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BRADY DOYLE, B.B.A., CIM®, FCSI, AICB, PFP, CFP®, Senior Wealth Advisor, CIBC Wood Gundy, Halifax NS


“We’re not an investment team. We are a wealth management team”

Brady Doyle, Senior Wealth Advisor at CIBC Wood Gundy is a high-performing professional in the financial industry since 1993, whose career journey from humble beginnings to his current leadership role offers a unique perspective on wealth management.

Along the way, Brady's experiences taught him not only the value of hard work but also the art of connecting with a diverse array of people and nurturing relationships that would later become his hallmark in the financial world.

From Paper Routes to Wealth Advisory

The story of Brady’s career traces way back to his early childhood years, beginning at the age of seven when he made his money running a paper route. “During this time, my father convinced the bank to allow me to open a checking account,” he claimed. “I ran it like a business, delivering papers and handling collections for five years. During this time, I managed to pay my weekly newspaper bill by cheque, which was quite unusual for someone of my age.”

This marked the beginning of a long working career for Brady.

He recalled that this experience gave him the opportunity to interact with people and handle finances. “While it might sound simple, it was this experience that paved the way for my future career,” he says.

“By the age of 12, I started working at a semi-private golf course. Even though the work was hard, I cleaned clubs and eventually took on different roles such as picking up range balls and working in the pro shop. Working at a young age, I learned that hard work and dedication could lead to advancements.”

This experience not only taught Brady the value of hard work but also the opportunities for growth that arise from dedication. He honed his ability to interact with diverse professionals, including lawyers, accountants, and doctors, establishing a comfort level in engaging with individuals from various backgrounds.

“This experience laid the groundwork for my current career, which I don't consider just financial but more about relationships,” Brady explains. “Building relationships is crucial in what I do; while we offer wealth management solutions, it's fundamentally about forming strong connections and earning trust. People's most significant concerns revolve around their families, health, and finances, which are intertwined.”

After being recruited by two financial institutions during his fourth year of university, Brady officially entered the financial sector which led him on a path to his current role with CIBC Wood Gundy as a Senior Wealth Advisor.

Through his various roles within financial services, Brady gained experience managing credit facilities and engaging in business loans, expanding his understanding beyond the scope of investments.

“My journey led me through various markets, particularly within the six cities in the Maritimes,” he said. “I covered New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. This diverse experience gave me a comprehensive view that extended beyond investment matters. It allowed me to understand clients’ financial statements, balance sheets, credit applications, mortgages, interest rates, and other related aspects.”

In his current role at CIBC Wood Gundy, Brady's focus shifted from mere investment to holistic wealth management. His approach emphasizes the cultivation of relationships and a more in depth comprehension of clients' goals and ambitions. Brady emphasizes, “This approach entails not only devising the strategy but also implementing and consistently following through with an action plan.”

Unique Approaches and Team Synergy

Brady and his team set themselves apart from the crowd in several ways. “A distinct advantage lies in our commitment to ongoing adjustments, as clients' circumstances are dynamic and ever-changing,” he says. Beyond crafting strategies and plans, he takes ownership of their execution, reinforcing clients' commitment to the strategies outlined and guiding them toward their short and long-term financial objectives.

Brady expresses that their company maintains a high degree of neutrality when it comes to product selection. “We possess the flexibility to offer a wide range of product solutions to our clients, exercising this flexibility quite liberally,” he says. “More specifically, our organization is less reliant on proprietary products, with more customized product solutions that meet the goals and objectives of our clients.”

In an era where the industry is moving towards wealth management, going above and beyond to offer a comprehensive and holistic service covering various financial planning aspects is key. Ultimately, this approach paves the way for their team to provide tailored solutions that fit clients’ needs.

Brady’s top values center around teamwork, trust, and accountability – all of which profoundly influence his work and client relationships. “We have a strong team in place that not only collaborates effectively amongst ourselves but also fosters seamless interaction with our clients,” he explains. “This interaction allows us to maintain a comprehensive awareness of our clients' situations at all times.”

One of the many key players that assist with the team-based success of Doyle Jacobs Advisory Group is Brady’s business partner and Senior Wealth Advisor, Ross Jacobs. With 13 years of experience in financial services, Ross helps design and implement personalized investment portfolios, cash management strategies, and comprehensive wealth plans for clients.

Born in Montreal and raised in Halifax, Ross began his career after graduating from a commerce program in 2008. Although opportunities at the time in the financial realm were limited in Halifax, Ross remained committed to the cause. “Thankfully, my determination paid off as I secured three interviews and subsequent offers,” Ross says proudly.

Ross mentions “Brady and I have diverse backgrounds and experience which makes this a terrific partnership. Our primary focus is to provide planning and advice services to business owners and high net worth individuals in our community.”

In recognizing that not every advisor suits every client, Ross highlights that this collaboration was especially beneficial, merging his personal experiences with new perspectives. “We continuously embrace lifelong learning,” Ross says. “Observing and adopting relevant practices enriches our approach. Team brainstorming benefits our clients, given their diverse backgrounds. The synergy between two different individuals is advantageous, as clients connect differently with different personalities.”

“One thing that sets us apart is that we don't jump into an initial meeting with recommendations or solutions,” Ross begins. “We take the time to learn more about the client and this is usually done through a discovery meeting to understand their goals and needs. Often, what we’ve observed is that what's on the surface isn't the whole picture; there's usually something beneath causing the issue. We strive to alleviate these problems, providing a comprehensive solution for the long term.”

While both Brady and Ross are involved on day-to-day basis, Brady takes more of a leadership role, guiding the team on the bigger picture ideas and overarching strategies. Both Brady and Ross note that the team’s success would not be possible without the unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions of Financial Associate Leanne Gillan and Client Associate Nancy WryWilton.

“Together, we work to optimize client experience, placing a great deal of importance on building relationships, delivering exceptional service, and ensuring a positive client experience,” Ross adds.

Defying Convention in Financial Planning

Brady’s approach to having a niche client market diverges from the conventional notion that a financial advisor should have a well-defined target market. “I tailor my services to individuals with investable assets, which generally encompass professionals and business owners,” he says.

No matter what a client’s background, professional experience, or financial situation may be, Brady emphasizes the importance of establishing solid relationships first and foremost.

This is also something that he preaches to other up-and-coming financial advisors. “You don't necessarily need decades of experience, but you do need to acquire some familiarity with building and maintaining relationships, sales, as well as an understanding of financial markets,” Brady explains. “It will provide you with a stronger foundation and create opportunities for success.”

Having such a positive and productive dynamic with clients allows for more open and transparent discussions about financial well-being.

When faced with a challenging discussion with a client such as confronting unrealistic goals or expectations, Brady places emphasis on addressing misalignments head on. “I bring attention to specific issues that are off track and need to be addressed,” he says. “An example may involve a client who was planning to retire in 10 years suddenly wanting to retire in five years. In such cases, we work closely with the client to create unique solutions to meet their goals.”

Brady also attributes much of his success to his continued desire to learn. “My top goal is to stay current,” he says. “When it comes to financial planning, both software and the Tax Act are subject to changes due to different budgets and evolving financial solutions. For this reason, it’s essential to engage in regular training and understanding courses on an annual basis.” Currently, Brady has earned his Certification in Financial Planning designation.

Embracing Balance

In reflecting on his journey, Brady opens up about his transformation from a self-proclaimed ‘workaholic’ to someone who cherishes life’s multifaceted dimensions.

“I’ve come to realize there is more to life than just work,” he says.

As a husband and father to two young and active boys, Brady makes a conscious effort to balance his time with his family, while also striving to incorporate regular exercise and activities, like golf. Maintaining an organized and disciplined approach is pivotal for both his professional commitments and his pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, allowing him to navigate his roles with precision and fulfillment.

Brady & Ross both feel passionate about giving back to our community. Their most notable community involvement is channeled through sponsoring and participating in charitable events as well as through direct donations and fundraising dinners. These efforts play a pivotal role in supporting the community and different organizations.

The Doyle Jacobs Advisory Group is an award-winning wealth management team who look forward to continuing to work with clients to protect and grow their wealth.

Taylor Stranaghan is a skilled business content writer and editor who brings forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With years of experience crafting compelling narratives, she excels at producing high-quality, engaging content that informs, educates, and inspires readers.

Brady Doyle, B.B.A., CIM, FCSI, AICB, PFP, CFP®

Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

CIBC Wood Gundy

1969 Upper Water Street, Tower Two Suite 1801

Halifax NS, B3J 3R7


Ross Jacobs, MBA, CIM,

Senior Wealth Advisor CIBC Wood Gundy

1969 Upper Water Street, Tower Two Suite 1801

Halifax NS, B3J 3R7


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