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Laura Fitzsimons, Kaylin Fitzsimons & Tim Leonard, Lifecycle Wealth, Mandeville Private Client Inc. Toronto, ON


“Make More. Keep More. Live More”

Together, Lifecycle Wealth and Mandeville Private Client Inc. provide financial, insurance, investment and tax-smart solutions to professionals, business owners and high net worth individuals. The Partners at Lifecycle Wealth believe that with time, and when planned properly, clients can build real wealth and lasting financial security.

Their Lifecycle Wealth Plans create more wealth for their clients by utilizing the appropriate insurance and investment tools to reduce tax at each stage of life. “But,” says Laura Fitzsimons, one of the founding partners, “If you’re not careful, wealth can easily erode over time, especially when significant personal and corporate tax liabilities are either inefficiently structured or not addressed at all.”

“Our goal is to find resourceful ways to help clients reduce their tax exposure, grow their businesses, and enhance their lifestyles. In doing so, we combine various tax rules for business owners with access to standard and unique investment, insurance and personal debt strategies through Lifecycle Wealth and Mandeville Private Client Inc.,” Founding Partner, Tim Leonard explains.

That is how Lifecycle Wealth and Mandeville Private Client Inc. help clients protect their lifestyles and their legacies. “Our Wealth Retention Strategies reduce personal income tax and keep more money in clients’ pockets and our financial plans cover everything from graduation to incorporating the business through to retirement. We do everything in our power to help clients start off on the right foot and then position them to reap the benefits of Lifecycle Wealth’s solutions over their lifetime through tax-smart advice,” Kaylin adds.

Paying less personal income tax means there is more money available to pay for big ticket items like homes, recreational properties, children's education, and boats, planes, and other toys. “We share best-in-class, proactive ideas and collaborate with clients’ existing advisors so that nothing is overlooked or falls between the cracks,” Laura adds.

The Lifecycle Wealth team wants to make sure that clients are taking advantage of everything that is available to them. After years of analyzing people’s financial lives it is easy for Laura, Tim and Kaylin to see what’s missing and why the partners confidently say, “Give us ten minutes of your time and we’ll give you a lifetime of tax savings.”

Once things are structured properly, clients’ Lifecycle Wealth plans will work for the rest of their lives. When Revenue Canada changes things, the team only has to tweak the plan and the client is off and running again. Does the team’s Lifecycle Wealth Retention and Tax-Smart advice work? Clients like retired orthodontist, Dr. and Mrs. John Doucet certainly think so: (

If you want to learn how to “Start Enhancing Your Wealth and Living More Comfortably in Every Stage of life, go to the Let’s Talk Section of and download the complimentary eBook with the same name. If you want to receive a complimentary second opinion or to find out how to be tax-smart for life, simply email

Meet the Lifecycle Wealth Partners

Team members bring clients the benefit of over eighty years of combined experience. As a Wealth Retention Strategist for over thirty-five years, Laura Fitzsimons is passionate about bringing high impact tax-efficient solutions. She specializes in disability, critical illness, long-term care, life and health insurance as well as group benefits. As a broker, Laura has access to the products and support of all insurance carriers.

Laura first entered the insurance industry when she was in her early twenties when there was only a handful of women selling insurance. That is one of the reasons she is particularly proud of being recognized by Canada’s major insurance companies, as a Top Canadian Female Producer.

“One client, a London Ontario restaurant entrepreneur, purchased a life insurance policy from me. He wasn’t old or sick. But, six months later, he had a heart attack and died. What a feeling to be able to deliver a million dollar cheque and financial security to the family on their very worst day. Kaylin, has a similar story with a client who passed away due to cancer, seven months after obtaining life insurance,” Laura says.

Tim Leonard and Laura have worked together for a decade now, first when Tim was a Partner at Deloitte Canada and most recently, when he and Laura founded Lifecycle Wealth. Tim has a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario, a B.Com from the University of Windsor, and is a retired Chartered Accountant. Tim has advised private clients for over four decades now. He spent twenty-nine years at Deloitte Canada where he focused on aligning clients’ business and personal affairs.

“The government gives business owners a huge incentive to grow their companies, to employ Canadians, and to make Canada a better place to live, work, and play. Often because of regulatory restrictions, many people approach their personal and business financial affairs separately. Lifecycle Wealth looks at all aspects of clients’ personal and business financial lives,” Tim explains.

Laura’s daughter, Kaylin Fitzsimons, graduated with a degree in business management, organizational studies and human resources from the University of Western Ontario. After graduation in 2013, Kaylin started as an Executive Assistant to Laura and Tim and learned the business from the ground up.

Kaylin is dual licensed (insurance and investments) and became a Partner in 2017. At Lifecycle Wealth, Kaylin educates clients about insurance, including thinking of their insurance coverage as an asset, not just as a cost. She helps clients execute their Lifecycle Wealth Plans and provides access to high quality, traditional, public, private and alternative investments for clients at Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Up Close & Personal

Laura has two daughters, Kaylin, a Partner at Lifecycle Wealth, and Larissa, a realtor. Laura, Kaylin and Larissa all live in Toronto, only five blocks apart. “We’re geographically close but far enough away to have some privacy and independence,” Laura adds with a warm smile.

When Laura is not meeting with clients, you will probably find her socializing with new and old friends at the Wine Academy (, Toronto’s largest private social club, HotelX, Toronto’s chic high-rise hotel overlooking Lake Ontario (, or BILD, the voice of the homebuilding, land development and professional renovation industry in the GTA (

Unfortunately, Kaylin’s wedding was a COVID casualty. While she is waiting to resume her wedding plans, she is enjoying life on the Toronto waterfront, cooking wonderful meals, and looking forward to travelling again.

Tim is a member of the Whistle Bear Golf & Country Club and hits the links whenever he can. He is the longest-serving Board Member and the current chair of the Finance Committee at the Stratford Chef School, a not-forprofit career college focused on training aspiring chefs and culinary entrepreneurs (

As a last word, Laura and Kaylin say, “We become so close with clients that it almost feels as if they are members of our own family. We are their cheerleaders, their confidantes, as well as their financial consultants. We help clients move forward, make more, and keep more of their wealth. When things are organized properly clients don’t have to sacrifice anything. We also show clients how to have work/life balance, a great lifestyle, and most importantly, making clients wealthy.”

Lifecycle Wealth Plan is offered through Lifecycle Planning Inc. & Wealth Preservation Consulting Inc., which is a non-securities related business with no affiliation to Mandeville Private Client Inc. All nonsecurities related business conducted by the Mandeville Advisor is not in his/her capacity as an agent of Mandeville. Mandeville is not providing and does not supervise any of the above mentioned activities and you should not rely on Mandeville for any review of the service Mandeville Private Client Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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500 Queens Quay W. Suite 102E,

Toronto, ON M5V 3K8


Laura Fitzsimons

Partner & Insurance Advisor at Lifecycle Wealth

Tim Leonard

Partner at Lifecycle Wealth Investment Advisor at Mandeville Private Client Inc.

Kaylin Fitzsimons

Partner & Insurance Advisor at Lifecycle Wealth Investment Advisor at Mandeville Private Client Inc.

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