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"People First"

Treena Nault has spent the totality of her professional career at IG Wealth Management (IG). Over the years, she has held various roles at the company, including Division Director, before arriving at her last and most cherished role as an Executive Financial Consultant. In this role, she helps individual clients, families and business owners build, protect and manage their wealth.

“Although I have held several great positions at IG, until I became a Financial Consultant, I didn’t have a great career. Today, I have a role that I am passionate about and I work with and for people I adore,” Treena says with a smile.

“A key to our financial well-being is our ability to have the necessary attitude, information and tools, including having access to the right experts at the right time. Through our enhanced collaborative approach, we help clients create wealth, preserve it and efficiently pass it on,” she adds.

Clients are very appreciative with her insight and guidance. “We used to pay for life insurance on our mortgage. Now, we pay for life insurance on ourselves. We used to be on the ‘pay-as-we-go’ plan. Now, we’re on the ‘invest-as-we-live’ plan. We used to borrow money and be very good at paying it down. Now, we invest money and pay it up. These are the real-life transformative changes we’ve made since Treena took us under her wing. With Treena lighting our path, we enjoy inner peace and calm, new opportunities and a high degree of protection. All of our communication is forward-thinking, making the most of today, each day and all our tomorrows.”

Another satisfied client says, “Treena has been my Financial Consultant for a number of years. I do not think I fully appreciated her until my father passed away and I was tasked with helping my 82-year-old mother take charge of her finances and affairs. When dealing with my mother’s bank and the financial company holding some of her stocks, we were bounced between different people in call centres based out of Toronto and Montreal – with no local main contact to help us. We filled out numerous complicated forms multiple times. We were given misinformation and inconsistent messages. After months of being blocked from transferring money from an investment into my mother’s savings account, I introduced my mom to Treena.”

“…When Treena and her team took over, it felt like a huge burden was lifted. Treena listened. Then she explained options and gave background information, scenarios and choices. She translated the complicated world of finances, so we understood what we were doing, and we were able to make informed decisions. Then, she took care of all the tedious paperwork and follow-up with other entities, so we didn’t need to.”

“Clients are constantly bombarded with information and it has become increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. IG screens and selects economic information that supports informed financial decision-making. I consider it a very good day when I can help clients gain confidence and clarity and help them make sense of the world around them,” Treena adds.

One of the reasons Treena loves working with IG is because the company has a stable of in-house experts who are deeply experienced and enjoy providing advice and guidance to clients. “IG gives me access to all of the necessary tax, estate and investment specialists, as well as lawyers and accountants that I need to develop custom financial plans for clients.”

She adds, “Clients also appreciate having access to a whole universe of internal experts. I just had a client engage me to do a consultation with her father, sister and brother. Her father wanted to go to a taxation/estate lawyer. Because she was our client, I could give her ‘free’ access to in-house tax/estate expertise at no additional cost. This allowed her to get opinions before paying another professional,” Treena says.

Philosophy & Approach

Treena believes the only way to establish an emotional connection with clients is to get to know them on a very deep level. “I can’t recommend appropriate planning strategies if I don’t know anything about clients or what they are trying to accomplish.” Clients say Treena’s approachability, empathy, and passion are three of the qualities that they most appreciate about her. They also say that she makes them feel cared for and protected.

Treena says, “One client, a grandmother, sends me pictures of her two grandsons every Monday morning. This has nothing to do with her finances, financial plan or rate of return. I now look forward to Monday mornings as there is nothing better than pictures of healthy, happy boys to start my work week!”

Another satisfied client says, “I am an elderly widow, and I was in the process of trying to be sure that all aspects of my estate were in order. By chance, I saw a notice about an estate planning seminar hosted by Treena Nault. I attended and found it very informative. However, I still had questions pertaining to my own situation. I set up a meeting with Treena, myself and my heirs. She answered all our questions to everyone's satisfaction. We had several more conversations after which, with absolutely no pressure from Treena, I asked that she become my Financial Consultant.”

“Here is the perspective of one of my daughters: 'Treena has been very willing to include us in the conversations with our mother in such a way that we are all working together. I feel she has our mom’s best interest in mind.’

In these uncertain times, Treena keeps me informed of my financial situation on a regular basis and calmly gives advice. I am so glad that I attended that seminar.”

Treena is supported by a licensed associate, Jarilynn Oberg, her business manager/daughter, Sydney Nault, and assistant, Lydia Cloutier. “Lydia is a single mom who was a client. She has an amazing style and demonstrates the ‘people-first’ attitude that is so important to us, so we eagerly reached out and asked her to join our team.”

Up Close & Personal

Treena is often invited to speak on a wide variety of financial subjects and strategies including what is available to parents of autistic and disabled children, women and money, retirement and cottage succession planning. During COVID, she has continued to educate the public with online seminars and workshops including Retirement in Today’s Market, Staying the Course and Protecting Your Retirement in Times of Uncertainty. If you are interested in learning more or having a complimentary portfolio review, simply email

Treena has been married to Marc, a middle school teacher, for the past 28 years. The couple have two adult children. Her daughter, Sydney (24), has completed the Canadian Investment Funds course and works with Treena. Her son, Austin (21) is on a hockey scholarship, studying business finance in St. Paul, Minneapolis.

Harriet Tubman, the great American abolitionist, once said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

“We are all dreamers. As far back as I remember, I wanted to help people succeed. Whether I’m working with a client, a business owner, or a family, coaching another IG Consultant, or presenting at an internal conference or Facebook webinar, my current role allows me to make a difference in people’s lives on a micro and a macro level. I especially love being able to reprise my old role as teacher/educator as I work together with clients to create the solid financial underpinnings needed to have a dream life and a dream retirement,” Treena concludes.

Treena Nault is an Executive Financial Consultant with IG Private Wealth Management (Investors Group Financial Services Inc). She works collaboratively with clients to develop synchronized financial plans that help them create and preserve wealth and pass it on to the next generation tax-efficiently.

This article is published as a general source of information only. It is not intended to provide personalized tax, legal or investment advice, and is not intended as a solicitation to purchase securities. Treena Nault is solely responsible for its content. For more information on this topic or any other financial matter, please consult an IG Consultant. Logos including IG Private Wealth Management are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

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