak,” he says. “In my current role, I can provide clients with meaningful advice that directly influences their financial well-being and their lives.”

Alex also places a high importance on educating his clients as they go through the financial planning process. “If a client walks out of my office knowing more than when they came in, that’s a win for me!”

The Power of Curiosity

Throughout his career, Alex has discovered that cultivating curiosity plays a pivotal role in shaping him into a successful Financial Planner. “When you’re a kid, you’re always asking questions – Why is the sky blue? How far is Jupiter from the Earth? As we get older, our curiosity can fade and we stop questioning things.”

“Curiosity helps me discover alignment with clients I work with, helping them navigate through potentially unrealistic expectations with ease,” he says. “I make an intentional effort to try to understand where the client is coming from. I use the ‘Five Why’s’ approach, which allows me to peel back the layers to get to the bottom of the client’s financial desires or goals.”

“It starts by finding out why they have unrealistic expectations.” Alex offers the example of having a client who wants to make a 10% return every year. While this is a great goal, the question he offers is why? What is the thought process behind the desire?

“Perhaps they want to retire by 65, now the question is, do we really need to shoot for 10% and take on additional risk in the portfolio? Or, can they successfully retire by 65 by averaging 5% per year? This is where an in-depth financial plan can be leveraged.”

Throughout this process, Alex often finds that there are more reasonable solutions – many of which align with the client’s financial goals without adding risk to their investments.

From Education to Impact

Alex expresses a strong desire for continued professional growth, acknowledging that his journey in the wealth industry is still in its early stages.

“Since entering the industry in 2016, I have continued to stay up to date throughout the years by taking formal courses. In 2022 I obtained my Certified Financial Planner (CFP® ) designation and I plan to pursue the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM® ) designation as well as my insurance license next! It keeps me fresh, exercises my brain, and helps ensure I stay up to date, well informed, and adaptive within the financial industry.”

“Alongside my education, mentorship has provided immense value by teaching me and offering different perspectives,” Alex says. “Some of my greatest mentors are those who challenged me to consider alternative viewpoints. Many people may find it uncomfortable, but I see it as an opportunity to understand different angles, which ultimately contributes to a more well-rounded perspective.”

Through these experiences, Alex has gained a clearer vision of his future with TD Wealth.

“While my focus is on expanding my client base and increasing the size of my book, the paramount goal remains to make a significant impact on my clients’ lives,” he says. “Whether it’s aiding them in retirement planning, ensuring tax efficiency, or organizing their estate plans, I aspire to create a positive and lasting influence on their financial well-being.”

Second to this, Alex reflects on a personal aspiration of continuous learning as he navigates running his own practice one day. “Understanding what strategies work, analyzing why some approaches are more effective than others, and consistently seeking ways to enhance my methods are all part of this ongoing learning journey.”

“I strongly believe that a diligent focus on details and an ongoing commitment to self improvement will inherently result in favourable outcomes in the long run.”

Serving Success

Beyond the scope of his professional commitments, Alex revels in an active lifestyle, with a particular passion for tennis. Having played competitively from high school through university, Alex has achieved incredible success on a provincial level.

“Tennis, being an individual sport, allows me to draw parallels with my profession, helping me navigate the field independently,” he says.

Alex is also an early riser, seizing the day at 5 a.m. to kickstart with a vigorous workout, setting the tone for a day of boundless energy and productivity. “This routine turns me into an energizer bunny during the workday, although it leads to an earlier bedtime around 9 p.m.,” he says. “On weekends, I take some time off to relax and spend quality moments with friends and family, providing a necessary decompression.”

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Alexandr Khan, CFP®, PFP®

Financial Planner

TD Wealth Financial Planning

1881 Steeles Ave W Unit 1

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