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“Rolling With the Punches”

In 2005, David Kilpatrick, owned and operated Santa Fe Marble & Tile. His company installed all of the lower mainland Home Depot marble and tile. David decided to transition into real estate/house flipping. In 2007, he moved to Kelowna, obtained his real estate license, and joined Royal LePage. It looked like his plans were ready to come to fruition. But, as we all know, life is often unpredictable and external circumstances can derail even the best laid plans, which is exactly what happened in David’s case.

In June 2008, David was involved in a bad car accident. He shattered his right femur (leg) and fractured his left forearm. His right arm also broke backwards which severed the main artery and damaged the nerves. “That night, I was told that they would likely have to cut off my arm and my leg. I passed out. When I awoke I found my arm in a cast and my leg still attached. Thankfully, a young doctor successfully moved the artery from my left leg to my right arm/inner elbow and saved it,” David says.

“My right leg was popped out of its hip; the marrow was drilled out and a rod was placed through the middle of the bone which was then screwed into place. I was in the hospital recuperating for almost three months. Although I still have limited movement in my right hand, I recognize that I was very lucky and things could have been much, much worse,” David says.

Six months before David’s car accident, his eldest brother was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that crushed his skull and put him into a coma for eight months. His brother lost an eye; the other one was compromised. “What a year that was for my poor parents!” All of these medical emergencies took place in 2008, around the same time as the housing and financial markets were imploding.

“My three months in the hospital was followed by two years of physiotherapy. I had help from ICBC to get back on my feet. But, even with this help, I ran through about five years of savings in one year,” he adds. These two life-changing events ignited his interest in the importance of having the right financial advice and the benefits of insurance.

“I quickly realized that my brother and I could have been in much better financial shape had we both had disability policies. I also liked the fact that insurance is basically recession proof. Given what my brother and I had just gone through this was very appealing to me.”

David has now worked in the financial services industry for 10+ years. He joined The Co-operators in 2015 where he helps people define their financial goals and dreams and make them a reality - no matter what life throws at them.

"I have experience working with people from all walks of life, whether it's businesses looking to pull money out of the corporations in tax effective ways, new families looking to protect their spouses and kids, helping retirees plan for their estates or helping trades people - I grew up and worked in trades -set up a predictable guaranteed retirement plan.”

At The Co-operators, David specializes in Investments (through a sister company, Credential Asset Management), Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Liquidity Planning, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Group Benefits, and Home, Farm, and Business insurance. “We are a true “one-stop shop” and I am licensed in each of those areas.”

For example, many people don’t know that Canadian tax laws allow for tax-free guaranteed investments or that you can buy insurance for illnesses such as cancer or a heart attack. Some carriers even refund 100% of the premiums if the policy holder doesn’t make a claim.

“I love to show people that they can use insurance to protect themselves but also as a means to fund retirement. In other words, you can use insurance as a tax sheltered investment, and critical illness policies as a savings vehicle that also provide protection in the event of an illness.”

Clients describe David as a “no-pressure” insurance agent. He works with a dedicated seven-person internal team. Together, David his office manager, 2 commercial agents and 3 personal lines agents have more than 70 years combined industry experience; many have worked in David’s office for 14+ years.

Up Close & Personal

Giving back to the community that has been so good to him, David, and many other Co-operators agents, have helped raise funds for a dialysis unit and breast imaging machine at Eagle Ridge Hospital, a medical facility located in Port Moody, British Columbia and a new mental health ward at Royal Columbian Hospital, a major tertiary care facility. The Co-operators also recently donated $4,000 to the music program at Urban Academy, in New Westminster. David helped fund a portion of the school’s Gala Fundraising event.

David is a newlywed. He and his beautiful wife, Matlin, tied the knot in March 2019, in beautiful Cabo. The couple are proud parents to kitty Indy (Indiana Jones). David purchased Indy before Christmas 2018 and Matlin’s dad held onto her until Christmas Day. “Indy was wearing a customized collar I had printed that said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I presented Indy to Matlin as a Christmas gift. As she was reading the message on her collar, I got down on my knee and popped the question,” he says with a smile.

In his spare time David loves to snowboard and he and Matlin hike and travel whenever they can. David also loves to read and is a fan of George RR Martin (Game of Thrones), Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time), Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind), and JRR Tolkien (the Hobbit series).

As a last word, David says, “Two of my favourite J.R.R. Tolkien quotes are, “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities,” and, “The biggest adventure is what lies ahead.” Let me help you confidently face the future, knowing you are prepared for any curve balls life may throw your way.”

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