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LYNN WHETHAM, CFP®, Financial / Insurance Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd. Cambridge, On.



“Mindful Money Management”

Lynn Whetham is a Financial Writer, Educator, Speaker, International Radio Show Host, Professor, Retirement Counsellor and Planned Giving Consultant with the Donor Motivation Program™. She is passionate about helping people discover the tools and the knowledge they need to become “financially fit for life” which includes being mindful of how they spend, invest and donate.

Lynn has been providing holistic financial advice to clients for over 25 years. She earned her Certified Financial Planning designation in 2000, when she was just a rookie. Her ‘why’ is empowering successful people to take control of their finances and empowering them do the things they love to do, with the people they love to be with, and to make the contribution to family and community that they long to make. “Money is a tool,” she says, “and success is a matter of being taught how to use the tool.”

Lynn recently left her previous business in St. George to join Assante Capital Management Ltd. at 855 King St. E. in Cambridge ( “It has been a busy two years. I’ve met new clients, completed several courses, and learned about all of the great opportunities Assante offers clients.” She is ably assisted by Assistant Heidi Hirschmann, and partner, Heather Ferber Black. Other in-house professionals, including accountants, tax and estate planning specialists, and lawyers are also available to assist when required. Clients appreciate the team’s passion, unique focus, and approach on ensuring they are financially fit for life.

One satisfied client says, “…Lynn took the time to not only listen to my financial goals but also took the time to get to know me as a person. She has been with me through many ups and downs. As a result, she offers a life-plan investment strategy specifically tailored to the individual that is realistic, attainable, flexible and takes into consideration emotional aspects that can often de-rail good financial intentions.”

What is Financial Mindfulness?

Elaine Smookler, RP, Faculty at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Columnist at Mindful Magazine and Facilitator at The Mindfulness Project at The Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, defines Mindfulness as, “Paying attention, in a particular way, in the present moment, aided by certain practices to help train attention and develop awareness. A person might study it to become awake, and aware and to develop the ability to stay present and focused.“ Mindful money management is therefore the process of becoming aware of where we choose to spend, invest, donate, and leave our money behind and ensuring these decisions reflect what’s important to us.

Some people believe that profit comes at the expense of values. Lynn is not one of them. “When we invest in a mindful way, we can respect both. It is also important that clients know what is going to happen before it happens, for example, when they arrive at the retirement crossroads. Because we’ve talked about it so often nothing is a surprise and decisions don’t have to be made quickly or emotionally. This reduces anxiety and stress.”

“It’s also important that people understand that there’s a big difference between building and accumulating and spending that wealth. It’s a huge shift mentally and emotionally. It’s also crucial that people are aware of the tax implications of spending and living off of their wealth during retirement. It is important to work with a financial professional that understands these differences.”

Lynn’s clients appreciate her philosophy and “financial fitness for life” approach. Another satisfied client says, “I trust Lynn to guide me. She is a needle in the haystack. It's not all about her suite of products for short term gain. Lynn invests time in her clients for long term relationships in an ongoing quest to provide the best investment strategy…”

A Commitment to Sharing What She Knows

Education has always been important to Lynn and she is a natural teacher. Whether it is teaching music, which she did for 13 years, or teaching college level financial planning to those pursuing a financial career, Lynn is always eager to share what she knows. This commitment continues unabated.

She is a regular contributor to the publication, Neighbours of West Galt and recently co-authored, “Retire Abundantly – The Proven Principles To Create A More Worry Free Retirement With Less Stress!” with internationally recognized author, speaker and consultant, Scott Keffer.

Part I of “Retire Abundantly” describes the current state of the retirement planning industry and the ways in which traditional planning has damaged or even destroyed the retirement and the legacies of many. Part II discusses the things that can derail an abundant retirement. Part III defines the mindset that leads to a worry-free retirement, and Part IV outlines steps to creating your unique path to the future you envision.

Lynn teaches “Joyful Retirement” at Conestoga College in Waterloo. To register for an upcoming class or to schedule a complimentary Retirement Conversation, simply email Lynn at She also hosts “Mindful Money Management” as well. The monthly radio show focuses on empowering socially conscious individuals to manage their financial resources for the benefit of themselves, their families and the greater community. Find Lynn’s show

As well, Lynn often speaks about Mindful Money practices to hospital foundations, not for profits, and other donor planning organizations throughout North America. “Everyone is interested in allocating funds to charities and not for profits that would have otherwise gone to taxes. And, we all want to make a difference,” the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® says.

“These conversations often lead to families making decisions together which means there are no big surprises when the will is read. And, securing long-term funding sources is so important to the charities.” A highlight of every year is her attendance at the annual Donor Motivation Planned Giving Summit in Pittsburgh and the annual Canadian Association of Gift Planners Conference where she enjoys membership.

Up Close & Personal

Lynn has served the arts community as a board member of the Kiwanis Boys Choir, and, before joining the board of the Grand River Festival, acted as their volunteer coordinator.

She is currently an international member of the Lions Club, a member of the board of ARCADY and a past board member of The Bridges, the Cambridge Homeless Shelter. She has four adult daughters and three grandchildren and lives on a hobby farm with her husband, Neil. Lynn’s favourite past time is trail riding with her horse, Winchester, and playing fetch with her dog, Newton. Lynn often vacations with her four- legged friends. “In August 2018, while trail riding in Alberta, we had rain, sleet, hail. I wouldn’t have changed even one minute of it.”

As a last word, Lynn says, “In over 25 years in the financial industry, I have seen many people make costly mistakes due to misunderstanding popular guidance. For example, many people believe that there is a one size fits all financial plan and that just isn’t the case. Part of being mindful and financially fit for life is becoming aware of our what’s important to us. I really do everything in my power to show people how their money can enhance their lives and do the things they want it to do. It is a joyful calling.”

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Lynn Whetham CFP

Financial Advisor and Insurance Advisor

Assante Wealth Management

103-855 King St. East

Cambridge, ON N3H 3P1

Office 519-653-3397

Cell 519-654-8342

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