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“Helping Professionals and Small Business Owners Optimize

Their Wealth Through Effective Stewardship”

Cesar Lauper came to Canada from Peru when he was just 11 years of age. He learned the value of a dollar, hard work, and the Golden Rule from his mother, who supported four kids.

Prior to joining the Investment Planning Counsel in 2009, Cesar spent five years with Canada Life. “The company trained me well. But, working for an insurance company meant I could only offer clients the insurance solutions that were on the company’s product shelf,” the Certified Financial Planner® says. This was and is important to Cesar because he takes his stewardship/fiduciary responsibilities seriously.

Since he joined IPC, Cesar has helped professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners optimize their wealth. This unique demographic is able to generate money easily. But, that doesn’t mean they are doing so efficiently.

Cesar believes that you increase wealth when you save on fees. He also believes that wealth optimization involves setting up the proper legal and ownership structures, and having the proper insurance contracts in place. For business owners, this also includes succession planning for the business. “It is my job to give clients what they want. As the relationship grows I give them what they need,” Cesar says.

Philosophy & Approach

Cesar uses a biblical based framework for financial decision making. His practice and his Money Matters radio program, is informed by Seven Biblical Financial Principles, namely:

1. Shun debt and avoid financial problems (Proverbs 22:7)

With debt, the borrower becomes a slave to the lender. The result: financial bondage.

2. Spend your money wisely (Isaiah 55:2)

Even by setting aside 10 percent for tithing, the other 90 percent has to be spent wisely because failure to do so will impact your lifestyle.

3. Keep in mind, that what you have comes from God (James 1:17)

Everything, including your house, your car, your business/career, and your money belongs to God. You need to be a good steward and manage these gifts wisely.

4. Pray about every aspect of your finances (Matthew 7:7-8)

No one has to live with debt and fear as God wants the best for your finances so you can bless more people. Want to improve how much money you have? Bend the knee.

5. Love God, not money (Acts 8:20)

As long as you believe that money will make you happy, you will never have enough. Refocus your attention on what’s important (Ecclesiastes 5:10).

6. Learn to manage what God has given you (Luke 16:10)

In the end, we all have to account for what we did with our money.

7. Give generously so you will be blessed (Acts 20:35).

Coincidentally, two of the biggest principles, fiduciary responsibility and stewardship, are also a prerequisite for CFP® accreditation and maintenance - Cesar obtained this gold star designation in 2008, before he joined IPC.

“I became an independent broker so that I could access the full range of wealth management products and services. My commitment to never ending improvement involves a commitment to ongoing education so that I can speak intelligently about the current wealth accumulation strategies,” Cesar adds.

The CFP® was only the beginning. Cesar went on to earn his Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®), Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) and Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) designations. He is also a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI®).

As the quarterback or coach Cesar keeps his eye on the big picture. “The first thing that we do is to get a full understanding of who the client is, what’s important to him or her, their values and goals, and what keeps them up at night. This information is needed because it drives ALL of our holistic advice. Our proprietary process works because it is both unlimited and customized to suit the individual.”

Cesar then delves into the client’s entire financial picture, including his or her overall savings, borrowing, credit cards, mortgages, insurance and investments. “It is only by doing so that I can reduce costs and increase overall returns. 90 percent of the people that come to the office have many inefficiencies,” he explains.

“This is not necessarily because of bad advice or bad decision making. Rather, it’s because the advice and the decisions have been compartmentalized. No one has looked at everything. That’s where I come in. Because I work in a holistic fashion, inefficiencies and unintended consequences can be identified. Then, the moneys saved become new resources that can also be optimized,” he adds.

Cesar works with another CFP as well as life underwriters and portfolio managers. He has business relationships with other specialty resources like lawyers, tax accountants, realtors, mortgage brokers which can be accessed, if needed.

Up Close and Personal

Family and helping the next generation are very important to Cesar. He has been married for 15 years and the couple has 7 healthy and happy children and 5 grandchildren.

Cesar believes in the adage, “But for the grace of God go I.” For a couple of years now, he has supported OASIS Youth Care, a Christian faith-based transitional housing and wrap-around support service for youth aging out of child protection and foster care. In the spirit of Christian love and service, the NFP provides vulnerable and at-risk youth with relationships, knowledge and skills needed for their journey from the care system to being valuable members of the community (

“Most charities that provide the same or similar services, offer temporary or limited support. There are no limitations on the services provided by OASIS. Not only do they provide a stable home base for clients, the organization also provides life skills training. This is important because these youth typically don’t have the basics, like a good resume, which means they miss out on long-term employment opportunities.”

Cesar also volunteers at the Mississauga Food Bank delivering food to shut-ins. As another way of giving back, Cesar is one of the hosts of the radio program "Money Matters" on WDCX FM99.5 or 970AM. He also speaks about basic financial planning at various public events.

As a last word, Cesar says, “We never just make product decisions, we make human decisions including how the client’s money will be used to bless family members and gifting to make the world a better place. We also ensure that all cost reduction and tax minimization strategies are aligned and appropriate actions are taken to ensure financial risk is transferred to insurance companies. When all of these things plus estate and tax minimization strategies are addressed, clients typically enjoy cost efficient, risk-adjusted returns that meet their goals and more importantly, reflect who they are as individuals.”

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Cesar Lauper, CFP®, CIM®, FCSI®, AMP, CFDS

Financial Planner

IPC Investment Corporation

2 – 297 Lakeshore Rd. East

Oakville, ON. L6J 1J3

905-829-0959 ext. 223

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