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An Impactful Leadership Coach"

Providing leadership for change – that has been the focus for David Paquette who has served as the President of Paquette Management Services since 1995. As a management consultant, executive coach and leadership trainer, he has worked with executives, senior managers and boards of directors to successfully navigate and thrive in change. He holds a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration which is specialized in organizational administration and program evaluation and a bachelor’s degree in political science. He is also an experienced and trained facilitator as well as certified Executive Coach.

His firm provides a range of services including management consulting, leadership and executive coaching, and board governance training. Paquette says that effective leadership “gets made out to be complex, but that it’s really quite simple: one needs to be self-aware, kind, organized, and lead by example.” For organizations to be successful, it is essential that leaders develop a clear vision to work on with their teams as well as clearly defined goals and outcomes to be achieved. This approach enables organizations/companies to develop action plans and implement strategies to achieve their goals and also provides an easy way to monitor and evaluate their performance.

David recently published his first book entitled How to be a Great Leader: 7 Steps to Success for CEOS, Executives and Senior Leaders, which is available on Amazon. The tips and strategies outlined in his book are based on his extensive experience (more than 24 years) working with senior leaders and boards of directors and observing leaders in action. Through this work, he was able to identify the unique skills and attributes of successful leaders and how others could use these same strategies to accelerate their performance and become more effective leaders. He is also developing an on-line course based on the material contained in his book which will provide participants with a more in-depth and hands-on interactive learning experience. This course is a leadership guidebook and will allow participants to reflect on what they are doing now as leaders and what steps they can take to have more impact in their workplaces.

Paquette explains that in order to build a positive and sustainable work culture, it is vital that leaders foster teamwork and a healthy workplace. This is done by listening, being respectful, kind, fair and inclusive. A positive work culture also requires good and consistent 2-way communication as well as a commitment to individual and shared accountability for attaining organizational outcomes. To this end, he sees himself as a facilitator/coach whose primary objective as a leader is unifying and supporting his team to maximize their performance. This is done by building on the strengths of each team member, providing advice and direction and setting them free to exceed your expectations.

Paquette is now focusing his attention on transitioning his business to focus on providing leadership training, individual and group executive coaching and professional speaking engagements. He currently provides leadership training through Leaders at Work an interactive workshop series as well as through seminars and his soon to be released on-line course. He also works with boards of Directors to improve their leadership and governance practices via Great Governance Guide which is a training and interactive workshop series. On the speaking front, he is available to provide his positive and humorous leadership message to organizations, businesses and associations through keynote and speaking engagements at conferences annual meetings and special events.

One of the many reasons he loves this industry is that there is the opportunity for continuous learning and growth for him and clients alike. He believes that experiential learning is vital to individual growth and that mentors are an amazing resource for accelerating one’s learning and performance. He also is an advocate that all of us should have mentors. Mentors have shared their experience and advice with him, and he endeavours to share his accumulated wisdom whenever he has the opportunity to do so. By paying it forward, you can help others get better faster and ultimately improve the world around you.

Along with seeking and accepting support from others his key advice is: be clear about what it is you want to achieve, visualize it continually; implement actions daily which move you towards your goal, believe in yourself and you will achieve your goal. Life isn’t all about work and it’s important to have a balance. He does this by spending time with his wife and 3 boys and getting together with friends and family. It is also important to re-energize yourself and David does this by spending time in the bush and on the water, exercising and playing hockey, golf and tennis. He is grateful that he gets to help others in their quest to become better leaders and welcomes the opportunity to be of service to your organization/business in the near future.

Lindsay Soberano-Wilson is a Teacher and Freelance Writer of over 15 years whose work has been published both in print and online. She has experience writing feature articles and interviews for community newspapers like Markham Review and magazines like Lifestyles. In addition to an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing, she holds a MA in English Literature.


David Paquette, President


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