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"Living the Posh Life "

A Man for All Seasons is a play by Robert Bolt based on the life of Sir Thomas More, an English lawyer, social philosopher, author, statesman and councillor to Henry VIII. As the play unfolds, we learn that, regardless of the personal consequences, this “Man of Integrity” stands by his principles. The reason this play still resonates is because so few professionals embody these qualities.

As evidenced by the client testimonials that follow, Patrick Posh, an award-winning broker with Royal LePage Your Community Realty, is a “Man of Integrity.” Here’s just a sampling of client feedback.

He is trustworthy and a man of integrity

“I came to trust Patrick a couple of years ago when I was looking at a property that I thought was perfect! It was a little rough around the edges but nothing I couldn’t fix. I wanted to close on it before someone else did. Patrick was going to get a very large commission when the property closed but he would not let me buy it! He pulled comparisons to show me that the price was too high and told me that the value wouldn’t appreciate enough in time for me to make it up. He showed me the structural issues and costs associated with fixing them. Had I moved forward with the deal I would have been in the red. He actually talked me out of that deal only to find me an amazing one a few weeks later. Honesty and integrity are definite values that Patrick has and I trust him implicitly!”

He is knowledgeable

“I call Patrick ‘Mr. Real Estate’ because he is just as comfortable buying and selling residential properties, including pre-construction, as he is buying and selling commercial properties. It takes a different skill set to negotiate with builders about a property that will not be ready for occupancy for 3-5 years. Patrick knows his stuff and I rely on him to assess if the property is likely to increase in value during that time. Patrick has a roster of proven contacts and access to the best pre-construction deals.”

Patrick values people and quality work over money

“Sure, he’s in this business to make money but I never got the impression that money was more important than people. Patrick never treats me like a number. He has become one of my most trusted advisors and is always generous with his time, his advice, and his contacts and suppliers. I can’t imagine ever working with anyone else.”

He does business on a handshake

“It may sound old fashioned, but Patrick’s word is his bond. Let me give you an example. I had never done business with him before. When we agreed on a purchase price for one of my properties, we shook hands on the deal and agreed to meet later that same day to put pen to paper. Within an hour I had a certified cheque in my hands, even though we were not scheduled to meet until the afternoon. Patrick did not want me to worry about his sincerity.”

He is professional, organized, and prepared

“It’s so nice when you set up a meeting with someone who is dressed sharply and professionally, has all the paperwork, comparisons, and all the documents that are needed, including copies, ready to go in his briefcase. That is Patrick every time!”

He is humble

“Patrick doesn’t tell me how great he is or brag about his list of clientele; he just does great work and lets that speak for itself.”

He believes in the pursuit of excellence

“Aristotle once said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit,’ and it’s clear to me that Patrick has great habits. He’s an avid reader and is always expanding his real estate knowledge and upgrading his hard and soft skills. If he’s not meeting with a client, writing an offer, or showing properties, you can find him in the gym, because Patrick believes that a healthy mind depends on a healthy body, and that both are necessary for excellence. I also understand that he is a member of a master mind alliance.”

He is responsive

“When I call and leave a voicemail, I know Patrick will call me back quickly. When I need to bounce something off of him, he makes the time to listen to my ideas and concerns. He makes me feel like he enjoys talking to me as much as I enjoy talking to him.”

He is patient

“Patrick has the patience to explain the process and is always willing to fill in the information gaps and to teach me. When my parents were looking to sell their house, I introduced them to Patrick. Being a bit older in age, my dad would sometimes ask the same question several times. I was a bit embarrassed but Patrick would just smile and answer. He was incredibly kind.”

Royal LePage Your Community Realty Royal LePage Your Community

Realty is Canada’s largest independently-owned Royal LePage franchise, and accounts for roughly 80% of Real Estate Sales within York Region, Canada’s largest and fastest growing municipality. Patrick is in the top 3% of sales nationally and has been honoured with a Rising Star award in 2017. He also won the Diamond Award in each of the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 - quite an accomplishment given that Patrick only received his license in 2014.

Patrick attributes a large part of his success to his broker/owner, Vivian Risi. “Vivian saw something in me. I am very grateful to be the beneficiary of her proven advice, guidance and mentorship. I am also a big fan of American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach, Anthony Robbins. I welcome every opportunity to incorporate Risi and Robbins’ business, financial and life advice and strategies into my real estate practice and client relationships,” Patrick explains.

Before he studied for his broker’s license, the award-winning realtor was a real estate investor. “Thousands of people in Richmond Hill have used my unique approach to successfully buy and sell their properties with zero risks and zero sacrifices. I love helping people reach their dreams as investors and as home owners. I think real estate is the best, most stable, investment you will ever make, whether you are investing in a home to shelter the people you love the most in this world, or are securing their financial future with an investment property.”

If you want to live the “Posh Life” and to receive any of the exclusive VIP reports to help you with your next purchase or sale and learn how to invest your time and money wisely in the market, simply email Patrick Posh at

Up Close & Personal

Patrick is a family man and he and his wife Sarah have three children. Patrick cares about women and children’s charities because, “They are our foundation” and proudly supports Sick Kids Hospital and Yellow Brick House. “It’s very important to give back to the community when and where you can,” Patrick says.

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8854 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 0T4

Patrick Posh Broker 416-882-8080

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