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"Communication, Collaboration & Customization

Alejandro grew up in Colombia and emigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1998, with his mother, father and sister. Under their Entrepreneurial Visa, his parents had to start a business, and employ Canadians. When they moved to Canada, Alejandro’s parents went from being well established executives and business owners in Colombia, to start-up entrepreneurs in a different country, with a different language, and zero family, friend or business support.

“I witnessed their struggles to start and run a business while maintaining and leading the family to success, and giving my sister and I the absolute best, even when they couldn’t always afford to do so. It was their efforts and courage that led me to work so hard in life,” Alejandro Mejia says.

Alejandro is a Certified Financial Planner with a BBA and a major in Finance from Simon Fraser University. He entered the financial services industry in 2009. In 2012, Alejandro joined Gord Schellenberg at Quasar Financial, where he is Associate Advisor for investment and insurance portfolios. He hasn’t looked back since.

“One of things I like about Gord is that he treats financial planning like a business, not as a practice. Partnering with him was the best business decision I ever made. We have built our business on referrals from existing clients and professional sources including lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, and realtors. Our partnership, our friendship, and our success, continues to prove the veracity of our collaboration,” Alejandro says.

The Three C’s – Communication, Collaboration & Customization

Since each clients’ family, professional situation, and goals and dreams are all different, there is no one-size-fits-all financial planning approach that will work. “I ask questions, lots of questions. We talk about family planning, their businesses, their professions, their concerns, their fears, their successes, their failures, and everything in between. All of this information is necessary for customization to occur.”

When Alejandro is finished collecting the necessary numerical data, clients’ financial plans will include financial, asset and risk management, tax planning, corporate planning, and retirement and estate planning strategies. All of this information is necessary to maximize clients’ personal and corporate wealth.

“Canada is one of the harshest taxed countries in the world. I identify strategies that will reduce my clients’ tax load, which frees up funds to enhance their lifestyles. I also ensure my clients’ plans address the three most overlooked components - Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance. Then, I look at my clients’ retirement abilities and time frames.”

The clients’ advisors (accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker, banker, realtor etc.) are also consulted. The information is then synthesized into a completely tailored plan which is presented to the client. Questions, comments, and objections are both welcomed and encouraged. “We meet as often as necessary to ensure the plan is in order and that we are both living up to our commitments to an ongoing business relationship,” Alejandro adds.

Giving Back

Alejandro and Gord believe in giving back and support Kidsport Foundation, a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under ( “Gord and I both have kids and love sports. Quasar Financial started a golf tournament three years ago. In our first year, our goal was to raise $25K; we raised $46K. In our second year, our goal was $50K, we raised $65K. This is our third year, and we are extremely proud to have raised north of $72K. These funds will be used to eliminate the financial barriers for children who cannot participate in organized sport due to financial barriers,” says Alejandro.

”We also believe in ongoing education on financial concepts for ourselves, our clients, and our youth. Unfortunately, most high school students don’t understand how credit cards work, what a mortgage is or what it takes to qualify for one, or why they should use a TFSA or RSP. Whenever possible, I return to schools, including my own, to fill in some of these information gaps and I’m excited about doing more of these kinds of presentations in the future.“

High school students are not the only ones that need information to make informed financial decisions. “Not many adults are aware of what happens to their assets, or the fees or taxes that must be paid when they pass away. Educating clients on these factors is of huge benefit to the whole family.”

Alejandro has successfully acquired his CFP® and CLU®, the gold standards in the financial services industry. He also received awards for the highest grades across Canada. “In my mind these awards don’t necessarily represent how smart I am, but rather how committed I am to my work and to my clients. I want to be the best because I serve the best.”

Alejandro continues to attend numerous conferences and seminars to further develop his skills. “I learned at a young age, that there is always something bigger and better and that it is in my own, and my clients’ best interests to keep pushing those molecules.”

Having all the money in the world does not necessarily translate into having a happy life. “I have a business partner and clients that I respect, and a wonderful family which consists of my beautiful wife Victoria, our oldest son, Sebastian, our youngest daughter Camila and our Australian Sheppard dog, and my fishing buddy, Coho.”

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