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AARON CRABTREE & RYAN MURRAY, Executive Financial Consultants, IG Private Wealth Management


"More is possible"

There are many things that set Aaron Crabtree & Ryan Murray, Executive Financial Consultants, IG Private Wealth Management, apart from other Advisors, like the storied history of their practice, the experience of their impressive team, or their detail-oriented approach to planning. What they are proudest of, however, is their willingness to go above and beyond for their clients.

They’ve supported clients through interpersonal struggles, financial hardship, large purchases, or even as something as small as a new vehicle.

When a client is working with the right team, they realize something very quickly: more is possible.

Going above and beyond

The business may have a new name in Karasick, Crabtree & Murray, but it’s been a force in the financial services industry for more than three decades. Some of their Advisors are serving their third generation of clients (with no intention of stopping at three).

That long history often results in strong and trusted relationships. Conversations with these types of clients range from financial progress to graduations, even trips to the Bahamas. It isn’t just business, and it’s something Aaron and Ryan are getting used to. Aaron’s been with IG Wealth Management (Investors Group Financial Services Inc.) for almost 25 years, Ryan for more than seven, and they’re at a point where they’re becoming part of a client’s extended family and being relied on for more than just good financial advice.

People who aren’t working with an Advisor or haven’t worked with the same one-long term might be surprised at how deep the relationship can go.

Aaron and Ryan shared a story about a time they went above and beyond for a client. Or, in this case, two clients.

“We had a pair of clients who were navigating a challenging situation. It was emotionally charged and intensely personal. Having been involved in their lives for a long time, we knew them very well and thought we could help them come to an equitable solution. It was a lot of work. Ryan and I spent evenings and weekends poring over the documentation, ensuring that we left no stone unturned as we sought a reasonable and fair agreement. We know we did a good job because they both remain clients to this day. It wasn’t something we did because it was going to make us money. We did it because we thought we could do it well, but above all, because we cared.”

For Aaron and Ryan, “trusted Advisor” is more than a pair of words; it’s a promise. A commitment that they will do whatever is in their power to help clients get the most out of life, and their money.

An experienced team for any stage of life

Managing intergenerational relationships is one of the most essential elements of a financial plan. It’s no less important to a business. In their time working together, Aaron and Ryan have seen tremendous growth in the business. The last decade has been a good one for Karasick, Crabtree & Murray.

Lyle Karasick founded the practice in 1989 and quickly established himself as an industry leader as he built relationships, many of which now go back more than 30 years. Aaron joined Lyle’s team in 2001, and together they grew the practice over the following 2 decades, with Ryan coming on board seven years ago. The team began transitioning leadership in 2020, and now Lyle has fully retired, leaving Aaron and Ryan to carry on the strong tradition.

They recently expanded, bringing on another practice to augment their services. With it came a team of experienced professionals whose impressive resumes make an already impressive team even stronger. Bill Konnert, a legend in the industry, is the longest-serving active consultant in Canada. He has more than 55 years of experience working with clients of all backgrounds to secure their financial future and he wouldn’t give it up for the world.

Linda Johnson has worked with Bill for more than 40 years. She takes pride in her work and is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Bill and Linda joined Aaron and Ryan shortly after Lyle’s daughter, Tasia Karasick, joined the team as an associate consultant several years ago.

The team has more than 100 years of collective experience and has seen almost every financial situation, no matter how complex. There isn’t much that will surprise them. One of the major advantages of having a team with diverse backgrounds and from various life stages is an array of experiences and empathy for the challenges people face throughout their lives. It’s a competitive advantage that few, if any, other firm can match. No matter what a client is going through, someone on the team has been there too.

“I know this gets said a lot, and it’s a bit of a cliché, but we really are like a family. We couldn’t ask for a better team or a stronger bond between colleagues. It’s incredibly special.”

A strong process

Aaron and Ryan pride themselves on their detail-oriented approach to planning. Their process is robust. They have the longstanding organizational infrastructure and processes that have made them one of the top IG practices in Canada (including being in the top 1% in 2022) and the post-COVID operational knowhow that allows them to maintain the high standards of service that clients have come to expect from them.

The pair pride themselves on the work they consider their specialty: planning, preparation, and transition into retirement. Aaron and Ryan don’t see retirement as merely the absence of working, they see it as an opportunity to pursue new goals. The goals may include travel, charitable endeavors, further wealth accumulation through a different type of work, like a hobby business, or something else, but it looks different for every person.

The transition to retirement is something Aaron and Ryan talk about a lot, but it’s a phase of retirement that isn’t discussed as much as it should be.

“We talk about transition regularly,” Ryan said. “Frankly, some people do better at retirement than others. Some people really miss the structure of a nine-to-five workday or the camaraderie that comes from working on a team. So, we ask clients to think about what their ideal retirement looks like and expand their thinking on what they hope to achieve. Retirement can, and should, have goals, just like work did…those goals are just usually more relaxing.”

Aaron and Ryan see the planning process as a journey through a range of mountains. A client achieves their goal and summits their peak, and as they stand satisfied over their hard work, they find that there are more paths to tread and more opportunities that lay before them.

“Sometimes clients don’t even know what’s possible until we show them in black and white,” Aaron said. “We lay out the plan, taking our time, ensuring that the client is on board every step of the way. There are many options a client can choose. Some decide to set up charitable foundations so they can see their money helping the causes about which they’re passionate before they pass on; others choose to start a new business as Ryan mentioned. More is always possible and it’s what we want for every client.”

Gary Milakovic is a veteran writer with more than a decade in the public sector and corporate communications. He has covered a wide spectrum of topics and his work has been featured by large and small organizations across Canada. Gary is passionate about communication, his writing often focuses on uncovering the “story behind the story.”

Aaron Crabtree, CFP, CLU, FMA

Executive Financial Consultant

Certified Financial Planner

Ryan Murray, CFP, RRC, BA Econ.

Senior Financial Consultant

Certified Financial Planner

Registered Retirement Consultant

2121 152nd Street, Suite 220,

Surrey, BC V4A 4P1

(604) 541 5300


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