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APRIL DOREY HARTWIG, Senior Wealth Manager at Heart Wealth Management Group, Raymond James Ltd.


"Wealth with Heart"

It takes the right blend of knowledge and heart to manage someone’s money, and perhaps no one knows this better than April Dorey Hartwig.

“When I was twelve, my grandparents were doing a road trip in the US, and my grandpa had a heart attack and died. When my grandma called the bank to tell them, instead of helping her, they froze her credit cards and bank account,” she says. “My mom and her siblings had to pay for everything including bringing my grandpa’s body back to Canada, because their estate planning wasn’t done well.”

It was her first exposure to the ‘why’ of financial planning, and her first inclination towards the career she would ultimately pursue.

“I learned quickly how important money was, and that money gives you choices. I became interested in finances and planning from a very young age.”

April and the Heart Wealth Management Group of Raymond James help their clients through: 

*Financial planning 

*Retirement planning 

*Legacy and estate planning 

*Life insurance and annuities 

*Business owner and corporate executive services 

*Investment management and research 

*Tax-efficient income planning

There are not many female Wealth Managers in Canada. “Being a woman and a Wealth Manager, gives me a unique perspective. The majority of our clients are retired and a large portion of their retirement income comes from the investments that we manage,” April adds.

April continues to be passionate about learning and works hard to enhance her skills. Working on her MBA through the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University, she has a Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurial Expertise) from Royal Roads University; her Certified Financial Planning® Professional (CFP®) designation, the industry gold standard; her Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) credential; and she is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI) the highest credential they offer. Her work in the wealth management industry also continues to grow and evolve over time.

“I started my practice at Raymond James back in 2006,” she says. “Prior to this, I was working at a bank owned firm. The fellow who was mentoring me, took me aside and said ‘you’re really passionate and good at this, and I can see you want to do it.’ I was always thinking I had to wait until I was much older, but he said you know what? When someone older is looking at you, they’re still going to see you as a young person compared to them — so just go ahead and start now.”

Which is exactly what she did almost 20 years ago. April shares her expertise with the goal of helping her clients avoid being caught in the same position as her grandmother. Whether it’s teaching financial basics to the children and grandchildren of her wealthy clients or helping families plan and structure their financial affairs, April and her team work hard to make sure that have their bases covered in all things related to their finances.

While April owes her in-depth knowledge of the financial system to years of experience, she says much of the value she and her team bring to the table is in their conservative leaning approach, and the connections they’ve built. “Our clients lead busy, fulfilling lives and are not always interested in managing their own investment portfolios. They wisely know that complex financial issues require professional guidance, and they appreciate and see the value in having a team that can provide it.”

“Everyone says they put people first, and we do, but they are just words we can all say. I think the proof is in the long term relationships we’ve built and the value we’ve added over the decades,” she says. “We try our very best to help our clients achieve their wealth objectives.”

Offering this kind of caring service is what April says is the best part of the job. “Clients love our team’s energy and enthusiasm and I think they feel comforted knowing that the team will be able to care for them for decades to come. They often recommend their friends and family because they know we have a great team and succession plans in place.”

“Our job can be very challenging and helping people make well informed, wise choices is what I find most rewarding,” says April.

April and her team offer integrated cross-border wealth management solutions to Americans living in Canada, and Canadians living in the U.S. and help clients transition their wealth management and financial plans between Canada and the US.

We manage more than just money for our clients. We care for them and their loved ones as they go through life’s transitions including additions to families, retirement, divorce, downsizing, selling businesses, dementia, and even death. Although we talk with our clients about their investments, we also spend time talking about other things that affect the quality of their lives such as the merits of aging in place, the challenges of caring for elderly parents, teaching financial literacy to their kids, estate planning, and more. In addition, we try to bring happiness, grace and fun into their lives every time we interact with them.

Of course, this lightness also continues in her personal life. April took up English show jumping during the pandemic, a hobby she shares with her granddaughter. The two of them now care for three horses. When she is not working, April loves spending time outdoors with her husband, dog and horses.

April also commits her time to various charitable organizations, including the Victoria chapter of the Salvation Army and the Victoria Estate Planning Council. She supports and sponsors a variety of kids' outdoor activities in her area, as well as causes related to health.

In the office, she enjoys mentoring the younger members of her team and splits her time between Raymond James Ltd. offices in Victoria, Vancouver, and Edmonton. As for the future, April plans to keep learning, growing, and giving back, supporting causes in her community and making a positive impact on the world.

The Heart Wealth Management Group of Raymond James Ltd. is here to help make your life easier doing what’s best for you today and for your future.

With our consistently caring and conservative advice, we’ll help bring your financial future into focus by caring for your wealth with heart. Reach out to us today!

Kristen Campbell holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science from McMaster University and spent a year in the University of Calgary's MA Political Science program before completing her BComm in Accounting. She enjoys blending her research & financial background with her passion for telling stories and creating content that's as fun to read as it is to write.

April Dorey Hartwig, BCom, CIM®, CFP®, FCSI®

Senior Wealth Manager

Heart Wealth Management Group of Raymond James Ltd.

#1000-1175 Douglas St

Victoria, BC V8W 2E1



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