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“You Can Retire With Dignity – I Care, I Have a Plan, and I Have a Process.”

Financial Advisor Nathan Gatt started his business in 2001 with zero dollars, zero clients, and a passion for managing money with the determination and focus of a professional athlete. Now, nearly 20 years later the practice he built from the ground up during uncertain economic times – is still going strong.

“I came into this business as a retired tennis professional,” explains Nathan. “I also played some very high-level hockey for a little bit. I instill confidence in my clients, and because of my background in athletics I tell them the same thing I would tell the international level Canadian tennis players I once coached – to succeed you need strength, courage and vigilance. My clients know I look out for their best interests whether the economy is good, bad or ugly.”

Nathan attended Brock University in St. Catharines, studying business and political science. He began teaching tennis at 16 years old. He’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has always been self-employed. While working with Tennis Ontario as a coach, he met a couple of Bond Traders who suggested he had the aptitude, personality and background to coach people making financial decisions. Living in Ottawa at the time, he began flying to the Niagara region on weekends to get his start in financial services.

“I decided to move back to Niagara, got my licensing and registration in order and interviewed with the big banks and a few other wealth management companies,” explains Nathan. “I didn’t really want to work for someone else, it just wasn’t in my nature from day one. I decided to open up shop as an independent Advisor and worked with a small financial group before teaming up with Manulife securities for about 12 years. For the past 5 years I’ve been with Worldsource Financial Management and it’s been a dream to work with them – they’re a great company.”

When Nathan switched to Worldsource he also made an application with regulators to register his company trade name, Gatt Wealth Management. For the insurance side of his practice he works with one of the largest independent managing general agencies (MGA) in Canada, The Gryphin Advantage Inc.

“I joined Gryphin 6 years ago and I call them my family – Gryphin strong,” says Nathan. “I also play on their hockey team, attend all of their conferences and have won leadership awards with their company. My Gryphin colleagues are an amazing group of people. Everyone has their own company but we all work together – we’re not competitors. I’ve surrounded myself with a group of professionals who genuinely want to help each other be successful.”

The feeling is 100% mutual. Gryphin’s president and founder Rod Millard has high praise for Nathan and Gatt Wealth Management.

“As a principle of one of Canada’s largest independently owned Agencies in the Financial Services industry, we are constantly searching to align ourselves with the leaders in our business,” says Millard. “Keenly interested in satisfying his clients’ financial needs, expectations and demands, Nathan Gatt has created a dynamic practice and has become one of our more valued Associates; a leader in our community. Well educated, enthusiastic and with a highly ethical approach, he is relentless in the pursuit of his clients’ best interests.”

A Single Dad Who Cares About Kids

Nathan and his two sons Mavryck (16) and Joaquin (12), live in Chippewa, a community located just outside of Niagara Falls. For the past 10 years he has been raising his sons as a single parent. Mavryck has taken after his father in the athletics department, playing competitive sports and studying at a prep school in Buffalo, New York.

Nathan himself continues to be actively involved in sports as an athlete and benefactor. He plays competitive hockey twice a week and tennis as often as he can. He also raises money for children’s cancer and mental health charities, including growing his hair and shaving his head 3 times to donate to the charity Wigs for Kids.

“I do a lot for kids,” explains Nathan. “Because I have two boys of my own, it’s very close to my heart. If someone asks me to help with something related to kids I will always say yes. I’m on the board of Family and Children Services of Niagara. We have approximately 300 foster kids in Niagara homes who we help pay for their health and dental benefits. With the Covid19 stay at home orders, domestic abuse/child abuse is on the rise, making this organization even more important. I also sponsor soccer teams, hockey teams, and lacrosse teams. I donate money to associations to make sure kids can play.”

In addition to supporting existing initiatives to engage kids who don’t have access to the resources or funding to play team sports, Nathan and a partner started their own charity to support and give the gift of sport to kids in need.

“We started a charity golf tournament to help raise money,” says Nathan. “Our board reviews applications from kids hoping to obtain funding to participate in sports. We make a decision about where the greatest need lies and donate money to help kids, getting them involved in athletics and helping keep them out of trouble.”

Gatt Wealth Management – Caring About Your Money

Nathan’s philosophy is to actively engage clients, rather than “selling” them on what to do, he prefers to ask what they think – he considers it a family approach to money management.

“I call my clients colleagues because we’re in this together for one future goal – to retire with dignity,” he explains. “I’ve added to my services. Last year I finished the CEA designation (Certified Executor Advisor). I use this knowledge to help a client dig deeper, expedite the process and find money when someone passes on. When it comes to someone’s finances, losing money is not an option – finding money based on research and knowledge is a win.”

Nathan truly cares about his clients’ money like it’s his own. He always puts a client’s needs first and his mission statement is to help people retire with dignity. He feels this is even more important today during a recession. From older clients to new, he has received many positive endorsements for his approach.

“We can’t say enough about the excellent counsel and professional advice we received from Nathan…” say retirees Bonnie and Douglas Lochhead. “Being one of his original clients 15 years ago his genuine concern for our family’s welfare, and caring, thoughtful approach to our financial planning is what impressed us most.”

Bonnie and Douglas also have high praise for the service and entire team at Gatt Wealth Management, they’ve recommended the firm to many close friends and relatives. The sentiment is matched by other long-term clients of Gatt Wealth Management, such as Dr. Kevin Mongeon, Ph.D and Janique Dubois, Ph.D who are likewise continually recommending Nathan and his team.

“We have been working with Nathan and his team for over 12 years now,” the University Professors explain. “A seasoned veteran of the wealth management industry, Nathan and everyone he works with have always had our best interests in mind. He treats our money like it is his own! He’s got a great eye for “what’s the upcoming trend” and that’s important to us. He gives us great investment options, always looking to lower our costs but most importantly he is always showing us and discussing with us about protecting what we own. We discuss looking towards the future when it comes to planning our estate and also building a solid foundation for our 2 young children with Education plans and permanent life insurance…”

Of course, team is the key – Nathan doesn’t do it alone and credits his executive associate Sarah MacGregor as his “lifeline.”

Social Media and Technology – Investing in the Future

Nathan is a firm believer in using social media and technology to reach as many people as possible. He also believes in helping other businesses and working together to increase that reach. He works with a trusted social media advisor, Wendy Alana, who he credits as a “wordsmith” and since the pandemic began, he posts daily updates on the Gatt Wealth Instagram Page.

“I post a daily update every morning that gets over a couple hundred views,” says Nathan. “It’s a one-minute clip discussing what today’s market is going to look like and a reminder to get some fresh air – the response has been unbelievable. Now I’m investing more towards social media marketing. I want new and younger clients to know that I’m technologically engaged. I also use the platform to promote and help other businesses. With regard to tech – I still do old school paper stuff, but I also use other technologies to assist me in my practice, Zoom Meetings and DocuSign. I try to cover all spaces so that all generations know they’re taken care of. I've been working from home electronically for two years now and while I still visit the office for client meetings I can do more work from home before 7am and after 8 pm than many people do in a week – virtual spaces can be the productivity boost we need for the future.”

While Nathan trusts Wendy Alana to assist him with his online presence, she in turn, trusts him with her finances and is a client too.

“First things first, I am a single woman who, like many young ladies who may not be educated in the typical “mans world” (i.e mechanics, car dealerships and financial advice) has been taken advantage of in my younger years by savvy sharks who could almost smell my inexperience and trepidation,” explains Alana. “Nathan was referred to me by a friend and after a year of me saying no thank you to his financial advice, he won me over with his tenacity... As an owner of a small business [Wendy Alana Photography], I can’t afford bad advice. I trust Gatt Wealth with my life savings. You can too.”

Growth in a Time of Crisis

Nathan has experienced continued growth despite the Covid-19 pandemic. He’s been steadily busy and has even increased the workload for his assistant, keeping Sarah busy at her home office.

“I have clients all over and friends/family asking me for advice,” explains Nathan. “I’m at a point in my career where I’m interviewing clients more than they’re interviewing me – many people don’t qualify for what we do. I refer some people off to a junior associate because I want to work with fewer households where I can do what I do best. Due to word of mouth I’m swamped right now, because of the change in the markets, clients are referring people to me for a second opinion. With existing clients I’ve been busy keeping them abreast of what’s happening.”

Nathan equates working well as an advisor under the pressures of the pandemic to performing at your best in sports when the stakes are high.

“There's an analogy in hockey that the stars shine during the playoffs,” says Nathan. “Since the pandemic hit – this is our playoffs. In times of high anxiety and when people are worried about their money – this is when your advisor should shine, now is the time when the good ones should shine.”

Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds provided by the Fund Companies are offered through Worldsource Financial Management Inc., sponsoring mutual fund dealer. All other insurance products and related services are offered through Nathan Gatt

April Potter is a veteran writer with expertise in financial services including nearly 15 years in debt restructuring.

April has written for multiple online publications on a variety of subjects and offers a range of social media.

Also a painter, her background in finance is balanced by her artistic endeavors.

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