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30 years of “feet-on-the-street” employment experience

If you have been restructured, downsized, or packaged out, and have no idea where to turn or what to do next, can help. Wendy Shully, Founder and CEO of the one-of-a-kind, top down/bottom up, career management site says, “We are proud to offer our subscribers online accessible content, tools and interactive workbooks for job seekers, and people seeking career transition and career management assistance. All of our content has been built and vetted by employment experts with feet-on-the-street, hiring, employment, and career management experience.

”In addition to the frustration, fear, and loss of personal power, regardless of employment level, without the security of a steady stream of income, the future can look pretty bleak. Even with a settlement package, Wendy encourages everyone to be proactive about finding the next opportunity. “It is a mistake to sit back and act like Iowa farmer Ray - in the movie “Field of Dreams” - a mysterious voice told Ray that if he built a baseball diamond in his cornfield “they” will come. Although things might have worked out well for Ray in a Hollywood movie, you need more than a cornfield or a professional resume/profile in the real world,” Wendy says.

“Today’s employment marketplace is confusing, fragmented and public – think social media. It is also extremely competitive. Most people don’t know how to tap into the hidden job market, or how to deal with all of the employment gatekeepers. This is true at every hiring level. It is especially true for executives who may have a hard time switching gears and accepting the fact that they are no longer the boss. Executives, along with everyone else, need to understand how to design and conduct an effective employment search and how to manage their careers.” teaches people how to get started, how to understand today’s job market, how to drill into the hidden job market, how to deal with multiple offers, how to get multiple offers, and how to negotiate compensation. Because most people have been part of a team while they were working, being a subscriber of the virtual team reassures job seekers that they aren’t facing the battle alone. The statistics are also reassuring - on average, subscribers have a 99% acknowledgement and/or resume/profile view rate.

The website also addresses things you may never have thought about before, like how to deal with cyberchondria or social media creepers.

The site also offers online safety tips like:

• Identify theft is the “new normal” today.

• Nobody knows where digital stalkers may surface including the Internet providers. Wrongdoers are moving and changing models too fast for the authorities to catch them all. It is up to you to stay vigilant.

• Stay alert, be wary and careful when registering with any online business, job board or social networking website.

• Don’t put your home address on our CV; just include your city or postal/zip code.

• Don’t post images or words indicating that you are out of town on any social media sites.

None of us can solve a problem that we don’t know we have. In a straight forward, action-oriented way, the content offered at walks subscribers through the good, the bad and the not-so-good of job search in today’s digital world. It also teaches subscribers how to be masters of their own employment destinies. The anytime/anywhere accessible content addresses employment, hiring, how to be hired, how to manage your career, and everything in between.

The actionable items are purposefully designed to reduce frustration, and to keep the subscribers’ hopes up and their job search and career management activities moving forward. The site also includes content on career and personal branding, reputation management, change management, work/life balance, and learning how to shake off whatever is going on in your life to move forward.

Change is never easy and learning new approaches can be daunting. Access to relevant, real life, employment content eases the user into the path forward. There are separate subscription levels/solutions for Organizations / Employers, Individuals and New Graduates. All subscribers have immediate access to content within their subscription level.

Topics include multiple job transition programs as well as career planning, promotion programs and interactive workbooks that are all available in an easy-to-use, navigable format. All content has been designed to walk subscribers through personal and professional real-time issues so that the path of gaining new employment and career planning becomes second nature.

Anyone seeking to find employment or to manage their employment path can do so, in one easy-to-use robust format. Organizations/Employers can offer full access to all exiting team members, Individual Subscribers can choose to purchase all access or basic access and New Graduates have their own specific subscription package.

All Access Subscriptions include targeted programs for exiting executives, managers and staff level team members. Samples of content to get started as well as pre and post interview topics include:

• Understanding Today’s Job Hiring Market.

• Prospect Activity Tracker (interactive workbook); gives the subscriber an interactive tool to manage their entire job search, from contacts to job postings. The tool also tracks all employment opportunities.

• How to Build or Revise your Digital Profile & Manage your Digital Reputation – critical today.

• How to Build your Resume and Profile to Match Requirements with Job Postings. • Specific Job Search Strategies.

• What Organizations Must do That Job Seekers Need to Know. • Empowering Job Seekers.

• Cover Letter and Resume Samples.

• How to Generate Job Search Success in our Digital World – Overview and Deep Dive.

• Behavioural Interview Preparation/Quick Tips and General Practice Interview Preparation Questionnaires.

• Workbooks that drill into 80+ sample interview preparation questions for your specific hiring level and that help you manage your career.

• Psychometric Testing Preparation.

• Understanding What Recruiters Expect From Their Candidates & How to Maximize Opportunities to be Selected for Interviews by Recruiters.

• Strategies to Reach Hiring Managers and Target the Selection Process.

• How to Cope with Interview Age Discrimination Issues, to name a few.

Post interview topics include:

• How to Cope with Disappointment, Rejection or, with Great Luck, Employment Offers.

• Employment Offer - Accept or Decline?

• Counter Offer – Trap or Gift?

• Overview & Deep Dive - Multiple Offers Received or Declined.

• Thank You Letter Samples & Closing Letter Samples.

• Salary Negotiation – Be Clear, Concise & Confident - Deep Dive and Quick Tips, to name a few.

There is also a host of other tools including:

• Over 40 with Great Experience and at a Career Crossroad.

• Over 50 and Having Next Career Step Challenges.

• Are you a Change Agent or a Road Blocker?

• Career Promotion.

• Career Management 101.

• Check List for Promotion Planning, to name a few.

Organizations are happy that there is finally another option to the traditional outplacement model. With a subscription, organizations can afford to ensure all exiting team members have an opportunity for post-employment assistance. A 12- month organization subscription is more cost effective than several separate, fixed term, traditional outplacement packages. There is no limit to the number of seats or packages that can be purchased.

More importantly, the organization administrator controls the user experience and manages how the time is allocated. Sharing services in this way results in reduced costs. For example, a soon to be ex-employer can gift an exiting employee access for four months, expire that access, and add the next exiting employee profile without extra costs. Because the cost per head is controlled by the organization administrator, sharing the subscription is extremely cost effective and can double or triple R.O.I.

Individual subscriptions contain much of the same content, including programs and interactive workbooks as are available in the Employer/Organization packages, and are offered on a tiered pricing basis.

New Graduate subscription programs and interactive workbooks have customized material that is focused on assisting new grads in selecting career options, and matching these options to realistic opportunities in the job market. New Graduates will also learn how to understand and navigate the employment market.

Satisfied subscribers have described as their secret weapon, personal outplacement company, career coach, and cheerleader. Subscribers also appreciate the regular blogs and the company is on track to implement weekly webinars. New content is added monthly. Among other things, the site is designed to help the user survive and thrive in their new job, and address career management challenges like dealing with a difficult boss, and planning next career steps.

Wendy has an Advisory Board of human resources, marketing, finance and digital professionals that have all been part of developing the company. When she is not creating new content, approaching strategic partners, or developing innovative value for subscribers, you can often find Wendy at her cottage, amongst friends and family and “Gracie,” her Russian Blue feline.

“Whether you are an Organization/Employer dealing with exiting employees, an Individual in employment transition, or a New Graduate, with the right knowledge it is possible to find, and plug into your career potential.”

Please visit to subscribe. All site visitors are welcome to download the complimentary Guidebook to Building Your Personal Career Path.

Suzen Fromstein is the author of Suits and Ladders, Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe - with a few jokes thrown in. Suits and Ladders was an Amazon Best Selling Book in the Career Guides Category.


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