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COLEEN TAYLOR, CFP®, RRC®, CHS™, EPC™, Sr. Financial Consultant I.G.Wealth Management.


"Money, Relationships & Road Maps"

Coleen Taylor is a unique individual – she has a fulfilling life, and a career that she loves and, more importantly, that aligns with her life purpose – providing financial direction for people, in a methodical, practical and sometimes even light-hearted way. “Money is a serious subject and financial concepts and education can be extremely technical. I like to think that I put the ‘fun’ in finance - by encouraging clients to dream their personal impossible dream. I believe that what seems to be out of reach today, is both possible and, with the right planning, determination and follow-through, even probable,” Coleen Taylor says.

“It’s like when my husband and I planned a motorcycle trip to Haida Gwaii one summer. The dream was to see as much as we could in the time we had. Given the remoteness of some areas on the islands we really needed to plan and be prepared for the journey. How far do we have to go to get to our destinations? Will we have enough fuel and if not, where can we get some? Will we have to make changes in the route along the way? Are we prepared for any kind of problems such as breakdowns, bad weather or flat tires? Ultimately, we achieved the goal,” she says.

Coleen uses the same disciplined approach to run C. Taylor & Associates Wealth Management, “I give every client three financial wishes. The first challenge is to help them articulate their dreams. Then we create holistic financial plans that will help them turn those dreams into realities,” Coleen says. In addition to investment strategies, Coleen’s ‘big picture / road map approach looks at all the other important aspects of clients’ lives, including cash flow, debt management, income protection, investment planning and tax planning.

In her role, Coleen also works with and coordinates the inputs of various IG Wealth Management’s in-house experts (such as CPA’s, Lawyers, Portfolio Managers, and Financial Planning and Tax planning professionals). “It’s important to have a lead advisor to coordinate efforts and avoid duplicated efforts, and to be sure that there are no gaps in the process. Our team ensures this approach,” Coleen explains.

Before she became a financial advisor, Coleen had three jobs to make ends meet. At the ripe old age of 21 she purchased her first home. After having some difficult experiences with her bank and interest rates she became interested in finance as a way to get ahead. “I read every financial book I could get my hands on and spent countless hours at the bank asking questions. I also helped friends and colleagues with their mortgages,” she says.

When Coleen, Todd, and their three kids, moved to Scotland for a year for Todd’s work, she studied for her stock broker’s license. “I asked myself - If I could do anything, what would it be? It turned out my dream job was a career in finance. I have always been inspired and excited by the possibilities that investments have to change lives. I haven’t looked back since,” Coleen adds.

Helping clients create their uniquely personal dream lives / retirements, starts with understanding their goals and then building a holistic financial plan to achieve them. “At the end of the day, the most important part of the financial plan is not the rates of return or the expense ratios, but what wealth can buy, like time with your grandchildren, a much-needed, extended vacation, or early retirement. It’s hard to get to your destination if you haven’t even defined where you are going or figured out your road map to get there. Effective planning makes the journey enjoyable,” Coleen explains.

“I know it sounds cliché’ but I really do for others what I do for myself and my family. Our team provides exceptional financial planning to a limited number of families who have already established wealth. Although we do have account minimums, we also provide multi-generational financial planning for our clients’ immediate family members, where there are no account minimums.

Clients describe Coleen as direct and very honest and appreciate her holistic, nuts and bolts-inspired approach to building and maintaining wealth. In fact, they often refer Coleen to their colleagues, friends and family members. “I’m very confident in my recommendations and the strategies we use to keep emotions out of investing. I think the biggest value we add is to help people to not hurt themselves, especially when the markets are turbulent. And, because we care, if there is a family or health crisis, we are also there to help fill out paperwork, or even help take care of things that our clients can no longer do themselves,” Coleen says.

Today, Coleen runs one of the largest financial planning teams in the Terrace B.C. area and employs two of the eight CFP’s in the community (as per the Financial Planning Standards Council)including her husband Todd, CFP, who has been a financial advisor on her team for the past 13 years. Her Associate Consultant, Raeanne, has a Business Degree with a Major in Finance, and is fully licensed to handle all aspects of the business. Raeanne is also currently working on obtaining her CFP designation. Coleen, Todd and Raeanne are supported by one hard-working Assistant.

Coleen was an IG Wealth Management Division Director for 13 years and was responsible for team development, while building and maintaining her own practice. In 2010, Coleen received the prestigious Ted O’Peterson award which recognizes the Top Division Directors in Canada (based on performance, recruiting, coaching and mentoring of IG Wealth Management Consultants by a Division Director). In each of her first four years Coleen was also honoured with the Pillar Award (based on IG Wealth Management New Business for Consultants in their first 4 years - 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003).

Coleen was born, raised in, and has strong connections to every aspect of the Terrace community. She has served on the board of the Downtown Rotary Club and been a member for ten years and is a Past President of the Terrace & District Chamber of Commerce Board “My commitment to my community and to my family and career continues to be what gives me the greatest personal satisfaction,” Coleen says with a smile.

Coleen is also committed to lifelong learning and completed her fifth professional designation, the Chartered Life Underwriter designation, in October 2018. She is an avid reader and has worked with a professional coach for years. “I wouldn’t have been able to see the possibilities of thinking much bigger without having people push me to be and do more than I thought I could,” she adds.

In her own practical, passionate, and personal way, Coleen helps people plan and fund their dream lives / dream retirements. She and her husband Todd have been married for 25 years and have three adult children - Courtney (29), James (23) and Connor (20). When she is not busy with her family or clients, you can find her travelling, cycling, weight lifting and riding her dual sport motorcycle.

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Coleen Taylor, CFP, RRC, CHS, EPC

Senior Financial Consultant, Mutual Funds Representative,

Advisor in Group-Insurance and Group-Annuity Plans

204-4630 Lazelle Avenue, Terrace, BC V8G 1S6

Tel (250) 635 0601 | Fax 250.635.0522 | Toll Free 800.764.1777 |

Associate Consultants: Todd Taylor and Raeanne Vandenbroek

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

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