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Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum CFP®, CCS™ Financial Advisor, Living Financial at Raymond James Ltd.


Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum

"Choreographing, Guiding & Teaching Clients How to Build,

Manage & Protect Multi-Generational Wealth"

While he still lived in Germany, Christian studied architecture and business administration in anticipation of taking over the family housing business. Then, at age 76, his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. In the last two years of her life she required 24-hour care. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a financial plan or the funds to pay for the end-of-life care that she needed and had to rely on her four children to pay the medical bills.

“My grandmother’s situation was a pivotal moment for me. None of us know exactly how much time we have or when or if we will get diagnosed with a deadly disease. We can however, put a plan in place so that we are free to focus on what’s important to us rather than worrying if we will have enough money to pay the bills. My grandmother’s situation brought into sharp focus how important it is to have our financial lives in order,” Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum, a Certified Financial Planner®, says.

While he lived in Germany, Christian spent almost nine years as a Financial Advisor and Branch Manager for an independent financial firm in Hamburg. He decided to use his existing financial skills to help couples, individuals and business owners on this side of the pond. When he first came to Canada, Christian worked for an insurance broker and then, another financial services firm. He joined Raymond James in 2009.

Philosophy & Approach

Christian and his trusted Assistant, Jodi Milligan work with couples and individuals who are nearing or already in retirement and who want to comfortably enjoy this stage in their lives. Coming from a family business, Christian understands business owners who are often so busy working in their businesses that they don’t take the time to plan their financial future. Moreover, they often (incorrectly) assume that the sale of the business will provide the money they need to fund the ideal retirement.

“When it comes to financial planning, I believe in the KISS principle – Keep It Simple and Short. No one, especially a busy business owner, has the time to read and absorb a 100-page financial plan. Clients tell us that we take the time to explain their plan and that after every meeting, they walk away with a better knowledge of (their) investments. They also tell us that our client-centric approach is unique in the industry.”

He adds, “One of the things we do well in our practice at Living Financial at Raymond James is guiding retirees and pre-retirees to invest in “boring”, good performing assets because I believe that is the way to build multi-generational wealth. We like to invest our clients’ money in professionally managed portfolios where the Portfolio Managers and CEOs of these firms have ‘skin in the game’ and invest their own money alongside their clients’.

“Retirement is different for everyone and is not a “cookie cutter template.” Regardless of your retirement vision, it is important to honestly address the current state of your finances and spending habits,” says Christian.

He also believes it is important to view growing, managing and protecting wealth through a holistic lens which requires touching everything that affects each client’s financial health.

Like a Slow Foxtrot dance, 1-2-3, Christian’s Financial Planning Three-Step Game Plan consists of:

1. Information Gathering,

2. Creating the Financial Plan, and

3. Implementing and Monitoring the Plan

The team’s proven approach helps clients: 

- Save money by employing proven tax-saving strategies; 

- Implement alternative strategies for clients who have maxed out their RRSPs and TFSAs; 

- Secure dependable income streams that are designed to pay for life; and, 

- Implement affordable insurance solutions that protect the client’s income in the event of an unforeseen illness or disability.

The Team

Christian and his Personal Assistant, Jodi Milligan, are both dual licensed (securities and insurance). Christian is a Certified Financial Planner®, the financial industry’s gold standard and a Certified Cash Flow Specialist™. Holders of this designation understand behavioural spending concepts, debt management, and cash flow formulas.

Jodi started working with Christian in 2004 (she has worked in the industry since 2001). Originally from Ottawa, Jodi and her husband, Brad, their three children, and their German Shepherd, now call Quinte West their home. Since coming to the area Jodi has completed her Life Insurance qualification, and her Canadian Securities Course. Clients appreciate her wealth of knowledge of industry forms and paperwork. “Jodi is known for her ability to explain things in easy-to-understand language and always greets everyone with a smile that lights up the room,” Christian adds.

Christian’s dedicated Estate, Tax, and Advisor team at Raymond James can address most, if not all, of the concerns a client might have. Christian and Jodi also have access to and work with many local professionals, including accountants and bookkeepers, lawyers and attorneys, banking consultants, mortgage brokers, internal and external insurance specialists, and of course, the research department for investments and insurance at Raymond James Ltd. and Raymond James Financial Planning Ltd.

Up Close & Personal

Christian is often invited to speak about a wide range of financial topics including estate planning, financial planning, and tax efficient retirement income planning. He also speaks on general interest topics including the History of the Berlin Wall, and his daughter’s “Journey to Better Health with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Workshops are usually held at the Quinte West Chamber of Commerce and there is no cost to attend.

Christian and Jodi are currently planning virtual workshops on:  MERs (mutual fund fees) - The Good, The Bad and The Truth!  TFSA(s) and what the banks might not be telling you  My OAS was clawed back, is it possible to get this back?  Can life insurance really give me tax-free-income during my lifetime? If you are interested in attending an upcoming (virtual) workshop simply email Jodi at

Christian has also started writing a book detailing his perspective on financial planning and life. He aims to be done by the end of 2021.

About five years ago, Christian was one of eight local businessmen who was paired with a local female business woman, in Belleville’s “Dancing with the Stars.” The participating couples, including Christian and local chiropractor, Tracy, picked a song and a dance style, practiced together under the watchful eye of a dance coach, and then performed in front of approximately 2,500 cheering spectators.

Christian is blessed with three wonderful children, Kate, 28, works as a corporate event-planner at a major financial institution in Toronto, Vivienne, 25, after finishing her engineering studies at UBC in Vancouver she started to work for a global social media corporation based in Seattle, WA and Nicholas, 23, just finished his studies in Waterloo and currently works as a wine-making associate in Prince Edward County. When they come together with their Dad, they all enjoy cooking and creating beautiful, healthy meals together. And, all three kids enjoy dancing.

As a last word Christian says, “It is challenging to pull off an energetic, Latin-inspired dance like the jive, while wearing a form-fitting ballgown or suit! Regardless of the style or the wardrobe choice, in a dance, one person is responsible for guiding the couple across the dance floor. Just like a good dance partner, a Financial Advisor choreographs, guides, and teaches clients about the steps and the transitions they need to do to safely build, manage and protect wealth. I welcome the opportunity to show you how to secure your rightful spot in the winner’s circle.”

Disclaimer Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum is a Financial Advisor with Raymond James Ltd. Information provided is not a solicitation and although obtained from sources considered reliable, is not guaranteed. The view and opinions contained in the article are those of the author, not Raymond James Ltd. Raymond James Ltd. member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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Christian Jaehn-Kreibaum, CFP®, CCS™

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